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The Citus Data company founded in 2010 is engaged in development of the CitusDB mechanism allowing to pass from  use of PostgreSQL  on a separate node to  parallel processing of data at once on  several computing nodes and for this purpose  it is not required to make changes on  an applied layer of a system.

Citus Data uses PostgreSQL, the database management system, popular among developers, and will transform it to databases which can be distributed on several computers. It provides scaling of databases even for the most exacting applications to resources.

Citus is offered as completely managed service allowing to use PostgreSQL as service and also as a commercial product for the companies and the free open version (Open Source)


2019: Microsoft purchased Citus Data

On January 24, 2019 Microsoft announced Citus Data acquisition. The cost of the transaction of the company was decided not to be disclosed.

Acquisition of Citus Data is based on commitment to an open source code in Azure and allows us to achieve scalability and performance which is so necessary to our clients in process of growth of their workloads — the corporate vice president of Azure Data Rohan Kumar wrote in the blog.

Heads of Citus Data and cloud division of Microsoft
Heads of Citus Data and cloud division of Microsoft

The cloud division of Microsoft actively supports open DBMS, including MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB. In 2018 there was an Azure database for PostgreSQL. After merger of Citus Data cloud infrastructure of Azure can continue scaling of the DBMS services and start PostgreSQL workloads in Azure with a bigger performance and speed.

Besides, this transaction as writes the Business Insider edition, will give to Microsoft advantage in the fight against Amazon leading in the cloud market and also against Oracle which offers the technology similar to PostgreSQL.[1]