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Customs card



The Customs card payment system is the electronic payment system allowing to perform customs payment participants of foreign economic activity as directly on customs posts, and use of remote services, using specialized bank cards of Payment system. Issue of cards for participants of foreign trade activities is performed by the banks which entered shopping mall.



Confirmation of a possibility of use of the products JaCarta in the Personal Account of Customs card

On October 24, 2019 the Aladdin R.D. company reported that together with Tamozhennaya Karta LLC, the operator of customs payments in Russia, updated the certificate of compatibility. Details here.

Growth of a share of Otkrytiye Bank in Customs card up to 96.79%

On March 13, 2019 it became known that the Otkrytiye Bank consolidated 96.79% of Customs card due to purchase of a packet in 28.93% at the biddings organized by Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Read more here.

2018: Opening became the owner of Customs card payment system

In May it became known that PJSC Bank FC Otkritie acquired 100% of shares of Promfinance LLC company, having become the controlling face of the operator of national significant payment system "Customs card".

Earlier the bank possessed 19.9% of Promfinance LLC owning 67.81% of stocks of Tamozhennaya karta LLC (the operator of payment system). Other owners of Tamozhennaya karta are the DIA (28.93%) and the National Association of Customs Representatives (NACR) – 3.21%. The transaction passed on market conditions with the consent of Federal Antimonopoly Service.

The Otkrytiye bank is settlement center of Customs card since March, 2017. Participating banks of payment system can open the correspondent account and perform all necessary calculations through Otkrytiye bank. It provides additional stability and reliability in carrying out payments of participants.


The purpose of activity of Customs card Payment system is improvement of a payment system of customs payments, reduction of terms of production of a customs clearance of goods. The Customs card payment system integrates more than 60 participating banks. In 2017 users of a system made transactions for the total amount of 0.5 trillion rubles. Leading enterprises of the food industry, airlines, the enterprises of an oil and power complex, importers of medicines, the wood-processing enterprises, the enterprises of other sectors of economy use services of a payment system.


Development of the Customs card system allows to equip in the reduced terms any of customs posts in the territory of the Russian Federation. For November, 2014 the terminals installed at regional customs give the operational chance to provide basic needs of the large carriers including having branch networks.

Among clients of Customs card there are enterprises of the food industry, airlines, the enterprises of an oil and power complex, importers of medicines, the wood-processing enterprises and many others.

The compatibility of electronic keys is confirmed

On November 25, 2014 Aladdin R.D. and Customs card companies announced completion of tests during which the correctness of work of products of lines of JaCarta of GOST and eToken GOST with a personal account of payment system is confirmed.

Based on testing of the company signed the certificate confirming compatibility of electronic keys of JaCarta of GOST and eToken GOST with a subsystem "A personal account of Customs card payment system. According to this document, for reliable authentication, safe work with the strengthened qualified electronic signature and storages of keys, digital certificates in a system can be used smart cards and USB tokens: JaCarta of GOST, JaCarta PKI/GOST, eToken GOST, JaCarta GOST/Flash and JaCarta PKI/GOST/Flash.

Sharing of electronic keys of JaCarta of GOST and eToken GOST with a system "A personal account of Customs card payment system is implemented using JC-WebClient technology - the solution of Aladdin R.D. company for strict authentication and the EDS web applications and cloud services.

Recognition by significant payment system

On October 31, 2014 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation recognized Tamozhennaya karta LLC national significant payment system.

The service assumes an opportunity for work with the qualified electronic signature and data encryption, told between the client PC and the Web server that provides reliable data protection about transactions of clients of payment system and confidentiality of the data transferred on a communication channel.

Consolidation 110 of banks-eminentov

For fall of 2014 the Customs card Payment system integrates 110 emitting banks among which such large players of the banking market as Citibank, Alfa-Bank, Promsvyazbank, Uralsib bank, Nordea Bank, St. Petersburg bank.

2012: Registration as the operator of Customs card Payment system

On December 26, 2012 Tamozhennaya karta LLC is registered by the Bank of Russia as the operator of Customs card Payment system for No. 0016 in the Register of operators of payment systems.