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CloudPayments of Klaudpeyments


Financial results
2019 year
Revenue: 428000 Thousand rub
Net Profit: No data


The CloudPayments company is founded on April 13, 2014 by Konstantin Yang and Dmitry Spiridonov. A payment service of CloudPayments – the innovation and hi-tech designer of payment solutions for any Internet business accepting bank cards.

The technology allows to perform payment acceptance on bank cards online: websites, the mobile websites, mobile applications and applications on social networks FB and VK; and also offline: courier delivery, restaurants, charity, small and medium business. The winner of award "Startup of Year" 2014 in the Financial technical-startup nomination.

Performance Indicators

2019: Growth of revenue by 103% to 428 million rubles

In 2019 revenue of CloudPayments reached 428 million rubles that is 103% more, than the previous year. Indicators of service of Internet acquiring for business were opened by its owner — "Tinkoff".

Was in the greatest demand of CloudPayments in 2019 among representatives of medium business of whom 53.5% of revenue of service were the share. Shares of the large and small companies in turnover of service made 42.5% and 4% respectively, writes the Rusbase edition with reference to the data provided by the Tinkoff group.

"Tinkoff" opened revenue of service of Internet acquiring for business for 2019

If to consider business revenues depending on their industry, then first place in 2019 was won by fast food outlets — they generated CloudPayments most of all revenue. Suppliers of educational services, microfinance institutions, the theatrical agencies and film distributors of cars were located with a trace.

The main part of payments  in 2019 passed through CloudPayments by Sberbank Cards:  53% of transactions were the share of them. The indicator of "Tinkoff of bank" was 11%, Alfa-Bank — 7%, other banks — 29%.

Payments via  the Apple Pay and Google Pay occupied 9% in the general share of turnover of CloudPayments. Since the beginning of 2019 the volume of the payments registered through these services increased in a 6-fold size

In addition to CloudPayments Internet acquiring services also sells online cash desks of CloudKassir. In 2019 the volume of their sales increased almost twice, declared in the company. How many it was purchased cash desks, it is not specified.

Except Russia  CloudPayments is present at the market of Kazakhstan. There the company in 2019 increased revenue for 200%. Absolute value is not specified.

By the end of 2019  5268 enterprises used CloudPayments service. Clients pay service the commission which starting value is 3.9% for each transaction. The rate for each partner is established individually.[1]


"In 2013 there was a change of eras, processing systems of payments of new generation with tools of 21 centuries appeared: javascript and mobile sdk, dunning management, marketplace and others. We waited when they appear in Russia, but for a year of it did not occur. Looking at it, it was necessary to create a new payment service", - Konstantin Yang tells CTO CloudPayments.

So there was a new payment form – Smart widget. It contains a minimum of fields for filling, automatically determines a payment system and emitting bank, carries out payment without readdressing and a redirect. It saves the payer's time. The user is tired to wait when the website of a processing center is loaded, and goes to other online store.

First it was difficult for young, unknown company to attract new clients. The Steak at Home online store became the first partner.

According to CEO CloudPayments of Dmitry Spiridonov, once it ordered a stake in Steak at Home, but with payment of the order there were problems. In such situations the buyer looks for other online store. However Dmitry called Steak at Home and told about such payment acceptance which holds clients.

So the Internet companies want to manage payments. But without payment service for this purpose they should receive the expensive safety certificate PCI DSS. Besides, it is difficult to configure it from technical aspect. The payment service solves this problem, acting as the coder. Payment data arrive on the website in the form of a token, and online stores configure a payment form at discretion and control transactions. Such technology is called checkout.

"First, payment process of a system looks as we want it. Secondly, checkout allows us to measure and remove analytics of the carried-out payments. We can understand in payment process what problems arise at the user", - Anton Bryantsev, CTO platforms for sale of tickets of Radario tells.

One more technology - payment directly from social networks.

"Now all people visiting our page in Facebook see at once the big and beautiful red button, having clicked which, can help children, without leaving social network and without passing to the website of fund. Of course, it is not the most important tool for fund raising, but we precisely know that most of people make donations, giving in to a momentary impulse. And here it is very important - to give this chance to the person instantly", - the coordinator of corporate projects of Rusfond Evgenia Lobacheva commented.

Thanks to technologies the young payment service of CloudPayments in September managed to reach self-sufficiency. The company moved to new, spacious office, broadened the state and left in steady growth.


Tinkoff Bank - the owner of 95% of CloudPayments

In August, 2019 Konstantin Yang suggested Tinkoff to redeem its share fraction of CloudPayments. As a result of a share were distributed as follows: the Tinkoff group possesses 95%, to Dmitry Spiridonov — 5% of CloudPayments company.

