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CORUS Consulting - the Russian IT company providing services in IT consulting, optimization and business process automation, creation of IT infrastructure and IT outsourcing. Since 2000 more than 1100 projects in all branches of the economy are implemented. Enters in top-50 the largest IT companies [1]

More than 950 employees work for fall of 2019 at offices of the company.


Competences of Corus Consulting in the field of complex digital transformation, implementation of the systems of the business analysis, planning and budgeting, management of warehouse and transport activity, electronic document management and corporate services, creation of ERP- and CRM solutions, development of corporate portals and platforms of e-commerce, formation and operation of IT infrastructure and outsourcing of all IT functions.

The company develops and implements the innovative solutions in the field of advanced analytics, machine learning, data management, Digital Signage, robotization of processes, IoT (Internet of Things).

CORUS Consulting - specializes in automation retail, distribution, productions, financial a service sector logistics, petrogas and power engineering specialists. The company enters in top-15 the largest suppliers of IT in retail, top-50 IT suppliers for banks and also for industrial enterprises (CNews, 2018).

CORUS Consulting cooperates with more than 60 vendors among which the international companies – Alfresco, Anaplan, Aptos, Cisco, HP, Kofax, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle, Qlik, SAP, SOTI and also the leading domestic manufacturers – ABBYY, Addreality, Naumen, 1C, 1C Bitrix, Foresight.

Development indicators

2019: Growth of revenue by 28% to 5.2 billion rubles

On March 16, 2020 Corus Consulting Group reported TAdviser that its revenue for 2019 made 5.2 billion rubles and exceeded indicators of 2018 for 28%. As well as in 2018, the main part of revenue of the company, 61% – income from sale of IT services. Among them income from own products and services.

Office "Corus Consulting"

In 2019 clients of Corus Consulting there were 400 companies. These are mainly representatives of large Russian business among whom Akvafor, Gazprom Neft, Invitro, Magnet, Yunifarm, Familia, Gloria Jeans, Levi’s and many others. Projects from the sphere of trade, transport and logistics, production, finance, pharmaceutics became the main for the company.

In 2019 several complex projects were implemented at once. An example – the project with a marketplace "Beru" on automation of points of issue of orders. Specialists of Corus Consulting together with the client from scratch designed all processes on sale and the goods delivery: started ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, integrated her with Oracle E-Business Suite and WMS- the systems of warehouses, implemented a product "1C: Retail" for point of issue of orders. Also projects on implementation of several tools were implemented at once for "Abamet", STD "Petrovich" and SKL Group.

Active development was gained by own products of the company:

Development of cloud solutions became one more direction of growth in 2019. Examples of such products – cloud WMS based on Manhattan Scale – flexible and functional service for optimization of warehouse processes; the system of financial and operational planning Anaplan and cloud services based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Achievements of 2019 – not a limit. Our company grows and develops, even advancing the market in something. We are sure that our innovative solutions – both on the basis of technologies of partner vendors, and based on own products – in 2020 will help growth not only our business, but also business of our clients,
notes Alexander Rakhmanov, the CEO of CORUS Consulting Group

In 2019 the companies the staff of group grew by 11.8%. For March, 2020 in the company 950 people work. In 2020 the company plans expansion of the state, in many respects due to growth of structure of an IT command.



Partnership with BSS. Replenishment of a product portfolio solution Digital2Speech

Corus Consulting Group and BSS company announced on July 8, 2020 the conclusion of the partnership agreement. Thanks to cooperation the product portfolio of the IT company was replenished with the Russian solution Digital2Speech for automation of omnichannel customer service, addressed in a support service.

Partnership with Anlimited Prodakshen and the right of implementation of the corporate eXpress messenger

Consulting Korus Group announced on May 18, 2020 that it concluded partnership with the company Anlimited Prodakshen, the developer of corporate messenger eXpress. Thanks to cooperation the group expanded a portfolio of domestic IT- solutions of the Enterprise level which help business to systematize corporate communication and to provide the protected interaction with employees and partners.


Growth of revenue from the implementing solutions Manhattan Associates for 25%

On December 18, 2019 Corus Consulting Group announced that revenue of the company from the implementing solutions Manhattan Associates made 256.8 million rubles for 2018 that is one quarter higher than a similar indicator for 2017. The main driver of financial growth in the company called the large-scale project on automation of a warehouse for one of the Russian retailers.

In general Corus Consulting steadily shows positive dynamics in this direction – so, in 2017 its revenue increased by 27%.

In 2018 the company began to work with the product Manhattan WMOS (Warehouse Management for Open Systems) actively. It is a part of the platform solution which possibilities go beyond automation of a warehouse. A system includes modules for personnel management in a warehouse and the optimization module responsible for placement of goods.

According to own research among players of the logistic market which is carried out by specialists of Corus Consulting in 2019, every third company is ready to transfer a part of logistic processes to a cloud. Such approach has several advantages and does not concede from the technology point of view of on-premise to systems.

We see apparent interest of the Russian market to cloud solutions in the field of logistics. With Manhattan Associates the agreement on deployment of the Manhattan SCALE system in the Russian cloud is already reached. At the same time our clients will be able to select different models of service, including complete management of IT infrastructure of forces of an external command. The cloud solution already proved the efficiency in the western market and just about the first responses from the Russian companies will appear, – Vasily Balakin, the area director Logistics of Corus Consulting Group told.

Opening of practice of the systems of pricing

Corus Consulting Group announced on October 19, 2018 replenishment of the product line a set of solutions for pricing. Experts of the company will help the Russian retailers to develop pricing strategy: from creation of methodology before implementation of IT tools.

