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Corus Consulting CIS LLC — the operator of electronic intercorporate document management (EDO), provides to the organizations and individual entrepreneurs of service of exchange of business and legally significant documents and also services of transfer of the obligatory reporting in state bodies of the Russian Federation. The company is the leader of the Russian market of EDI technologies with network of partners in the whole country.

Corus Consulting CIS LLC since 2012 is included into group of Sberbank and is a developer of online services of bank.

Products & Services

Core competency of the company – providing service of EDI (electronic exchange of external documents between partners, generally between retail chain stores and their suppliers). The source close to Sberbank (May, 2012), says that Corus Consulting CIS estimates the share in the market of EDI at the level of 80%. More than 15 million electronic documents a month (data of May, 2017) are transmitted through services "Corus Consulting CIS" in Russia.

The company owns the E-Invoicing sub-brande-document flow from Sberbank. Services of Corus Consulting CIS are available from the website, and the E-Invoicing service integrating functions of submission of reports and exchange of legally significant documents with partners is available to clients of Sberbank from Sberbank Business Online Internet bank (SBBOL). More than 300 thousand clients of bank use service of electronic document management.

In addition to EDI, Corus Consulting CIS has in the portfolio several solutions SaaS - "The electronic diary of the pupil", service for management of business trips "Electronic back office", service for submission of reports to state agencies, etc. Besides, the company renders services in development of BI solutions based on Oracle Database.

Corus Consulting CIS LLC:


  • Roskomnadzor on rendering telematic communication services
  • FSB of Russia on the activity connected with cryptographic tools
  • FSTEC of Russia on activities for technical confidential information protection

Performance Indicators

2019: Profit increase for 81% to 335 million rubles

On February 19, 2020 Corus Consulting CIS announced results of the work in 2019.

For 2019 the company increased profit to 335 million rubles (for 81% in comparison with 2018) and revenue to 1.95 billion rubles. Total amount of deliveries through KORUS services exceeded 4 trillion rubles.

The company completed 2019 in the status of the main vendor of PJSC Sberbank on IT development of automated systems of bank — both by the number of the implemented projects, and on the total amount of contracts.

In 2019 KORUS continued to transfer business processes of Group Sberbank to electronic document management. In 2019 traffic of electronic documents between bank and its partners grew by 33% and exceeded a mark of 15 million documents. The share of the electronic universal transfer documents (EUTD) made 97% of a total quantity of UPD which Sberbank sent to the clients. Processes are transferred to e-document flow: document flow on transactions in the stock market, business processes on the engineering companies and exchange of documents between PJSC Sberbank and its suppliers according to intraeconomic transactions.

KORUS expands scales of e-document flow and in the field of crediting, providing electronic turnover of 100% of documents on credit monitoring and developing technology infrastructure at all stages of the conclusion of a credit deal. 83% of the credit and security documentation (CSD) in a segment of large and medium business are signed for February, 2020 in electronic form. For the credits of a segment small and microbusiness (MMB) electronic signing of CSD and soglasiya on personal data processing is implemented, at the same time 90% of electronic signatures for clients of MMB are produced the KORUS Certification center within 2–3 min. Also in 2019 KORUS was responsible for implementation of the whole cluster of the projects ("YUL credit factory", Collegiate organs and the EXPERT of CSD) helping to create automatically necessary documentation between bank and the borrower and also AS "Aggregator of a commercial real estate". For February 19, 2020 projects are at a stage of implementation and trial operation.

It is more and more retail chain stores and their suppliers perform deliveries through KORUS services (EDI and e-document flow). KORUS reserves leader positions in the market of EDI, being the first company which brought EDI to Russia. 90% of all retail chain stores in Russia and also 6 thousand their suppliers trust the sphere of automation of deliveries of KORUS company.

The main examinations of the company — business process automation, electronic document management, software development and IT consulting — are used not only by the companies of an ecosystem of Sberbank, but also hundreds of thousands of legal entities across all Russia. At this KORUS works not on the time material model, usual for the market (delivery of IT specialists), and by the principles of project approach: the separate IT command which undertakes development of a separate automated system is selected for each project of development. Such model of work allows both to increase examination and to develop competence centers in itself.

