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Center of a monitoring system of fishery and communication (TsSMS)




The federal state budgetary institution "Center of a Monitoring System of Fishery and Communication" (Federal Government-Financed Institution "Centre of Fishery Monitoring and Communications") is created according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 12, 2008 No. 304-r.

Federal State Budgetary Institution TsSMS is organization subordinated to Federal Agency for Fishery.

TsSMS renders public services and performs the state works for the purpose of implementation of powers of Federal Agency for Fishery in the field of fishery and preserving of water biological resources and also the obligation fulfillments of the Russian Federation following from the International convention on protection of human life at the sea of 1974 (SOLAS-74) and amendments to this Convention of 1988.

The center of a monitoring system of fishery and communication are provided by the state monitoring of water biological resources, observation and control of activity of the courts of the fishery fleet, develops and provides functioning of the coastal objects of the Global sea communication system which are under authority of Federal Agency for Fishery at disaster and for security (GMSSB).