The modern systems of pricing help business to define trends and behavior models of buyers for formation of exact price policy, promotion of products and assortment management as a result to raise income and profitability. In this process the whole complex of internal and external factors, such as influence of competitive environment, an arrangement location, promo-activity, seasonality and trends in the market, demand pattern and loyalty of buyers is considered. The software packages automating labor-consuming tasks of management of pricing provide rapid response to market changes and help to create the competitive prices satisfying to needs of buyers, told in the company.

Years working hard at the market of automation of retail in Russia, we saved up examination which allows us to see the most relevant areas of interest at our clients in retail. Management of pricing, planning, strategic modeling and optimization of pricing are one of the hottest and focal topics on which the Russian retailers stake for achievement of profit and marginality — Alexey Sverdlov, the director of the department of BI of Corus Consulting Group said. — For this reason for us opening of such direction as practice of the systems of pricing became a natural step. Existence in a command of this practice of experts with work experience in area of retail helps us to consider precisely all factors affecting structure of pricing and to create tools for creation of the optimal prices on goods.

Specialists of practice of the systems of pricing will offer domestic retailers a full range of services in development and strategy implementation to pricing: from detailed development of methodology and consultation before implementation of set of solutions for pricing automation. For October, 2018, in a portfolio of Corus Consulting — a number of IT products of the international developers for price optimization. Specialists of the company already implement the first projects on creation of the systems of pricing on the SAS platform.

Opening of the direction on the organization of legally significant document flow

The Corus Consulting group at the end of March, 2018 announced opening of the direction on provision of services on the organization of external legally significant document flow (an e-document flow SKID).

In the market there is a large number of operators of electronic document management and suppliers of EDI services. But it is difficult for modern organization to understand functional features of services and rates of each operator and to select for itself an optimal solution. For this reason within Corus Consulting group we created specialized company "K-Service" (Ditreys trademark) which will present at the market the complete solution for the organization of external electronic legally significant document management in the form of the platform for the balanced processing of all flows of electronic documents from any operators of e-document flow and EDI providers and also a large number of the accompanying services — Alexander Semyonov, the president of Corus Consulting Group told.

The solution DiState is the cornerstone of the technological solution of the provided services. Feature of DiState is the scalability: at increase in number of the processed documents of DiState independently balances loading and creates new flows for data processing. Placement of service of the signature of electronic documents not in a circuit of the ERP system allows to lower load of an ERP system and to reduce time of processing and signing of the electronic document to several milliseconds. Besides, the solution allows the companies to organize own cloud the SKID of e-document flow and an EDI system and to perform independently as EDI-and YuZEDO-operator for document flow with the partners that ensures safety of transmitted data as they are not transferred to the third parties in third-party services. Payment of traffic for such document flow is not required too as it is a license product which does not require permanent calculation of billing and settlement with the operator.

Legally significant electronic document management which our customers can organize using our platform — the full-fledged instrument of increase in business performance allowing to pass in a short space of time to electronic interaction with the most part of the partners, to reduce finance and time expenditure by document handling, to simplify work with documents, to increase transparency of this process, and the main thing, to provide acceptance of business solutions on the basis of up-to-date and reliable information — Artak Simonyan, the board member emphasized "K-service".


Solutions on the basis of methods of machine learning and Big Data management tools

Corus Consulting Group expressed on August 30, 2017 the intention to propose to customers solutions on the basis of methods of machine learning (ML, machine learning) and tools for management of Big Data. As envisioned by the company, these technologies will help Russian to resolve by the companies the issues connected with prediction of demand and customer satisfaction, management of loyalty and also identification and warning of fraud.

The modern companies collect huge data arrays and use them for business development. Using the useful information obtained from these arrays the problems connected with prediction of outflow of clients, credit scoring, determination of anomalies in segments of audience and many others are solved. Complexes from methods of machine learning and tools for management of Big Data help to derive a benefit maximum from arrays of unstructured information. We see great demand and perspectives of development of these technologies in the Russian market and for this reason made the decision on selection of the separate direction in department — Alexey Sverdlov, the director of the department of BI of Corus Consulting Group told.

In projects of this direction using methods of machine learning (ML, machine learning) specialists Korus Konsaltinga solve such problems of customers as prediction of demand, the forecast of effect of promotion actions, the personified recommendations, segmentation and a clustering of clients and also identification and warning of fraud. Depending on scales and type of tasks of specific business both ready services Microsoft Azure ML and SAS Enterprise Miner, and solutions on the basis of the open code, such as RapidMiner are applied. In addition experts of integrator project the customized systems created based on programming languages R and Python.

During projects of the direction issues of processing and storage of data bulks, quality control of initial data are also often resolved. As tools for the solution of similar tasks modules Hadoop, technologies are used Apache Cloudera Hortonworks MapR. Spark, Cassandra and Kaffka and also solutions from SAS and IBM.

We see huge demand from the market for systems which help to predict quickly results of activity and to check hypotheses using tools for work with Big Data, methods of machine learning and also mathematical methods which are applied by our specialists — neural networks, a busting, clustering. Our new direction should be appreciated by the companies which regard as of paramount importance personalisation of customer interaction and more exact forecasts in other areas" — Natalya Malykhina, the head Advanced Analytics of department of BI of Corus Consulting Group considers.

Services in advanced client analytics

The Corus Consulting group announced on July 19 that it is going to offer the companies of service in creation and implementation of systems for advanced analytics and intelligent data analysis which will help them to adjust more close customer relations.

In general the advanced client analytics is a complex of business processes and IT solutions which cornerstone intelligent data analysis is. Systems of this kind are designed to increase competitiveness and sales to the company at the expense of the organization of more personal and target communication — all this as a result gives the chance to achieve the measured results with the minimum employee involvement.

