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Financial results
2018 year
Revenue: 5.6 millions Thousand rub
Net Profit: 2.5 millions Thousand rub
Number of employees
2018 year



+ Citadel of group of companies
+ Anton Andreevich Cherepennikov

The Tsitadel group is producer of the systems of legal control and solutions on information security, the large player of the Russian market of the equipment for SORM.


As of June, 2019 Tsitadel Group includes eight companies (Osnova Lab, Malvin Systems, MFI Soft, "Tekhargos", Signatek, Bastion, "ADM of a system" and Garda Techologies) and occupies more than 60% of the Russian market of the equipment for SORM.

Managerial structure

The presidium of Tsitadel holding includes several former representatives of security agencies, including the former head of the State Committee on Communications colonel general in resignation Alexander Ivanov, the former head of Information Security Center of FSB, the former head of bureau of special and technical events of the Ministry of Internal Affairs police colonel general in resignation Boris Miroshnikov, the ex-chief of the center of the special equipment of FSB lieutenant general in resignation Sergey Efremov and also the former board member of MegaFon, the vice president of MFI Soft lieutenant general in resignation the Hero of Russia Eduard Ostrovsky at once.

According to, by March, 2018 75.9% of Tsitadel LLC Anton Cherepennikov who became in 2015 Alisher Usmanov's partner in cybersports business owns.

Performance Indicators

2018: Revenue - 5.6 billion rubles

Revenue of Tsitadel company in 2018 made 5.6 billion rubles, net profit - 2.5 billion rubles.



Purchase by structure of VTB Capital of 25.1% of Citadel

On October 22, 2019 there was information that the Technology Reality fund which is under control of VTB Capital Pension Reserve LLC purchased 25.1% of the Tsitadel group delivering the IT system for implementation of the Yarovaya Law.

During the transaction Anton Cherepennikov reduced the share in the company, the representative of "IX of Holding" where Citadel enters reported the Vedomosti newspaper. By data SPARK-Interfax, for July 9 Cherepennikov possessed 87.73% of Citadel. According to data of the USRLE, for October, 2019 its share keeps 62.63% of the company.

Business of Citadel within the transaction is estimated approximately at 60 billion rubles. It is noted that Anton Cherepennikov is going to aim the raised funds at the development by "IX of Holding" which founder and the beneficiary he is.[1]

Investment into Bastion company

On August 19, 2019 it became known that Citadel invested in cybersecurity company Bastion. According to the Russian service BBC, Bastion belongs to the 23-year-old son of the chief of SEB FSB Boris Korolyov. Read more here.

Sale of a share in "National technologies" to Rostelecom

In April, 2019 Rostelecom announced plans of entry into the capital of Natsionalnye technologii LLC. Under the terms of the transaction, Rostelecom redeems 49% of shares from structures "IX of Holding" of Anton Cherepennikov - Tsitadel holding and KNS Yadro. Rostec will possess 51% of shares in authorized capital of the company. Read more here.


Offices and staff of Citadel

For September, 2018 the investment steering group Citadel integrates the companies in the development areas of solutions for information security support and implementation of requirements of SORM. "Citadel" is a large producer of the systems of legal control and solutions on information security with the general state more than 500 people. Among its products — all three types of means for implementation of investigation and search operations (SORM 1, 2, 3).

Offices of Tsitadel group are located in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl.

Purchase of Signatek company

In September, 2018 it became known that the Tsitadel group which is engaged, in addition, in developments of the equipment for execution of requirements of the Yarovaya Law purchased the competitor — Signatek company, the Kommersant newspaper with reference to RIA Novosti writes. Details here.

Creation of the joint venture with Avtomatika concern

The Avtomatika concern of Rostec state corporation and Tsitadel company announced in July, 2018 creation of the joint venture which will promote on the commercial market of military developments in information technology field. Read more here.

2016: Inclusion in the structure of the MFI Soft and Garda Technology group

In 2016 Tsitadel Group included MFI Soft, and later (it is selected from MFI Soft) — Garda Techologies. Tsitadel Group companies are engaged in development of solutions in the field of information security and also production of means of the assistance to investigation and search operations (AISO).