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Competence center of NTI MEI



The NTI MEI center performs activities for the main directions of development NTI Enerdzhinet:

  • development, design and implementation of the trusted and flexible power supply networks including digital substations, intelligent switching devices, digital meters of electrical quantities, universal measuring controllers, the autonomous self-balanced micropower supply systems, the software for management of networks;
  • development, design and implementation of objects of the distributed power, including drives of the electric power and power semiconductor devices.


2019: Beginning of commissioning of a polygon "Testbed "Enerdzhinet"

On November 29, 2019 reported to RVC that in Competence center of NTI based on MEI "Technologies of Transportation of the Electric Power and the Distributed Intelligent Power Supply Systems" the stage on commissioning of the special equipment began. Works are performed within the project on development of architecture of the Internet of energy for the purpose of implementation of the actions plan "Enerdzhinet" of the National technology initiative.

The Internet of energy is some kind of ecosystem of producers and power consumers who are integrated into the general infrastructure and exchange energy.

The architecture of the Internet of energy represents the decentralized electrical power system in which the intellectual control of electric power flows exercised due to power transaction between its users is implemented.

For the organization of such ecosystem, on the one hand it is necessary to create essentially other architecture of intelligent distributed networks, and on the other hand to create the software, on the basis of artificial intelligence, capable in real time to hold so-called "auctions of the electric power" and to perform transactions and transactions. Also in the project the basic principles of Internet of Things are used.

"Testbed "Enerdzhinet" is a model testing complex for development and testing of architectural technical solutions on the project of creation of the Internet of energy and other solutions for technology development of the Russian power. Such complex will allow to carry out digital and cyberphysical modeling of the complex electrical power systems, and its opportunities exceed possibilities of available laboratories in Russia and test facilities due to use of Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop technology.

The equipment is four-quadrant amplifiers of PONOVO POWER Co company. These amplifiers allow to integrate physical and mathematical models of power supply systems, thereby creating cyberphysical model of power distribution systems with inclusion in a circuit of modeling of real power devices.

Characteristic of four-quadrant power amplifiers, unlike normal, is their capability not only to issue power, but also to consume it. It allows to simulate full energy exchange between a digital part of model and its real physical part. Such cyberphysical models allow to create the models of small and medium distributed networks including drives of the electric power, RES and other perspective equipment.

Besides, these models will allow to connect the real equipment for carrying out researches and tests – power routers, electric power drives, the managed intellectual accessions, etc.

Creation of a polygon "Testbed "Enerdzhinet" working on Power Hardware in Loop (PHIL) technology is the first such project in Russia and one of the few in the world. Commissioning of a polygon "Testbed "Enerdzhinet" will become an important milestone in implementation of the actions plan Enerdzhinet as will allow to test real power devices with inclusion them in a circuit of digital modeling.