At implementation of the systems of advanced analytics marketing campaigns and shares of programs of loyalty are managed from the uniform center using solutions of the class Campaign Management. They are integrated with all channels via which the company interacts with the current and potential clients, and in real time analyze the emotional brand attitude, efficiency of the existing advertizing and reaction to a brand in social media and also on the basis of collected data and analysts create forecast models. Implementation of the similar systems is followed by automation of basic processes of marketing thanks to which preparation of selections, carrying out informing, calculation of analytics and other processes happen quickly and to the minimum participation of staff of business departments.

"Using advanced client analytics it is possible to solve a large number of problems — all of them are connected with forecasting, receiving a complete profile of clients and start of campaigns with "smart", narrow selections — microsegments. Our command is engaged more than eight years in creation and start of systems in the field of Advanced Analytics, and we are sure that we together with Corus Consulting who has deep examination in the field of business processes in retail, production, finance will be able to help the organizations to reach other level of understanding of clients and to increase return from any marketing activities" — Natalya Malykhina, the head Advanced Analytics of department of BI of Corus Consulting Group said.

Partnership with TXT Retail

In June, 2017 CORUS Consulting Group signed the partnership agreement with TXT Retail company. Within cooperation the integrator will propose to clients the ready-made solution of the European vendor for category management, management of pricing, replenishment and distribution of the range which is completely considering specifics of the industry of fashionable goods.

"Fashion-retail — one of focal areas for our direction of automation of retail. Considering the interest of clients from this sector to process optimization of commodity financial planning and management of lifecycle, we looked for the partner who would offer the market the best ready-made product closing this requirement. TXT Retail is the powerful and flexible platform which is easily integrated with other information systems and quickly is implemented" — Tarantasov Gennady, the head "Retail" of CORUS Consulting Group emphasizes.

Compliance to standards of SAP PCoE

In April the CORUS Consulting Group underwent audit on compliance of SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). Audit was booked by specialists of the international center of technical support of SAP SE company. Based on the report on the carried-out inspection the company completely conforms to the current technical and organizational standards of SAP, has necessary technical infrastructure and personnel for rendering services in a support and maintenance of SAP products.

Partnership with Anaplan

Within cooperation the system integrator will provide to clients services in creation, implementation, a consulting maintenance and support of applications for financial and operational planning, business simulation and predictive analytics in a cloud with the built-in in-memory technology based on SaaS platform Anaplan (Anaplan Smart Business Platform).

2016: Reduction of revenue for 27%

In 2016 revenue of Corus Consulting company made 2.700 billion rubles, having reduced by 27% in relation to 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Corus Consulting company took the 38th place.

2015: Growth of revenue by 85%

In 2015 turnover of Corus Consulting reached 3.7 billion rubles, having increased by 85% in comparison with previous year. In structure of revenue income from IT services was 34%, from supplies of equipment and the software — 44% and 22% respectively. Also the integrator noted significant growth in a share of complex projects within which the complete circuit of creation of IT infrastructure of the customer was performed.

Corus Consulting announced increase in annual revenues by 85%

The greatest revenue (33% of total) in 2015 fell on projects in the field of telecommunications. The power, retail and production occupied 20%, 18% and 7% of income respectively.

Significant growth was shown by the business divisions providing implementation services ERP- systems on platforms SAP, Microsoft and 1C and also the consulting directions which are engaged in implementation CRM- systems and portal solutions based on technologies of Microsoft and 1C-Bitrix. In 2015 Corus Consulting received the status of the golden partner of SAP and 1C-Bitrix.

Despite difficult market situation, correctly selected development strategy, the balanced product portfolio and effective management of internal resources allowed us not only to save growth rate of 2014, but also to considerably exceed it — the CEO of Corus Consulting Alexander Rakhmanov noted.

According to him, in 2016 the company intends to focus on the translation of some projects on service model, to become more active in Russian regions and to expand competence of cloud versions of products of the international and Russian vendors.

2014: Growth of revenue by 25% to 2 billion rub

Revenue of CORUS Consulting group in 2014 made 2 billion rubles, height of 25%. The IT services which provided 65% of a total turnover last year remain principal direction of activity of the system integrator still. Deliveries program and the hardware made 24% and 11% respectively. The largest growth was shown by the directions providing implementation services of electronic document management systems and automation of logistics. The consulting directions which are engaged in implementation of CRM systems, ERP solutions, portal and cloud solutions based on technologies of Microsoft also considerably grew.

Retail (21% of total sales), public sector (17%), telecommunications (11%), the financial sector (10%), an oil and gas industry (10%) and production (9%) became key industries in which Corus Consulting implemented projects last year.

In a product line, offered Corus Consulting in the market, the product portfolio of firm considerably extended 1C, there were systems of a business intelligence QlikView, Forecast and BaseGroup Labs, hybris the eCommerce-solutions software and "1C-Bitrix", products for providing information security InfoWatch, the hardware from Xerox and Huawei.

The company told TAdviser that still observe demand for the servers which already became traditional and storage systems of IBM and the telecom equipment of Cisco. However economic events are sanctions, import substitution policy - introduced a number of amendments and in demand pattern on the IT equipment: "Last year the company began active cooperation with Huawei company. Already there are some interesting practices and we hope that on data segment of solutions the significant share of revenue of CORUS Consulting Group in 2015 is necessary", said in Corus Consulting.

Representatives of the company predict very contained growth in 2015 and added what owing to the developed market conditions of Corus Consulting expands the product line with solutions of domestic manufacturers and also actively promotes own software products in the Russian market.

  • Retail (21% of total sales), public sector (17%), telecommunications (11%), the financial sector (10%), an oil and gas industry (10%) and production (9%) became key industries in which Corus Consulting implemented projects last year.

