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The company works at insurance market of Russia. SK "Soglasie" offers clients of 90 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance and is one of the largest participants of the market of reinsurance. Existence of an extensive network of service (74 branches, 168 agencies, 114 remote jobs and 51 additional offices) allows the company to perform insurance protection of interests of residents of Russia practically in all territory of the country.

Onexim - 91%

Performance Indicators


Growth of net profit up to 3.2 billion rubles.

On March 12, 2019 the Soglasie insurance company reported that in 2018 it signed 2.4 million insurance contracts. The net profit of the company grew by 1.8 times in comparison with 2017 and reached 3.2 billion rubles.

The award of Soglasie insurance company for 2018 made 29.9 billion rubles. At the end of 2018 charges by voluntary types of personal insurance, proprietary insurance and responsibility occupied 80.3% of a portfolio whereas the previous year this indicator was at the level of 72.4%. In structure of receipts of the company motor types of insurance prevailed. The share of charges on an autocomprehensive insurance increased from 40.5% to 44.8%, the share of the CMTPL decreased from 26.2% to 18.7%. The award share on proprietary insurance grew from 14.6% to 16.4%, responsibility – from 5.8% to 6.2%, to personal insurance (including accidents insurance, going abroad and voluntary medical insurance) – from 12.8% to 13.8%.

Receipts on voluntary types of insurance made 24.02 billion rubles of Software of an autocomprehensive insurance the company got an award in the amount of 13.4 billion rubles, on personal insurance – 4.1 billion rubles (including 2.3 billion rubles on VHI). Most in high gear in 2018 the charges on the international insurance Green card which reached 779.5 million rubles, and to insurance going abroad grew (841.5 million rubles).

For 2018 the Soglasie insurance company paid to clients 16.6 billion rubles. In structure of payments of 70.9% it was the share of voluntary insurance. The main share was occupied by payments for motor types of insurance (76.1%) and personal insurance (14.4%). Another 5.2% made payments for proprietary insurance, 4.2% – responsibility.

The Soglasie insurance company for four years completes year with profit. Profitability of the capital on net profit in 2018 was equal to 55%. It is a good indicator which testifies to stability and successful development of the company. Our purposes for 2019 – growth of the customer base, increase in number of agents and development of an autocomprehensive insurance, proprietary insurance of physical persons and legal entities, voluntary medical insurance and also enough difficult and rare species of insurance business – insurance of sea, agricultural and financial risks. At the end of 2019 the Soglasie insurance company is going to increase charges to 40 billion rubles.
Maya Tikhonova, CEO of Soglasie insurance company

Growth of assets Soglasie Vit more than twice

At the end of 2018 assets of Soglasie Vit insurance company reached 2.5 billion rubles, growth was 111.6%. Net profit reached 43.3 million rubles that is 1.5 times more, than in 2017. Read more here.


The Soglasie insurance company was the captive company of Interros and only after it departed to Mikhail Prokhorov began to develop as the independent player in the market.

2019: Appointment of the head of the block of retail sales and his deputy

The Soglasie insurance company announced on March 14, 2019 Ruslan Satyukov's appointment to a position of the head of the block of retail sales, and Sergey Vakulchenko — the deputy manager of the block of retail sales. Top managers are responsible for development of agency and direct sales. The main objective of heads for the next year is double growth in sales of agency and forward channel and number of agents of the company.

Development of an agency channel is one of strategic objectives of Soglasie insurance company for 2019. We already made a lot of things for its achievement. Last year we created Club of agents — Maya Tikhonova, the CEO of Soglasie insurance company told. — We hope that, since 2019, thanks to extensive experience, the high level of professionalism and Ruslan Satyukov and Sergey Vakulchenko's managerial talents we will be able to enhance efficiency of agency and direct sales channels and to achieve effective objectives on intensive development of retail insurance.

2013: Profit — 38 million rubles

Soglasie completed 2013 with profit in 38 million rubles. For 2013 the insurer brought together nearly 42.9 billion rubles of an award (against 34.5 billion rubles in 2012). And payments of the company for 2013 made 23.6 billion rubles (a similar indicator of previous year ‒ 18.6 billion rubles). It follows from annual accounts of Soglasie under RAS, according to IFRS the company for certain will appear in minus.

2011: A+ rating: High level of reliability

In 9 months 2011 the volume of insurance premiums collected by SK "Soglasie" was 19.1 billion rubles that is 58% higher than a similar indicator of 2010. The insurance payments made by the company made 9.13 billion rubles, (height of 94%).

In the national rating of insurance companies of Russia which is carried out by RAEX rating agency in 2002 to Soglasie Insurance Company it was appropriated, and in April, 2011 the rating of reliability of A+ ("Very high level of reliability") is confirmed.


For February, 2012 the company performs more than 90 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance. The paid authorized capital of the Company is 4.3 billion rubles.

SK "Soglasie" is one of the largest participants of the Russian market of reinsurance that is confirmed by long-term cooperation with the large Russian and western insurance and reinsurance companies and brokers. Partners of the company in reinsurance are Hannover Re, Munich Re, Swiss Re, SCOR and other highly reliable overcautious persons. In 2012 reinsurance tanks of the company were increased about 3,825,000,000 rubles that allows to leave large risks of clients on own deduction.

Existence of a wide branch network (78 branches, 249 agencies, 176 remote jobs and 128 additional offices) allows the company to perform insurance protection of valuable interests of clients in all territory of the Russian Federation.

2014: The fourth CEO in four years

The HR policy in the company is characterized by extreme chaoticity. In March of the 2014th Maya Tikhonova became them, and this is the fourth CEO for the last four years[1].

Participation in the organizations

For 2012 Soglasie Insurance Company LLC plays a large role in the Russian insurance community, being the permanent member of a number of associations of the Russian insurers and taking active part in development of the legislative initiatives directed to improvement of the regulatory base of the Russian insurance. SK "Soglasie" is a member of the following industry associations and pools:

  • All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARUI);
  • Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI);
  • Interregional Union of Medical Insurers;
  • Moscow Association of Insurers;
  • Russian insurance nuclear pool;
  • Russian anti-terrorist insurance pool;
  • Russian Association of Aviation and space insurers;
  • Associations of liability insurers for damnification in the field of industrial security (Association of the insurers "Industrial Security");
  • Associations of insurers of fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation (ASTEK);
  • Fund for assistance to transportation insurance in the territory of the Russian Federation — at the Ministry of Transport;
  • Russian insurance yacht pool;
  • Associations of insurance companies and enterprises of transport;
  • Associations of the international automobile carriers;
  • Associations of the medical right;
  • "International Self-regulatory Organisation of Professional Arbitration Managers" non-profit partnership under the auspices of RUIE;
  • Auditor Chamber of Russia non-profit partnership;
  • Russian bureau of Green card;
  • The Russian insurance pool on liability insurance of hazardous production facilities;
  • Professional association of counteraction to stealings.