Sales of KORUS services through Internet bank for legal entities Sberbank Business Online (SBBOL) grew twice at the end of 2019. 7 of 37 SBBOL non-bank services are the KORUS integrated by SaaS services. The headliner of sales is Check of Partners service thanks to which owners of businesses can carry out a complex inspection of partners on reliability. In addition, the product shelf of SBBOL is filled by such KORUS services as Electronic archive, "The designer of documents", The Reporting in State Agencies service, "The electronic signature for biddings and state. portals" and others.

In 2019 KORUS started two travel-services: "Business trips" (a design of business trips, purchase of railway and air tickets, hotels) and Vkomandirovka (the boxed solution for a B2B-segment with ability to integrate with the ERP system and the Travel Thanks portal which allows to purchase air tickets for bonuses of SPASIBO).

For the last 4 years our company grew from the highly specialized operator of electronic document management in one of the most dynamically developing IT companies in the Russian market. We have a good examination in the field of IT development in the financial sphere and retail, a big line of the digital-services allowing to close practically any customer needs. More than half a million natural persons, legal persons and SP monthly use our services in work. Our strategy the next 4 years — to become the largest IT company in Russia, to make the contribution to development of an ecosystem and the digital platform of Sberbank and its distribution at the federal and municipal levels and in a business environment,
told Sergey Mashurin, the head of Corus Consulting CIS


2018: Growth of revenue of 32.7%

At the end of 2018 revenue of Corus Consulting CIS company increased by 32.7% of percent and made 1 billion 507.3 million rubles. Net profit increased by 66% and was 185.2 million rubles.

Corus Consulting CIS continued to develop the direction of business — electronic document management (e-document flow and EDI) in segments of B2B and B2G. In 2018 the number of electronic documents in chains of supply management made more than 245 million.

In 2018 the company concentrated efforts on integration of products, automating new business processes of clients using a line of the solutions which are combined among themselves. The complex of services for circuit management of sales not only with retail chain stores, but also with the logistic companies, small retail, restaurants, distribution and outlets of any format was offered suppliers and producers. The number of the clients working at the platform for management of distribution of Pro Store increased in 2018 more, than by 7 times, having reached 860 companies.

The project on an output to the market of the solution for master data management about goods is begun. The platform for corporate management by all infrastructure on issue and prolongation of EDS certificates for large network customers is brought into commercial operation. Works on preparation for implementation of ETTN, the updated UPD format are conducted.

In 2018 Corus Consulting CIS within transition to obligatory veterinary certification of meat, fish and a bird successfully fulfilled all obligations for connection of the clients to the Mercury FSIS system. In 2019 the company will continue development of similar projects with suppliers of dairy products using the product Vet. Connection.

At the same time, activity of the company on embedding of e-document flow services develops in banking systems and development of services for business process automation of banks. Thanks to Corus Consulting CIS more than 91% of invoices of Sberbank at the end of 2018 were exposed in electronic form.

The integration solution (SAP bank and a product Esphere Courier) for end-to-end transfer of suppliers of bank to electronic document management was implemented. The number of the clients of bank who passed to e-document flow grew by 69%, traffic of electronic documents between bank and its partners grew by 50%.

The company continues to increase examination in the field of crediting, develops and accompanies technology infrastructure at all stages of issuance of credits (from the front system to the master system of data on all borrowers). The number of the credit documents processed by Sberbank in electronic form grew in a year by 183%.

In 2018 Corus Consulting CIS developed 4 products for digital bank "Sberbank Business Online": The designer of Documents, Electronic archive, the Electronic signature for biddings and service for the organization of business trips Business Travel.

One of key customers of the company is Sberbank. In 2019 the company is going to increase the volume of developments for Sberbank by 4 times and to become the largest vendor in the block Corporate and investment business.

The Corus Consulting CIS certification center in 2018 increased release of electronic signatures more than twice. It became possible, including, due to upgrade of hardware-software capacities. The scope of the certificate was expanded for what UTs underwent authorization on more than 200 electronic marketplaces and information resources. The geography of obtaining the certificate is expanded practically to all territory of Russia.


Growth of revenue by 25%

The Corus Consulting CIS company, 100% child dependent society of Sberbank, announced on April 9, 2018 growth of revenue at the end of 2017 for 25% to 1.3 billion rubles. Growth of net profit at the same time was 115%.