  • In 2014 the list of clients of Corus Consulting was replenished with such companies as Danone, Paulig, PepsiCo, PONY EXPRESS, SATO, Valio, ATAK, Gazprombank, Invitro, Melston Engineering, Skandik Konstrakshn, "with SPAR Retail", Stroylandiya and CTC Media.

  • Based on the Russian tender among partners of Microsoft corporation, Corus Consulting with a product line of "KORUS Five" Cloud B2B was recognized by the best company in the nomination ": To Azure Partner of the Year", having confirmed thereby the highest examination in the field of cloud solutions based on the Microsoft Azure platform. Also in 2014 the system integrator confirmed the highest partner status - Signature Partner - EMS corporations in the Enterprise Content Division direction (earlier - Information Intelligence Group).

In a product line, offered Corus Consulting in the market, the systems of a business intelligence QlikView, Forecast and BaseGroup Labs, the eCommerce-solutions hybris software and 1C-Bitrix, products for InfoWatch information security support, the hardware from Xerox and Huawei appeared. Also considerably the product line of 1C company extended: in addition to solutions 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management, 1S:ZUP and 1S: CRM integrator also 1C: Consolidation implements projects based on 1C: ERP 2.0, 1C:MES.

2013: Decrease in revenue by 40% to 1.6 billion rub

Revenue of Corus Consulting system integrator in 2013 made 1.6 billion rub that is 40% lower in comparison with 2012 when the similar indicator equaled 2.7 billion rubles.

Active development of the direction of system integration, services in selection and purchase of the IT equipment.

In 2012 the most part of revenue of the direction of system integration was received from deliveries hardware and the software within the won tenders, in particular, in Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, and in 2013 such large projects were not, explained CNews the PR-director of Corus Consulting Vronsky Svetlana Vyruchka[2].

Revenue of consulting divisions of CORUS Consulting Group in 2013 grew by 6%. The IT services which made 57% of total sales in 2013 and showed growth in the amount of 8% remain the main activity of group still. Delivery of the software and delivery of the hardware made 26% and 17% respectively. The largest growth was shown by the directions providing implementation services of electronic document management systems, WMA, CRM systems, ERP solutions and budgeting systems and consolidation of financial statements.

Among key industries in which specialists of Corus Consulting implemented projects in 2013 – the financial sector (15% of total sales), retail (13%), production (12%), public sector (12%) and telecommunications (11%).

  • The Competence Center according to solutions for e-commerce which specialists implement projects based on Intershop, one of the leading eCommerce-platforms in the world entering the list of market leaders according to the analytical agencies Forrester Research and Gartner Group is created.

  • The portfolio of tools for automation of logistic processes is added – now Corus Consulting offers the products of ORTEC company intended for optimization and planning of transport logistics. Solutions of ORTEC are used in 1700 companies worldwide, first of all in such industries as logistics, retail both wholesale and distribution.

  • Solutions on wireless analytics of Walkbase for the analysis of a flow and behavior of visitors of retail networks, shopping centers and department stores, fast-food establishments, the airports and stations were presented. Wireless analytics – the direction, new to the Russian market, allowing to keep track of behavior of visitors in premises on the basis of the analysis of radiation of the switched-on modules Wi-Fi/Bluetooth mobile devices.

  • Systems based on OpenText the line of solutions on corporate content management – to one of key activities of Corus Consulting extended. Among advantages of solutions of OpenText - ample opportunities at integration with the systems of SAP which practice of development is actively conducted in Corus Consulting.


Growth of revenue by 80% to 2.7 billion rub

Revenue of Corus Consulting in 2012 grew by 80% - from 1.5 billion rubles to 2.7 billion rubles, the company reported on March 5, 2013, having specified that these indicators are given without revenue of the division of Corus Consulting CIS sold at the beginning of 2012 to Sberbank).

As explained TAdviser in Corus Consulting, the largest growth in 2012 the directions of solutions for a public sector and medicine WMS, CRM and ERP based on solutions Microsoft, showed to automation of warehouses, budgetings, «1C» and also system integration.

In total in a year the company implemented 59 projects. Among the largest of them - implementation of EDMS in the government of Sverdlovsk region,AKKUYU NUCLEAR POWER PLANT and MegaFon, development of a medical IT system for Federal scientific clinical center of children's hematology, oncology and immunology of D. Rogachyov and also implementing solutions on management of budget process in the companies of the aircraft manufacturing industry -Helicopters of Russia,Irkut corporation,United Aircraft Corporation.

Corus Consulting notes that for 2012 their company continued to adhere to the strategy of transition selected two years ago from "classical integration" to service - to the focused business. It is going to continue development in this direction and in 2013.

"There will be more and more complex projects, standard industry solutions in service model, developments based on the free software, development and providing services on a joint of information, telecom and engineering technologies. And, of course, we are going to develop actively the direction of mobile solutions, "clouds" and virtualization in partnership with large data centers", - told TAdviser in Corus Consulting.

Creation of own solutions based on Open Source in the field of medicine and workflow automation in the company is called one of the principal directions from a position of investments into software development and creations of own "boxed" solutions which require afterwards the minimum customization and costs for implementation.

It should be noted that growth of turnover of Corus Consulting exceeded its own forecast: in February, 2012 the CEO of the company Alexander Semyonov expected growth of business at the level of 30%.

Corus Consulting CIS is sold to Sberbank

In May, 2012 it became known that Sberbank became the co-owner of Corus Consulting CIS company, it is told in documents of bank. According to the USRLE, Sberbank possesses 90% of authorized capital of the company. Other 10% own its CEO Leonid Yakubovsky[3].

