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Cross Tekhnolodzhis Cross Technologies


Information technologies
Since 2011
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
125284, Leningradsky Avenue, 31A, building 1, BC Monarkh

Top managers:
Chugunov Evgeny Igorevich


The JSC Kross tekhnolodzhis group renders services in the field of IT and cybersecurity in two key directions provided by the Cross Technologies and Cross Solutions Group brands.

  • Cross Technologies performs system integration in the field of IT and cybersecurity, develops complete solutions on automation technology and business processes, including design of DPCs, data networks, information complexes and also offers services in control and confidential information protection;
  • Cross Solutions Group offers own developments focused on the solution of critical questions cybersecurity and also performs distribution of the systems of foreign producers. Own solution Docs Security Suite (DSS) is a platform of management, control and audit of access rights to electronic documents on the basis of tags of confidentiality which allows to investigate the incidents connected with leaks of documents including on "uncontrollable channels" of m at their photography on phones. AccessData is a complex of solutions for identification, collecting and the analysis of digital proofs in the different systems and on different devices for conducting criminalistic investigations and preparation of legally significant proofs.


2020: Entry of CrossTech Solutions Group into ARPP "Domestic Software"

The CrossTech Solutions Group company, the cybersecurity developer of solutions, was a part of the Association of Software developers "Domestic Software" integrating the Russian producers of the replicated software.

As a part of association the company will take part in work of the special-purpose committees focused on problem solving of information security will be able to make the expert contribution to formation technology and the legislation of the Russian IT space.

"We are glad to have an opportunity of cooperation with other companies in our industry. We hope that together we will be able to popularize domestic software and to stimulate more high demand in the market" — the CEO of CrossTech Solutions Group Evgeny Chugunov comments.

Participation of CrossTech Solutions Group in ARPP "Domestic Software" will also allow to interact actively with the participating companies of association for creation of joint integration.

2011: Foundation of the company

The Cross Technologies company (JSC Kross tekhnolodzhis) is founded in August, 2011.