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SberCloud is the company providing cloud solutions for clients and partners of Sberbank and also for external clients.



Sberbank and I-Teco decided not to create SberCloud "cloud" jointly

Sberbank which was going to develop a cloud platform under the SberCloud brand based on joint venture with I-Teco as a result decided to do it independently based on Cloud computing company. This company for 100% belongs to Sberbank through the legal person "Digital technologies" and Digital assets.

At the end of 2018 Sberbank concentrated on development of the standard solutions based on technologies of group Sberbank, - reported TAdviser in bank in March, 2019.

Sberbank also told TAdviser that several divisions of bank – directorate on development of an ecosystem (SberX) and department of infrastructure solutions (SberInfra) are engaged in development of the project.

A curator of the SberCloud platform is David Rafalovsky, the executive vice president of Sberbank who is responsible for strategy implementation of group in the field of technologies, including implementation of the modern platform of business applications, the innovation cloud platform, the advanced platform of work with data, AI technologies.

Formally Cloud computing it was registered in 2016, but about start of a cloud platform of SberCloud which at the time of the announcement was going to be created together with I-Teco, Sberbank announced much later - in April, 2018.

Sberbank told TAdviser that an agreement framework Sberbank reserved all rights to a brand and SberCloud and Sberklaud trademarks.

Sberbank will develop SberCloud based on the technologies<i> (a photo -</i>
Sberbank will develop SberCloud based on the technologies (a photo -

On the website SberCloud it is said that this platform is created, "making use of long-term experience of development of IT infrastructure of group Sberbank". As of March, 2019 on the website SberCloud are available cloud services in two directions are available: services of virtual DPC and IoT platform. Within virtual DPC servers and DWH, means of information security, DBMS, lease of guest OS and many other things are available. The description of structure of the IoT platform as of March on the website SberCloud is not present.

At the same time even in the fall of 2018 in the press release about agreement signature about cooperation of SberCloud with the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Kalmykia Sberbank positioned SberCloud as the joint project with I-Teco. The Sbklaud company - joint venture of Sberbank and Servionika (enters into I-Teco Group) is engaged in its development, it was said in the statement about the planned cooperation in Kalmykia.

Nevertheless, Sberbank remained the financial investor in the company and saved a 21% share in Sbklaud company based on which I-Teco continues to develop the platform of cloud services BusinessCloud. And 79% of the company belong to Servionika.

For what reason Sberbank refused to develop SberCloud within the company, joint with I-Teco, and decided to render cloud services independently, in bank do not explain. The press service Sbklaud told TAdviser that the project took place, and in development of this joint technology initiative a number of the directions was selected. Therefore the decision on more accurate positioning convenient for the market was made.

At this stage "Sbklaud" it is focused at work with an enterprise-segment: services of a private cloud and cloud platforms for large and medium business based on the Russian certified solutions of own development and also on integration projects - spheres which were always our core competency, - noted in Sbklaud.

On the website "Sbklaud", as well as in a case with SberCloud, services of virtual DPC are also provided. Part of them is already available, and a part - is promised to fast emergence. In Sbklaud reported to TAdviser that the project is in an active implementation phase.

Sbklaud in itself at the same time is not the new company: it was formed in 2012 on the basis of development department of cloud services and products of Servionika and carried the name Ay-Teko-Novintekh. According to Contour-Focus base, in 2017 its revenue made about 132 million rubles.

In October, 2018, by data "Contour-Focus", Sbklaud concluded the first in the history government contract. As the customer in him Sberbank acts. The subject of the agreement the amount about 38 million rubles specifies software development. And, judging by information on this agreement on the portal, purchase was carried out not by one of the most frequent methods like tender or an auction, and "otherwise" within 223-FZ".

Documentation on it on the website of state procurements did not manage to be found. In Sbklaud specified TAdviser that within this agreement successfully executed development of a number of the modules providing interaction of users with the platform and possibilities of its integration with different IT solutions. Sberbank reported that Sbklaud acted as the general contractor within performance of this contract, involving third-party suppliers of IT solutions and contractors to its implementation.

Earlier, in July, 2018, Sbklaud participated in an open competition of Sberbank on rendering services in providing access to object storage where the maximum price of the contract was about 9 million rubles. But the winner selected other company.

Plans for creation of the platform of cloud services together with I-Teco

In April, 2018 Sberbank and I-Teco signed the agreement on creation of a joint cloud platform of SberCloud. It is supposed that the company will provide cloud solutions for Sberbank and its partners and also for external clients. It was planned that participation of Sberbank in joint venture will make 60%.

For creation of a cloud platform we take the advanced technology provided in Russia and strong team — were brought in a press rezile of a word of the president, chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref. — Thanks to it we will be able to offer the market the powerful, reliable and protected technology platform for business development

Everything that does Sberbank in the direction of digital platforms, causes in us respect and to become a part of this process – for us a big call, – the president of I-Teco company Shamil Shakirov emphasizes. – Sberbank offered strategic vision and potential of synergy with the customer base of bank, its technologies which will allow to grow up the company – the national champion in the market of cloud services.

Added to the companies that I-Teco already has a strong team, own line of cloud solutions and platforms, a broad spectrum of technology competences which provided the companies leadership in this segment. And consolidation with Sberbank gives the chance to create competitive products and services, allowing the Russian companies to receive "from the socket" the advanced IT services for business performance growth, calculated in I-Teco.

Sberbank and I-Teco intend to offer corporate clients of bank — from small business to large corporations — a marketplace of cloud solutions which will allow them to refuse acquisition of own servers and at the same time flexibly to apply necessary capacities. In a marketplace of SberCloud it will be possible to use both products of own development of Sberbank, and proposals of world partners. The companies calculate that it, in turn, will give the chance to clients to cut down expenses on purchase of the IT equipment and to accelerate processes of scaling of network infrastructure and also will allow to create service flexibly and personally under each client.

By calculations of Sberbank, this investment will allow financial organization to enter the fast-growing market of cloud infrastructure which both startups, and the large modern companies need.

Products & Services

The solution "Virtual DPC" which release took place in the middle of February, 2019 became the first result of work of SberCloud. Virtual DPC is a complex of the virtual infrastructure products including computing resources, storage systems, virtual networks, backup tools and another.

The complex of organizational and technical measures of protection allows to provide to clients the high level of security and protection against relevant cyberthreats according to standards of Sberbank, declare in bank. Reliability and availability of cloud services of SberCloud is provided at the expense of the checked architecture, georeservation, double replication of data, pro-active monitoring and use of the data processing centers (DPC) of Sberbank, including the latest DPC Skolkovo.

Also as of March, 2019 SberCloud offers clients the IoT platform. Sberbank told TAdviser that it includes solutions and developments of IoT laboratory of Sberbank in spheres of Smart office, "The smart quarter" and "The smart city" and also technology partners and equipment suppliers.

The client can independently select a set of services necessary for it and services, proceeding from the tasks and the budget. Stability of work of the platform and a system is provided with cloud solutions of SberCloud which meet the highest requirements for the security level and protection against relevant cyberthreats, - say in Sberbank.