Earlier (as of March, 2012) Corus Consulting CIS for 65% belonged to Cyprus company of Dorinetko Limited, for 20% - to Leonid Yakubovsky, for 15% - to Alexander Semyonov, the CEO of the Corus Consulting group.

The source close to Sberbank told that the acquired company will be integrated into the direction on work with corporate clients.


Growth of revenue by 22% to 1.91 billion rub

Revenue of the system integrator made 1.91 billion rubles. Growth of business in comparison with 2010 was 22%. Revenue in the directions was distributed in the following order: IT services (integration, IT consulting, support, training, data protection) – 48% of a total turnover of the company, software development – 13%, distribution of the hardware – 23%, distribution of software – 16%.

The greatest contribution to development of the SaaS direction was made by the Corus Consulting CIS enterprise providing to the companies services in electronic exchange of documents as among themselves, and with state bodies. Growth of division in a year was 80%. Now more than 7500 companies across all Russia, first of all - large retail chain stores and their partners use EDI service: they exchange more, than 2 million electronic documents monthly. In 2011 projects on implementation of EDI technology in a number of the subjects of the Russian Federation and also implementation of legally significant document flow using electronic digital signatures in retail chain stores Tape and Real based on Esphere Courier service are begun.

At the end of 2011 the CORUS Consulting group began the project on development, implementation and replication of an electronic document management system in state structures of Sverdlovsk region. In a month of Ministry of Communications of Sverdlovsk region announced the beginning of trial operation of EDMS in the region. Also in 2011 the system integrator won an open competition on development and deployment of an information system, the Internet portal and organizational and administrative document flow in Federal scientific clinical center of children's hematology, oncology and immunology (FNKTs DGOI). Automation of medical activity, organizational and administrative document flow and creation of the FNKTS DGOI portal should become a project deliverable.

Mobile solutions for business and state structures remain the leader of interest from customers. The solution "Mobile Office of the Head" became one of a leader of sales of CORUS Consulting Group in 2011. The new version of the solution was submitted, works on integration of Mobile office with the electronic digital signature based on a CIPF of Crypto Pro are begun. Besides, the certificate on state registration of the solution was received. New clients of consulting division of the system integrator in 2011 became: companies "Rosinter", "Renessans", "Sakhalinenergo", IMISP, JSC Kamaz, JSC "Russian Helicopters", Mercury group and others.

Actively directions 1C, Logistics, Business analysis, automation of budgeting and financial statements developed. In logistics implementation of voice technologies of management of a warehouse in Uhrenholt Logistic became one of the most interesting projects. The system integrator confirmed examination in specifics of aircraft industry and nuances of budget management of the enterprises of aviation industry: in 2011 projects in United Aircraft Corporation and JSC "Russian Helicopters" were complete. The standard budgeting model is built in retail: the project in retail chain stores "Alphabet of taste" is complete, the project in Pernod Ricard Rouss is begun. One more specialization of CORUS Consulting Group is work with the large geographically distributed companies: solutions which were implemented by the system integrator in central offices and management companies are actively replicated in subsidiaries and branches through the whole country. Such large-scale projects are kept in the telecom industry, in structures with the state participation, in an oil and gas sector.

In total in medicine the directions "Document Flow", "Public Sector and", "Logistics", CPM (budgeting and financial statements) and business solutions Microsoft in 2011 74 projects were complete. A total quantity of the projects implemented by the system integrator for the end of 2011 - 441.

Total number of staff of CORUS Consulting group for September, 2011 - 375 people.

Revenue of the system integrator from projects in the field of health care in 2011 grew by 2.5 times in comparison with 2010 and made 117,872 million rubles (47,135 million rubles in 2010). The number of projects on implementation of MIS grew from 56 in 2010 to 113 in 2011. The number of the jobs equipped with MIS specialists of CORUS Consulting Group made 3360 in different health facilities of Russia.

In 2010-2011 "Corus Consulting of IT" - the division of group specializing in informatization of health care – kept large-scale projects in FNKTs of children's hematology, oncology and immunology, the Ministries of Health of the Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Oryol, Penza regions, the Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Kalmykia, in administration of Kursk region, in the Voronezh and Mordovian perinatal centers.

The history of Corus Consulting from 2001 to 2011

"The CORUS Consulting of the CIS" provides IT services, solution SaaS for business and individuals.

"For September, 2011 more than 8000 companies use our services. Service model of work with the software – very perspective and demanded in the market direction today. The infrastructure constructed by us covers all cycle – development of services, services in connection of clients, technical support, call centers and data centers that allows us to control completely quality of services and to create new solutions in process of growth of customer needs", - Leonid Yakubovsky, the director of Corus Consulting CIS noted.

Conversion to group with 6 directions

In September, 2011 the CORUS Consulting system integrator announced that it is transformed to group. As a result of organizational changes there was a management company, and the separate business directions of Corus Consulting are selected in 6 companies. They were headed by heads of the corresponding directions.

  • "The CORUS Consulting of CPM" executes projects in the field of planning and budgeting, the management reporting, financial consolidation and the business analysis based on solutions of Oracle, SAP, Infor, Adaptive Planning.

Representations are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Specializes in setting and process automation of performance management of the companies. Head Makarova Yulia. Enters competence of the company:

  • Delivery and automation of process of budgeting to the companies
  • Transformations of the reporting: development of methodology and automation of process
  • Preparation of the consolidated statements: development of methodology and automation
  • Strategic planning
  • Planning of investment activities: setting of methodology and system implementation of planning
  • Development of methodology of the analysis of budget indicators
  • Automation of the analysis of budget indicators
  • Development of the system of performance indicators
  • Business analysis system implementation
  • Operational management of finance: creation of a system, automation of treasury
  • Development and automation of account policy at the enterprise.

