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Contact Money transfer system



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The Contact payment system works since 1999, is registered in the unified register of operators of payment systems of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at number 0001 and has the status of a socially important system.

The founder is JSB Russlavbank (Ltd) which performs for the system of function of the settlement, payment clearing and operational centers. The Contact system laid the foundation of formation of the national market of money transfers.

Performance Indicators

2019: 37% of the total amount of international transfers to Russia are made through Contact

As of July, 2019 37% of the total amount of international transfers to Russia are the share of the Contact system. The partner network includes more than 700 financial institutions and more than 200 agents in Russia and abroad. The general geography of presence covers 180 countries of the world and more than 500 thousand service points include.



Start of an online service of a currency exchange

The Contact payment system announced on November 26, 2019 start of service of a currency exchange from bank cards on the official site of Exchange is made in US dollars and euro. Payment can be encashed in any of 5000 points of a system in the territory of Russia. The service is available only to citizens of the Russian Federation.

To use service, it is necessary to be identified on the website Contact, to select the amount and the necessary currency and also to specify data of the ruble card with which write-off will be made. A minimum amount for converting – 1 US dollar or 5 euros, and the limit is limited only by emitting bank of the card of the client. On the website Contact it is possible to see a real course and a full amount of write-off in rubles at once.

Updating of the platform of money transfers

On April 2, 2019 QIWI Group reported that the CONTACT payment system (QIWI group) updated the platform for money transfers on the Internet.

Not only the design, but also functional filling of the website was reversed. Navigation became simpler, and the interface in general - is more clear also informativny.

Key sections of the website - for sending transfers and replenishment of cards are improved. Now when filling details only that field which needs to be filled specifically for this type of transfer are displayed. Steps are combined with the choice of the region and city and also templates for introduction of data of the sender and the receiver. Thanks to it the risk of an error at data entry is minimized. Besides, all these changes allow to save significantly the user's time at performing transactions.

On the homepage there was information, important for clients, on service points, rates and actions and also undressed with frequently asked questions. Also from the main page it is possible to pass quickly to a form for check of the status of transfer now.

Forms, buttons and other elements of design are drawn by the Creative agency BULVAR by the individual order. All stylistics and navigation management were processed according to modern requirements of the user experience during the work with financial services. The complex of these conversions allowed to make high-quality breakthrough on improvement of service. Now the product conforms to all quality standards and meets the requirements of the most exacting clients.

Reliability of service and safety of transfers through CONTACT, as well as earlier, provide at the high level of means cryptographic data protection.

Old type of Contact

Large-scale updating of a brand

The international money transfer system of Contact announced on January 24, 2019 carrying out for the first time in 20 years of large-scale updating of a brand. In addition to positioning and marketing strategy, change concerned also corporate style of the company.

The known creative agency Bulvar was engaged in redesign of a logo. The idea of a logo — a family circle where the head of family preserves and cares for relatives. Soft forms symbolize friendliness, reliability and care to which Contact helps to be closer to the family even at distance, explained in the company.

Contact for the first time in 20 years carried out large-scale updating of a brand

Simple images in a visual design and laconic functional design of a logo also reflect digital transformation of a payment system. Contact is included into the Qiwi group (for January, 2019 owns 100% a share block of the Contact system and its operator) — one of the largest IT ecosystems in Russia. Thus, the updated visual identifier underlines commitment of the company to values of Qiwi and its readiness to participate actively in promotion of hi-tech, but simple services in use in the Russian market.

2017: QIWI BANK became operator of Contact payment system

On March 17, 2017 the Bank of Russia registered QIWI BANK (autonomous area) as the operator of Contact payment system in the unified register of payment operators. From the same date NKO Rapida LLC is excluded by the Bank of Russia from the list of operators of payment systems. Both credit institutions are a part of the Qiwi Group.

Change of the operator of Contact payment system is carried out within the procedure of reorganization of QIWI Bank by accession of NPO of Slow motion.

Settlement centers of a system banks FC Otkrytiye and VTB, as payment clearing center and the operational center — QIWI BANK act. For March 17, 2017 the NPO of Slow motion continues to perform regularly functions of one of settlement centers of Contact payment system.


The Qiwi group purchased a money transfer system of Contact and NPO of Slow motion

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Payments of Contact are integrated into TranzWare Internet Banking

On April 15, 2015 it became known of integration of functionality of sending money transfers of the Contact system into the TranzWare Internet Banking platform of Compass Plus company.

