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Central economic-mathematical institute (TsEMI RAS)




The central economic-mathematical institute of RAS (TsEMI RAS) — research establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The institute conducts researches in the field of mathematical economy, optimization, computer simulation; econometricians, applied statistics and economic information science; macroeconomics, modeling of development of regional and production systems.

The CEMI AS USSR was created in 1963 at the initiative of the academician V.S. Nemchinov based on the laboratory of economic-mathematical methods organized by it in 1958. Implementation of mathematical methods and computer in management practice by the national economy was the purpose of creation of institute.

The academician N.P. Fedorenko was the first director. In 1985 he was replaced by the academician V.L. Makarov heading institute till present.

In July, 2018 TsEMI RAS started the electronic journal "Digital economy" (