In November, 2010 the Oracle corporation confirmed examination of "Corus Consulting of CPM" in the field of implementing solutions based on the Oracle Hyperion Planning software product. Specialization confirms competence of specialists of the company in implementation of Oracle Hyperion Planning for automation of budget management, understanding of an implementation methodology, success of the implemented projects.

  • "The CORUS Consulting of the IC" implements solutions in the field of management of warehouse logistics, transport, billing, optimization of a warehouse, planning of supply chains (in partnership with world vendor of Manhattan Associates). Also the company develops the directions of SAP and IT outsourcing.

  • "The CORUS Consulting of IT" develops and implements solutions for public sector, a broad spectrum of solutions for health sector: from the systems of primary accounting and automation of a workplace of the doctor to the analytical systems providing management of regional health care.

2010: Growth of turnover by 32%

On December 28, 2010, with 10 and till 18 o'clock in the St. Petersburg office of Corus Consulting company there passed the search. Events were held within earlier brought criminal case about legalization of illegal income in which investigation the Main Investigation Department at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg is engaged.

Corus Consulting reported CNews[4]that law enforcement agencies carried out the inspection connected with transactions with one of partners of the company in the company. "Check has not a direct bearing on activity of the company", - Asya Vlasova, the PR-director of Corus Consulting said. She refused specify legal entity of the partner, the sphere of his activity and the scheme of relationship.

According to a source of CNews familiar with investigation, law enforcement agencies became interested in activity in Corus Consulting, and occurred in connection with core business of the company this half a year ago – sale of ERP systems of Microsoft Dynamics (Axapta).

Data that the system integrator at the beginning of the 2000th used the illegal scheme of sale of the corporate software became the search reason, according to a source: unofficial bought software in the USA and imported into Russia in the private way, bringing money to accounts of false firms.

For legalization of income the integrator, according to a source of CNews, used dummy agreements with the so-called "cashing" firms in which orders for software development were specified.

According to the interlocutor of CNews, interest at law enforcement agencies in the similar scheme of work of Corus Consulting arose after during the investigation in the matter of one of large St. Petersburg financial pyramids – Rubin business club (criminal case against it was brought in 2008) - several "washout" companies in which finance documents the above described orders from Corus Consulting appeared were detected.

According to Asya Vlasova, this information is not true. Corus Consulting delivers all software products in the territory of the Russian Federation according to the current legislation, within the existing partnership agreements with vendors and their distributors", - she says.

  • The annual turnover of the system integrator made 1,571, 170 million rubles. Growth of business in comparison with 2009 was 32%. Turnover in the directions was distributed in the following order:
  • IT services (integration, IT consulting, support, training, data protection) – 48.5% of a total turnover of the company,
  • distribution of the hardware – 22.7%,
  • software development – 16.5%,
  • distribution of software – 12.3%.

The CORUS Consulting group borrows:

  • 11 place among the largest IT consultants of Russia, according to the Finance magazine;
  • 5 place among the largest suppliers of IT in retail (data of CNews);
  • 64 place among the largest IT companies of the Russian Federation (data of CNews);
  • 19 place among the largest system integrators of Russia on creation of IT infrastructure (data of CNews).

Document flow

In 2010 Corus Consulting connected over 5 thousand new users to electronic document management systems. Among new clients there are directions: State Corporation " Russian Technologies ", Hydropower of Russia non-profit partnership, JSC OGK-2, Filip Morris Seylz and Marqueting LLC, Spetsradioservice LLC, JSC CenterTelecom, Moscow State University. Projects in companies "Synterra", "VolgaTelecom" are complete. The project abroad – implementation of electronic document management in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population of the Azerbaijan Republic is implemented. Considerable development was gained by practice of projects implementation on platforms, new to department. Full-scale projects on platforms of Alfresco, 1C: Enterprise, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server are implemented. CORUS Consulting received the status of the key partner of EMS corporation in the Information Intelligence direction. The system integrator became the partner of one of world leaders in the field of ECM solutionsOpen Text and also signed the partnership agreement with KOFAX Austria GmbH - the recognized world leader in the field of the systems of stream input of documents (occupies about 50% of this market).

Software development

Actively the direction of own developments, including in the field of mobile solutions developed. The solution "Mobile Office" for platforms Android iOS, Windows Mobile - the universal interface is developed for interaction with EDMS via mobile devices for top managers of the enterprises and heads of state structures. Corus Consulting began with one of the first in Russia practice of use of tablet computers in to medicine: the integrator developed a prototype of the interface of a Federal standard medical system for iPad. Commercial operation of the solution will begin in 2011 in one of federal scientific clinical centers of the country. In Federal State Unitary Enterprise Main Radio-frequency Center with the assistance of Corus Consulting during the whole year the unified information system allowing to transfer organization activity to an electronic basis was created.

IT services, SaaS, EDI

New online services "The accountant's office", "Electronic back office" are developed and started. The EDI direction (external exchange of electronic documents) grew in a year by 33%. For January, 2011 more than 6000 companies across all Russia, first of all - large retail chain stores and their partners use service: using the ECOD platform they exchange more, than 1.5 million electronic documents a month. The project on implementation of EDI technology in the largest Russian retail chain stores "Retail Group X5" (retail network "Pyaterochka", "Perekrestok", "Karusel") is begun. More than 60 educational institutions in 25 regions of the Russian Federation work with Electronic Diary of the Pupil service, the number of daily users of service is more than 25 thousand. In a system the innovation service is developed for psychological assistance to children via the Internet. Projects on budgeting system implementation from Adaptive Planning according to the SaaS model in POZHOBORONPROM Group, Armada company are implemented. In total the number of the new clients connected to SaaS system of budget management of "Adaptive Planning" increased by 4 times.