It is the joint project of two companies using a processing center of Compass Plus within the TIC protocol. All necessary tests are complete in a pilot project. The banks using the software of Compass Plus can connect money transfers of Contact, that giving to card owners an opportunity of sending money to any person in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

The CONTACT payment system is recognized national significant

The Bank of Russia in March, 2015 gave to CONTACT payment system the status of national significant. The corresponding record was entered by the regulator on March 26, 2015 in the Register of operators of payment systems. NKO Rapida LLC acts as the operator of CONTACT payment system.

The payment system is recognized as national significant if the operator of a payment system and operators of services of payment infrastructure are controlled directly or indirectly by the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia or citizens of the Russian Federation and at the same time the information technologies used by operators conform to requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The status national significant is confirmation of conformity of CONTACT payment system and its operator of NPO of Slow motion to increased requirements of the Russian legislation that promotes growth of reliability of customer services at the most different levels.


Entry into the market of money transfers of Japan

In November, 2014 the CONTACT payment system gave to the clients an opportunity to make money transfers in Japan. Clients of a system worldwide can send now money transfers to Japan with payment in the Japanese yens cash or delivery of the check on a destination address. The commission makes 1.5% of amount of transfer + $ / €15 regardless of a payment method. Currency of sending for cash payment – US dollars, and for delivery of the check on a destination address – euro. The exact payment amount cash can be learned in sending point. Transfer is available to issue in 15 minutes after sending.

In case of payment by the check - conversion is made at the rate of for the date following date of sending transfer. Delivery dates of the check on a destination address: when sending money transfer according to the CONTACT system till 10:00 am CET in 3 working days (after 10 a.m. SET – in 4 working days) Japan Post directs the notification (check) on receipt of money transfer on the destination address specified in the payment order. The check can be cashed in any department of Japan Post rendering financial services, within 30 days after issue date of the check (it is specified on a postage stamp) at presentation of the check and identity document. In addition to receiving money transfers service of sending transfer from Japan to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries via the website of the partner of the CONTACT system – telecommunication operator Brastel is also available to clients of CONTACT.

Among partners — more than 900 financial institutions of Russia and the world

For July, 2014 partners of Contact are more than 900 financial institutions of Russia and the world which form an extensive network of service points – over 400,000 points, including payment terminals, more than in 160 countries. The Contact system makes payments to over 1500 legal entities – commercial banks, trade enterprises, insurance and travel agencies and their agents, Internet service providers, telecom operators, etc. Annually millions of clients use services of a System worldwide.

As of 2014 the Contact payment system is one of leaders of the markets of payment and translated services of Russia and neighboring countries.

Creation of holding with the system of Slow motion

In July, 2014 payment systems of Slow motion and Contact announced a new stage of strategic partnership

Shareholders of payment systems of Slow motion and Contact signed the agreement on creation of holding which should become one of the largest players in the Russian market of electronic payments and money transfers. In the created holding of 70% shareholders will possess Slow motions, 30% - to shareholders of Contact.

The holding will integrate payment systems of Slow motion and Contact. Within this project of the company will save the existing brands and focus on the current directions of business in which they take the leading positions. "Slow motion" will continue to specialize in a segment of payments in a supplier address of services and banks, and Contact will continue to develop the direction of money transfers.

The predicted turnovers of holding at the end of 2014 will make 800 billion rubles, the quantity of points of payment acceptance will exceed 500 thousand – these indicators correspond to the place in top-3 the largest participants of the market of electronic payments.

"For the period strategic cooperation we could carry out more careful analysis based on which we were convinced that the companies have similar approaches to business and vision of the strategic development, and the available competences and segments of the market in which they work are complementary each other. With respect thereto the most effective option further work within uniform holding is represented", - the board member of NPO of Slow motion Georgy Shabad noted.
"Creation of holding based on the Contact and "Rapida" systems will become an important stage of development of all market of payment services and will significantly increase competitive advantages of both companies, having allowed them to localize the innovation projects in the development area of the latest payment products and services and also to intensify work on their implementation and an output to the markets, including international", - the head of Contact payment system Alexey Abrameitsev noted.

1999: Registration of payment system

The Contact payment system appeared in 1999 - is registered in the unified register of operators of payment systems of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at number 0001. Initially a system was focused not only on internal Russian, but also on foreign markets. Development of a partner network became a priority task.

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