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Cinema Park


Revenue and profit of the company, Thousand rub




+ Cinema park (Kronverk)

Cinema Park – national movie theater chain which founders was the ProfMedia Holding entering into structure of Interros company. One of main goals of the company is support of development of the national film industry, support of non-commercial projects in the field of culture and release of domestic movies.

Film complexes of CINEMA PARK company are created to the international standards - a condition of their start is their obligatory compliance to the international certificate SMPTE, European technical standard of a modern multiplex. About PARK SINEM company – the CINEMA PARK Network consists of 30 digital movie theaters located in 18 cities of Russia. The company wins first place by the number of screens and a cumulative box office. Partner of IMAX® corporation, largest in Europe (16 cinema halls) and exclusive representative of format 4DX™ in Russia. First-ever started the hall of the bonus LUXE format: A RealD Experience in St. Petersburg.


2019: Cooperation with CJ 4DPLEX for the purpose of opening of a cinema hall in the ScreenX format

On June 10, 2019 it became known that the joint movie theater chain "CINEMA of OKKO" (Sinem of park and "A formula of cinema") together with CJ 4DPLEX company announced expansion of strategic partnership within which in Russia the first cinema hall in the ScreenX format will open.

ScreenX is technology of a multiprojection for movie theaters which provides the panoramic overview in 270 degrees. For this purpose as continuation of the main screen two cinema halls, additional on side walls, will be used. The ScreenX technology integrates several images in one which stretches from the main central screen to additional side, allowing the audience to feel in the movie. Authors of technology – CJ 4DPLEX company which introduced format 4DX in movie theaters.

ScreenX cinema hall in Russia will open within reconstruction of Formula of Cinema Europe movie theater in Europeysky shopping Center according to the stated format of movie theaters of the joint network – CINEMA of OKKO.

We consider necessary implementation of modern technologies in movie theaters of our joint network in order that our guests could get special user experience which is already available to the audience in some countries of Europe. We consider that in halls with the most advanced film theatrical equipment it is possible to derive the maximum pleasure from watching modern movies which are created taking into account development of the industry and the user interest. Thanks to ScreenX technology, guests of our movie theater will be able to experience in a new way that means expression "immerse oneself in cinema,


We are glad to sign the agreement on expansion of our strategic partnership with the Joint movie theater chain "Formula of Cinema" and "Cinema Park" and to provide our ScreenX technology in Russia,
told JongRyul Kim, the CEO of CJ 4DPLEX company

2017: Rambler&Co, CINEMA PARK and Formula of Cinema and the publishing Alphabet Atticus group will integrate in group under uniform management

On December 13, 2017 Rambler&Co, CINEMA PARK and Formula of Cinema and also the publishing Alphabet Atticus group announced consolidation in group under uniform management. The unique cross-media ecosystem covering at once "all screens" will be as a result created: mobile, computer, Smart TV and screen.

The vertically integrated structure will perform a full stroke of activity from creation of content (both in text, and in an audiovisual type) before its distribution, demonstration and also technology and marketing support, with a possibility of the maximum involvement of audience by means of the uniform loyalty program connecting online and offline - products and services. For this purpose already available media, film theatrical and publishing assets will be complemented with production and distribution of content and also online-movie theater.

Unique for our country on a scope of the directions consolidation will allow holding new cross-media to become strategically flexible structure with high operational efficiency. The best management team including the international specialists will be involved. Roman Linin holding now a position of the CEO of the Joint movie theater chain "CINEMA PARK" and "Formula of Cinema" will head group.

The First Deputy CEO of Rambler&Co group Tadevosyan Maxim: "Konsolidation media of assets and concentration of efforts of all participants of new alliance on production and distribution of qualitative content gives me the chance to tell that it will become one of the largest enterprises in the territory of Russia with focus on information and entertaining content and the services and services connected with it. It will be constructed on own classroom technologies and also own distribution in online and offline - Wednesdays. Our task, using classroom data and available communication channels, to give the chance to see the most relevant and qualitative content and also to offer the accompanying services of audience which makes 57 million people already now. Since January 1, 2018 our business partners will get access to the integrated marketing solutions to online and offline - environments for commercial communications with economically active audience. At the same time characteristics of the created environment indicate that the quality of contacts with advertizing messages will be obviously high. We are sure that in new realities effective communication of brands with consumers can be constructed only in the qualitative content environment supported with technologies and classroom data".

2014: Potanin left cinema

Vladimir Potanin's Interros (the billionaire takes for fall of 2014 the 76th place in the Forbes list, the fortune is estimated in $13.6 billion) sells the largest movie theater chain in Russia — Sinem of park, Vedomosti with reference to sources reported. "The transaction in a completion stage" — the representative of Interros confirmed to

By data Nevafilm Research, Sinem of park belong 30 movie theaters with 281 halls. It gives film networks of 8.1% of all market by the number of halls (for February 1, 2014 in Russia HR counted 3487 commercial cinema halls at 1105 movie theaters).


Revenue of Sinem of park in 2013 made 8.5 billion rubles.