Tinkoff to Bank possesses 90%

The Tinkoff group, the online provider of retail financial services developing an ecosystem of announced acquisition of 35% in service of Internet acquiring CloudPayments. The agreement was signed on May 22, 2019.

"Tinkoff" increased a share in CloudPayments to 90%

Earlier, in October, 2017, the Group purchased 55% in CloudPayments. After closing of the transaction the total share of Group will make 90%. Founders of the company still possess 10% in CloudPayments.

According to representatives of "Tinkoff" the transaction will allow to enhance synergy effect of development of businesses, to strengthen a technology platform of CloudPayments and to continue expansion of an ecosystem for entrepreneurs "Tinkoff Business" in the direction of Internet acquiring. CloudPayments will continue to work under own brand. The transaction does not assume any significant staff or operational changes in a company performance.

Oliver Hughes, the chairman of the board of "Tinkoff of Bank", noted that from the moment of the conclusion of the first transaction about the redemption of 55% in CloudPayments in October, 2017 the company met expectations and showed stable development, continuing to advance the market on growth rates and to take the leading positions.

According to Dmitry Spiridonov, the co-founder and the CEO of CloudPayments, the Tinkoff command helped them the examination at the same time saved independence of CloudPayments that allowed to remain the most mobile and autonomous and to quickly implement improvements.

Due to deeper integration we will be able to strengthen the market leadership of Internet acquiring and to offer higher level of service for partners — he added.


Tinkoff Bank entered the capital of CloudPayments (55%)

It was declared by the founder of Tinkoff of Bank Oleg Tinkov at a meeting with journalists on October 12.

"We begin to buy up the financial technical-companies. We not only will introduce partly our brand, money and technologies, but also we will allow the company to develop independently. Let's not interfere with operating activities and to absorb the company" — O. Tinkov noted.

Transaction amount is not disclosed, but the head of Tinkoff of Bank Oliver Hughes said that  Cloud Payments saved the share at the level of 45%, thus the credit institution redeemed 55% of Internet acquiring  of Cloud Payments.

All companies which enter into the CloudPayments group get to perimeter of the transaction: businesses in Kazakhstan and Latvia and also CloudKassir company.

No changes in the CloudPayments command are planned: all her employees will continue the work, the company will still be headed by founders Dmitry Spiridonov and Konstantin Yang. At the same time managers of Tinkoff of Bank will be included into board of CloudPayments, having strengthened thus the existing command.

No changes for clients and partners of CloudPayments are planned: the company will continue to cooperate with all partner merchant acquirers on former conditions.

In partnership with Tinkoff CloudPayments Bank will continue to develop the technology platform and to do the service even more convenient for all its users. Tinkoff the Bank thanks to the transaction will strengthen the direction of Internet acquiring and services for business and will provide all the services, technologies and resources for the further growth of the company.

ТОО «CloudPayments Kazakhstan»

At the beginning of a year it was announced passing of accounting registration as a payment institute by National Bank of Kazakhstan. The corresponding registration record No. 02-17-003 of January 12, 2017 is entered in the register of payment institutes.

In the summer of 2016 in Kazakhstan the legislation in the field of payments and payment systems was in many respects upgraded. The former law regulated only regulations on payment processes and money transfers, covering only the relations between bank and its client. The document in a complex governs the relations in the field of the organization of the payment market, protects the rights of consumers of payment services and also defines payment processes according to the international practice.

In particular, the state control over activity of the private non-bank payment institutes working at the payment market of Kazakhstan is introduced. The law RK of July 26, 2016 "About payments and payment systems" provides regulation of activity of the private non-bank payment institutes by their accounting registration in National Bank. The procedure is obligatory and without its passing rendering payment services by the organization and also use in the name of the words "payment institute" is inadmissible.


CloudPayments started payment in the software

Since March, 216 became possible to purchase or prolong the license of the program on one of installation steps without transition to the website of developer company. For this purpose it is necessary to download the installation file, to enter the minimum contact information, and on the next step to pay purchase of software in an installer.

Thanks to the field CloudPayments tool for data entry of the bank card are built-in in the software. For example, such payment can be made when installing an antivirus of ESET NOD32, the large international company expert in the field of protection against cyber crime and computer threats.

CloudPayments attracted $3.4 million the Kazakh investments

The payment service of CloudPayments entered in the spring of 2016 the market of Kazakhstan. On opening of the new company investments of the Kazakh entrepreneur in the amount of $3.4 million in exchange for 40% of "CloudPayments Kazakhstan" were involved.

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