Automation of budget and financial management (CPM)

The company of the first in Russia among partners of Oracle received confirmation of the specialization in the Oracle Hyperion Planning direction from vendor. In 2010 projects on setting of a budgeting system, financial consolidation and investment planning in such companies as the C.A.T. oil AG oilfield services company, POZHOBORONPROM Group, telecommunication network JSC Tattelecom and others were complete. In 65 days the project on setting of a system of strategic budget management at the largest producer of products of Mareven Fud Central fast food was implemented (Rollton and BIGBON brands). Actively practice of CPM in the aviation industry developed: projects in aircraft manufacturing corporation "Irkut", the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" are implemented, work on the project in United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is continued.

Microsoft (business solutions and basic technologies)

CORUS Consulting submitted the first in Russia the Russian version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. The company confirmed the status of one of the best Russian Microsoft partners, having received several prestigious awards from corporation according to the results of 2010 financial year in the direction of ERP solutions at once. CORUS Consulting was included into Microsoft Inner Circle again - exclusive international club which members are only 5% of the most successful and large Microsoft partners of Business Solutions in the world. The company received also a number of the Russian awards: a rank "The best partner in the industry "Transport and logistics"; "The best partner in the industry "the Industry: metallurgy and metal working"; the status of the prize-winner in the industry Retail; an award for a contribution to development in the industry "the Industry: production of foodstuff, drinks and tobacco".

The project in retail chain stores is "OK" recognized the largest implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2010 the new record of performance - 1250 competitive users of a system on one database is set up. Projects based on Microsoft SharePoint Server in the power company of JSC RAO Energy Systems of East, retail chain stores of CentrObuv are implemented. CORUS Consulting became the winner of competition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Award 2009-2010 and received the highest rating of "5 stars" from vendor and also became the winner in the "Best Partner in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Financial Sector 2009-2010" nomination. New clients in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM direction – St. Petersburg bank, Smerfit Kappa St. Petersburg production company, the E4 Group engineering company, the Podshipnik-Service trading company, an insurance broker of Axioms Inre, JSC Rustrubprom, Yuniservice LLC, the +SOL media agency.

The new industry Microsoft Dynamics CRM directions – finance and insurance, housing and public utilities, telecommunications, logistics are open. Within development of solutions for the financial sector strategic partnership is concluded with Cylindrical Magnetic Domain Software company. Partnership with CSBI company develops. Openly the IAMS directions (Identity and Access Management) – management of the identification information about employees. Within this direction the project in Alfa-Bank is begun.


CORUS Consulting is awarded with vendor of Manhattan Associates for the innovation implementing solution for management of warehouses and logistic processes based on Manhattan Associates ILS. Within a year the system integrator executed a significant amount of projects for such companies as Japan Tabacco International, Urenholt, Alshaya, "Saniteks", "Geba", Prokonsim, "MAN", Moneks Trading, "Forpost-Parfyum", "Forpost-Produkty". The practice connected with use of voice technologies in management of warehouse processes, in cooperation with consulting company Optiscan and vendor of Vocollect started. Several new products from Manhattan Associates, including Distributed Orders Management are brought to the market of Russia.

Public sector and medicine

Projects on implementation of the information system "Intramed" in republican clinical hospital of Kalmykia, in the regional perinatal center of Kursk region are implemented; the regional information system of monitoring of obstetric aid (RISAR) in the Republic of Kalmykia and Kursk region is implemented. The system of electronic record of patients to doctors in the Saratov and Kursk regions is developed and implemented. The project in the St. Petersburg scientific research institute of traumatology and orthopedics of R.R. Vreden is complete. CORUS Consulting participated in development of the Register of the normative reference information of a health care system, social development and labor relations (the customer - the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation) and also participated in development of requirements to medical information systems (the customer - the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation).

Own developments of Corus Consulting in the field of health care are a Federal standard medical information system based on the free software (by request of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal agency on information technologies, it is implemented in health facilities of the Saratov region), the IC "Ambulance" based on the free software (it is unrolled in health facilities of the Nizhny Novgorod Region), RISAR – the Regional information system of monitoring of obstetric aid (in 2009 it is implemented in health facilities of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, in 2010 – in the Republic of Kalmykia and Kursk region, in 2011 – in the Voronezh region), implementation of electronic state service "Making an appointment with the doctor" (Electronic registry, is implemented on "The portal of the public and municipal services of Kursk region").

System integration and equipment

In 2010 Corus Consulting became the partner of Juniper company and the silver partner of ExtremeNetworks company (both are producers of telecommunication equipment). Significant projects of the direction became creation of technical infrastructure for implementation of information systems in the Main radio-frequency center of Russia, the Radio-frequency center of Siberian Federal District, the Radio-frequency center of the Northwestern Federal District, the Saratov regional children's clinical hospital, Republican clinical hospital of Kalmykia. Technical documentation is developed for JSC VolgaTelecom. Deliveries of server and telecommunication equipment for clients of Corus Consulting - Pulkovo, Skartel, etc. were implemented.

IT outsourcing

In 2010 Corus Consulting worked with 10 clients in the direction of IT outsourcing from whom 4 – new. Work about Skartel LLC (Yota brand) was continued, projects in companies "Ruks", "Spetsradioservice", travel agency "Gamma", Neoprint company were kept. Among clients of the system integrator demanded rendered services in management of IT resources, outsourcing of service of jobs, preparation and deployment of IT infrastructure of the enterprises and also outstaffing (outstuffing) of IT personnel – work of clients with the employees who are on the staff of Corus Consulting.