In 2017 Corus Consulting CIS started services for clients of bank, parent company therefore in comparison with 2016 the share of bank projects in revenue of the company in 2017 grew to 19%. In plans of Corus Consulting CIS — the offer of the given a dry run bank and non-bank services to all participants of financial market.

Implementation of e-document flow and development of EDI technology in the sector of the market, traditional for Corus Consulting CIS, retail, increased in 2017 number of the electronic documents passing through servers of the company by 38%. In a product portfolio the following services appeared: Korus of OFD, Korus Katalog and "Korus Pro Store" (a management system for merchandising in not network retail) and also " Vet.connection " is the integration module with a FSIS "Mercury".

The key directions for us are, still, development and development of digital online services — as for the banking market and, including, for parent company PJSC Sberbank, and for the retail market. In 2017 we updated and considerably expanded technology base, increased infrastructure capacities, increased competences. The company grew almost to 500 people. The come 2018 for us — year of big federal projects and rapid implementation of the most daring ideas — Sergey Vershkov commented on results of activity of Corus Consulting CIS.

Fiscal data operator

On May 19, 2017 the Federal Tax Service issued to the Corus Consulting CIS company entering into Group Sberbank permission to processing of fiscal data.

The KORUS OFD service completely provides fulfillment of requirements 54-FZ "About use of the cash registers" and also gives additional opportunities to clients. According to requirements 54-FZ since 7/1/2017 all cash registers should send checks online to the fiscal data operator for further transfer of FTS.

Hit under the Ukrainian sanctions

On May 16, 2017 the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko the decree enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) on sanctions against the Russian companies and their affiliated enterprises in Ukraine. In total in the sanctions list there were 468 legal entities, from them 81 – connected with the IT field. Among the companies which fell under sanctions it was also Corus Consulting CIS. Read more here.

Compliance of the OFD technical means to the legislation of the Russian Federation

The Corus Consulting CIS company received an expert opinion of "The Russian association of producers of the cash equipment" (RAPKAT), thus, a step to obtaining the status OFD (fiscal data operator). Being the coordinating body of business activity in the development areas, productions, maintenance and use of the cash registers (CR), non-profit organization RAPKAT carries out expertize and issues the expert opinion confirming compliance of the OFD technical means to the current legislation of the Russian Federation in a scope of the cash register equipment. Obtaining the expert opinion of association means that technical means of Corus Consulting CIS correspond to the current legislation.

Before obtaining the status OFD "Corus Consulting CIS" connects clients to service of the partner — OFD Platform — with the subsequent transfer to own service "Korus OFD". Regardless of the scheme of connection reserves technical support and maintenance of clients of Corus Consulting CIS.

2016: Growth of revenue by 34.8%

In 2016 revenue of Corus Consulting CIS company made 1.061 billion rubles that is 34.8% higher than a similar indicator in 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Corus Consulting CIS company took the 63rd place.


By 2015 Corus Consulting CIS is one of participants of the market of B2B of electronic document management. Products of the company are B2B services of legally significant document flow (EDO), submission of reports to state agencies and Electronic Data Interchange in retail (EDI) use more than 70 thousand companies, including about 200 largest retail chain stores of the country. "The CORUS Consulting of the CIS" in 2015 was included into TOP-100 of the largest IT companies of Russia.

In the company more than 350 specialists work. Offices "Corus Consulting CIS" are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.


Growth of revenue by 30%

Revenue of Corus Consulting CIS for 2014 increased by 30%.

The volume of traffic of e-document flow increased by 6 times

According to Corus Consulting CIS, in 2014 the strategy of the company on priority connection to the services of large and medium business showed the efficiency. The operator began to provide EDI services and legally significant electronic document management for 70 new large retail chain stores. By estimates of the research agency J'son & Partners Consulting, in the market of electronic document management large customers generate more than 80% of the general traffic of electronic documents. Such situation will remain also in 2015, except for a segment of submission of reports to state agencies where traffic of the operator of e-document flow, mostly, depends only on number of clients.

