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Cirruseo — the French consulting company founded in 2011 specializing in integration of cloud services of Google Cloud Platform. By April, 2019 Cirruseo provided services in total more than 600 clients, and the number of staff of the company is about 100.


2019: Accenture purchased Cirruseo

On April 8, 2019 Accenture announced Cirruseo acquisition, but did not begin to call the amount of purchase. Thanks to deep examination in the field of cloud solutions AI of Google which the French consulting company has Accenture will be able to expand own practice in the field of artificial intelligence.

Accenture considers that experience of Cirruseo allows clients to analyze the growing amounts of data and to create the hyper personalized client interfaces using the protected architecture.

Accenture purchased integrator of cloud services Google
Accenture purchased integrator of cloud services Google

According to the edition TechCrunch, TensorFlow and other intelligent solutions of Google advance popular approach to artificial intelligence and to machine learning, and merger of Cirruseo will provide Accenture in the field, especially in the French market.

Accession of Cirruseo will become a major step forward in our growth strategy in France, having brought strong team of specialists in Google Cloud into Accenture, - the managing director of representative office of Accenture in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg Olivier Girard said.

By April, 2019 in Accenture 2600 specialists in products of Google work. Before Accenture and Google created joint venture for software development and services, to the reporting clients results of analytical data processing. Accenture also promotes cloud services of Microsoft Azure.

To close the transaction on sale of Cirruseo of Accenture company, at first the French authorities and labor unions should approve it.[1]