SAP In 2010 the direction of SAP completed the project in JSC Gazprom Neft on creation of competence center of SAP - a corporate information system of the company. The project on outsourcing of support of SAP in Gazprom Neft proceeds, the project on creation of the uniform concept of powers in information systems of SAP is begun. The project in JSC Gazprom Neft became one of the largest for the system integrator in the field of IT outsourcing. In addition, cooperation with Smerfit Kappa St. Petersburg and L'oreal companies is begun. In 2010 active development of two new activities – implementation of product lines of SAP BusinessObjects GRC and SAP by OpenText is begun.

For 2010 among developments of the company:

2008: 206 corporate clients, 288 projects

At the end of 2008 at the company of 206 corporate clients, 288 projects.

In 2008 the Microsoft corporation registered industry solutions:

  • KORUS|Clothing industry;
  • KORUS|Construction;
  • KORUS|Fleet management;
  • KORUS|Customs broker;

At the end of 2008 Corus Consulting is mentioned by an award "For active sales of software applications of Avaya";

Growth more than for 100% in the EDI directions (exchange of electronic documents) and automation of internal document flow of the organizations based on the EMC Documentum platform is shown. By own estimates in 2008 the company became the leader among all partners of EMC Documentum in total revenue for consulting services from implementation of electronic document management systems.

According to the results of work in 2008 financial year among certified partners of Microsoft in Russia according to the solutions Microsoft Dynamics, Corus Consulting is recognized by the winner in the nominations "Achievements in the Industry 'Retail' and ' Transport and Logistics '". In addition to industry, Corus Consulting received an award "For effective mastering of verticals of ERP".

2007: Development of the direction of outsourcing of payroll calculation

In 2007 the company develops the direction outsourcing business processes: provision of services of payroll.

In the same 2007 practicians are open: system implementations of personnel management, 1C, SAP. Two directions are created: infrastructure projects – System integration – based on direct partner agreements with IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, Cisco; and also Open Source Software is software open source. Besides, by the company the branch in Yekaterinburg, branch of training center and office in Petrozavodsk is opened.

The status is received: official partner of Datastream Solutions CIS and right to rendering implementation services and integration of the EAM-solutions Infor (Datastream); silver partner OEM partner of Canonical company.

Based on Corus Consulting the Competence Center of Ubuntu Linux in Russia is open; the certified business partner of Avaya company; the certified Service-Partner of SAP; partner of IBM corporation;

According to the results of work in 2007 Corus Consulting is recognized by the best partner of Manhattan Associates in EMEA region;

The implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics AX in network of O'KEY hypermarkets is recognized by Microsoft corporation the largest in Russian and in the European retail;

CORUS Consulting begins to propose the solution of Manhattan Associates – Extended Enterprise Management (EEM);

The beginning of one of the Russia's first projects on transfer of information systems of public authorities to the open source – in the Government of the Kaliningrad region; projects on a research of a possibility of transition to the free software of public authorities in the Nizhny Novgorod and Voronezh regions are implemented;

Based on products of Oracle and using EDI technology the integrated SPHERE platform is created;

CORUS Consulting acquires the right to act as the federal operator of electronic document management: "SPHERE" is certified on compliance to requirements of Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;

Development of the social and pedagogical information system "Electronic Diary of the Pupil" (EDP). Beginning of promotion. EDU creates the common information space integrating educational institution, families of pupils and government institutions controlling education;

The Certification center is registered and rendering services in the field of security of information is begun;

The company underwent recertification of SMK on compliance to the quality requirements ISO 9001:2000 the Norwegian certified register DNV. The certificate on expanded sphere of activity was issued: "Rendering consulting services on creation and maintenance of the automated control systems (ACS)";

Opening of practice of Microsoft Dynamics CRM;

Specialists of department Dokumentum for the first time in Russia implemented IRM Services – the solution allowing to protect confidential information at the level of the file;

Development and experimental check of a standard software and hardware complex of the personified accounting of delivery of health care at the level of the subject of the Russian Federation (it is short – the Standard medical information system, Standard MIS) taking into account implementation of requirements for personal data protection is complete. Objects of implementation of Standard MIS are the public medical institutions of the Russian Federation;

By request of FAIT the research on questions of development of the free software in the Russian Federation is prepared.

2005: Start practician of WMS and Oracle

2005 the practician was marked by opening two new: Oracle and implementations of management systems for logistics, warehouse complexes and distribution centers. Corus Consulting implemented the first foreign projects (Denmark and Great Britain).

2004: Start of the EDMS direction

In 2004 practice of workflow automation is opened by the company, practice of Microsoft develops.

2003: IT Vision acquisition

At the beginning of December, 2003 Corus Consulting LLC announced acquisition of 100% of stocks of IT Vision LLC. Transaction amount and the list of former shareholders were not disclosed. Both enterprises sold the products Microsoft Business Solutions: Axapta and Navision, systems of the class ERP (resource management of the enterprise). Under the terms of the transaction the staff of IT Vision continued to work in Corus Consulting, and one of heads of IT Vision, Denis Sverdlov, became the sales director of Corus Consulting and joined the board of the united company.

The company opened for the practician of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and also practice "the oil-extracting and gas industry".

In 2003 the company creates a support service and Training center (one of the first the certified training center of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia).

2002: Start the practician on a telecom, the industry and retail trade

In 2002 opened for Corus Consulting the following industry practicians: "telecom"; Industry; "retail" (the specialized solution of Korus Retail & Distribution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX is created). The same year SMK of the company is certified on compliance to requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

2001: Start practician of CPM and Microsoft

In 2001 are opened by the company practice of CPM (strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, transformation of the reporting, the analysis) and practice of Microsoft.

2000: Foundation of the company

The Corus Consulting company is founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg.


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