As noted in Corus Consulting CIS, in 2014 the market of electronic document management unevenly grew on different branches of the economy, with explicit leadership of retail. In such industries as large-scale industry and federal state unitary enterprises where the enterprises have big states of accounting, and the processing speed of documents slightly influences production and financial performance of the enterprise, also weaker interest in implementation of electronic document management is observed. For these organizations almost only incentive motive to e-document flow is the active role of FTS on transfer of the Russian legal persons to submission of reports in electronic form, including purchase ledgers and sales and also further work on transfer to an electronic format of the majority of the documents necessary for business.

The company registered the accelerated growth of number of the projects connected with integration of services of external electronic document management with the corporate accounting systems of the enterprises — twice in comparison with the general dynamics of growth of number of clients. In general for 2014 specialists of Corus Consulting CIS executed more than 600 custom integration projects, apart from services of standard integration using program adapters to 1C and other accounting systems. "It means that the increasing number of the companies — users of EDI/EDO — realize benefit from exchange of the documents sent directly from the accounting systems" — consider in the company.

As for segments of legally significant e-document flow and the reporting in state agencies, 2014 for these directions it was important as a year of start of a campaign for capture of more considerable market share, than the company borrowed in previous years. So, e-document flow traffic volume through Corus Consulting CIS increased in comparison with 2013 by 6 times, and number of clients of this segment — by 11 times. According to representatives of the company, these digits are in many respects connected with "effect of low base" on 2013.

It is possible to transfer the obligatory reporting to FTS through Corus Consulting CIS in one and all regions of the country

On July 31, 2014 between Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Corus Consulting CIS company agreement No. 7 "About combined actions on ensuring functioning of an electronic document management system on telecommunication channels" was signed. Announced this CNews in Korus Konsaltinge.

The agreement provides the right of direct interaction of Corus Consulting CIS with Managements of FTS (UFNS) on all territory of the country and with interregional Inspectorates of the Federal Tax Service, including on the largest taxpayers and on the Crimean Federal district. Thus, it is possible to transfer the obligatory reporting to FTS through Corus Consulting CIS in one and all regions of the country now, specified in the company.

"In spite of the fact that we are focused not only on services of submission of reports to state bodies, this service — a necessary component of our complex offer to the market. Sooner or later any client of our company exchanging electronic documents with the partners can have a need of sending them in the Federal Tax Service, and we completely provide this opportunity in all territory of Russia" — the director of the company of Corus Consulting CIS Rubtsov Ilya commented on an event.


In May, 2012 it became known that Sberbank became the co-owner of Corus Consulting CIS company, it is told in documents of bank. According to the USRLE, Sberbank possesses 90% of authorized capital of the company. Other 10% own its CEO Leonid Yakubovsky[1].

Earlier (as of March, 2012) Corus Consulting CIS for 65% belonged to Cyprus company of Dorinetko Limited, for 20% - to Leonid Yakubovsky, for 15% - to Alexander Semyonov, the CEO of the Corus Consulting group.

The source close to Sberbank told that the acquired company will be integrated into the direction on work with corporate clients.

Let's note that heads of Sberbank repeatedly expressed the intention to make hi-tech-corporation of bank.

"Implementation of calculations, money transfers, formation of electronic demand and supply on goods and services became same daily, as well as communication of Internet users by means of social networks and e-mail", - the senior vice president of Sberbank Victor Orlovsky said to the TAdviser edition, explaining an essence of the Business Environment project started by Sberbank. This project, according to Orlovsky, will become "the evidence of formation new to Russia business of the focused social architecture in which the interests of entrepreneurs, consumers, the state and the bank will be closely integrated".
"On the one hand, solutions of Corus Consulting CIS will allow Sberbank to expand tool kit for ensuring communications between the clients, - Pyotr Didenko, the director of strategic development of SKB Kontur considers. - On the other hand, access to an EDI system will allow bank to see more data on transactions of clients and to offer them more targeted services".


On November 3, 2005 the brand of Corus Consulting CIS was registered as the separate legal entity under the idea that electronic document management will cover all joint market of the states of the CIS over time.


At a boundary of 2004 and 2005 the Board of Directors of CORUS Consulting parent company estimated the high potential of EDI technology in the market of network retail, having become the pioneer in application of EDI in Russia. With assistance of the technology partner on behalf of COMARCH company the first implementation projects were executed.