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Center of the innovative development of the Tomsk region



2020: Obtaining status of regional operator "Skolkovo"

The Center of the innovative development of the Tomsk region will become the fourteenth regional operator of Skolkovo Foundation. Such decision is made in the course online of a meeting of the Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation the Arcadia of Dvorkovich and the Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin. On July 30, 2020 the Fund reported about it.

Cooperation of Skolkovo Foundation and the Tomsk region began in 2011. The region six times became the platform of carrying out the Startup tour – the large-scale project in Russia and the CIS countries aimed at the development of a technology entrepreneurship and detection of perspective innovation projects. Project participants Skolkovo for July, 2020 are 22 startups from the Tomsk region.

In Tomsk there are a lot of companies which are residents Skolkovo. On representation of the innovation startups the Tomsk region among leaders therefore need of appearance here of the regional operator of Skolkovo Fund obviously ripened. Taking into account that resource which is in the region – I speak about higher educational institutions of the Tomsk region – very important that effective cooperation between the universities and regional operator 'Skolkovo' was established. For us it is just a resource which needs to be used for the good of the region and the whole country at us both the fundamental science, and commercialization of scientific developments developed. The operator will be able to provide all range of services which are provided by the legislation regulating activity Skolkovo and our internal procedures, and will assist in formation to all innovative companies. We will promote as much as possible that the regional operator rendered high-quality services to the companies according to the high Skolkovo standards.

Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region:

the Center of the innovative development of the Tomsk region integrates 200 hi-tech companies for July, 2020, one closely cooperates with our special economic zone, with the academic science, with six Tomsk universities, two of which have the status national research, and – reference university. Therefore without exaggeration it is possible to tell that the Center is a core of a regional innovation ecosystem. It is sure, work in Tomsk of the regional operator of Skolkovo Fund will strengthen a flow of qualitative technology projects, will help to grow to startups in independent, steady and competitive business, will increase efficiency of economy of knowledge. And not only in the Tomsk region, but also in country scales.


The status of regional operators was fixed in edition of the law "About the Innovation Center 'Skolkovo'" a year ago. Regional operators give support to the local technology companies according to the Skolkovo standards. Such services as assistance in commercialization and entry into the Russian and international markets, attraction of venture investments, patenting and legal support of transactions, mentor and acceleration programs, are available not only to the direct project participants Skolkovo who passed the examination in Fund but also other regional companies.