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For September, 2015 Dalspetsstroy is the construction organization of the Far East region, is one of the most reliable and steadily developing companies of the FEFD.


197983: Creation of the company

By Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" it was created in November, 1979 and was called at that time Head department of special construction in areas of the Far East and Transbaikalia of Minvostokstroy of the USSR (further - Glavspetsdalstroy) for construction of facilities of defense industry complex, remote from border with China.

Names of the first chief - the Hero of Socialist Work lieutenant general Leonid Ivanovich Chuyko, his deputy major generals R. Karakulko and Yu. Kostyuchenko, colonels K. Lysenko and A. Panchishkin, all those who made frame of first generation of the "dalspetsstroyevets" lifting objects of defense industries are entered by gold letters in the history of the organization.

Only for the first 12 years of activity by military units and divisions of new construction structure about 250 thousand square meters of production areas of the defense enterprises were built. In the territory of regions and areas of the Far East and Transbaikalia construction more than two tens special purpose objects was unrolled: the Vympel and Polimer plants in Amursk, Parus and a name of Gagarin in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, "A red pennant" in the Big Stone and Amur in Partizansk and others. At the time of commissioning all defense plants which construction was under close attention of the government were the largest in the region and met the most modern requirements.

The problem of creation of own base of building industry was in parallel solved. Three plants of concrete goods, five plants of large-panel housing construction, woodworking production, the enterprises for processing of a construction stone, etc. were for a short time constructed. Already during this period the enterprise became the most powerful production structure which could do accomplishment of any order, and even in the remote regions.

Having begun with construction of own "roof over the head", "dalspetsstroyevets" for the first 12 years of activity of the enterprise handed over over one million square meters of housing in Ulan-Ude and Zeya, Partizansk and Sovetskaya Gavan, Elbaneh and Vanino, constructed tens of schools, hospitals, clinics, shops and dining rooms.

Reforming of Armed Forces in the conditions of economy in transition could not but concern the complex providing special construction. Transition of the country to the market relations, economic downturn, lack of defense orders - all this forced the enterprise more actively and more widely to enter the market of civil engineering. And the emphasis was placed on construction of objects of the social sphere, fuel and energy complex, administrative buildings and housing. As main customers local administrations even more often began to act.


To the middle of the 1990th the state practically stopped the centralized construction financing. Because of lack of funds construction of many major objects in the cities of Sovetskaya Gavan and Elbaneh, the Big Stone and Partizansk was frozen.

Dalspetsstroy delivered on the edge of survival managed to reorient in the shortest possible time the divisions on accomplishment of other orders. Priorities were given to social construction: the enterprise started construction and reconstruction of schools, health care facilities, energy industry, administrative buildings by orders of administrations of territories, and, the main thing, housing; joined in implementation of a number of target programs, in particular, for providing with apartments the military personnel transferred to the reserve, disabled people and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. In five years (from 1993 to 1997) volumes of the leased housing grew in total by 160 percent and were digit unknown before - 106 thousand square meters.

Search of non-state financing sources was organized, funds of the enterprises and organizations of the different patterns of ownership interested in acquisition of housing for employees began to be raised actively.


In 1997, as a result of selection based on methods of the Commission of the UN of industrial development, Dalspetsstroy was awarded the official status "Leader of the Russian Economy".

Unfortunately, as a result of reforms of the 1990th years, a lot of things were lost. For example, the enterprise did not manage to save completely former production base, there was a reduction of number of employees. Regions where in former years the enterprise conducted the activity, appeared in a depression status. Practically the construction complex in the cities of Zeya, Chita stopped the existence. As a result Dalspetsstroy had to preserve three concrete goods plants, to refuse some already mastered plants of large-panel housing construction, having transferred them to the jurisdiction of local authorities.

The new stage in the history of Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" began with construction of a chapel on Heixiazi Island near Khabarovsk. Saint Victor's temple chapel it was built by Management in only 40 days. This 32-meter construction became the character of inviolability of the Russian borders in the Far East.


Then there was the Khabarovsk edge House of veterans which builders leased less than for half a year: On December 19 "came" into an unfinished box of the building, and already on May 5, 2000 veterans received well-planned apartments with all conveniences, the gym, a procedural office, the dining room, hairdressing salon, library.

The perinatal center which opened a chain of the organizations constructed for development of health care of Khabarovsk Krai became the following object. Builders had to remake, in fact, again the unfinished, thrown building which staid not one year. And as a result, believed in Dalspetsstroy as the government, administrative institutions, and banks, and the enterprises with which it was necessary to cooperate. The management received means which it began to put in production.

Two concrete goods plants, the plant of large-panel housing construction, the enterprise for processing of a construction stone, production of asphalt and wooden constructions were purchased and upgraded. The release of plastic windows and aluminum stained-glass windows, finishing of facades of an alkopanelyama is mastered. On productions the modern import equipment, new technologies widely is implemented.

Today Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" is one of the few enterprises which are releasing all range of concrete goods and the largest producer of reinforced concrete structures. At the plant of large-panel housing construction the project documentation was developed and works on release of qualitatively new wall panels with the increased heatsaving properties are begun. Their characteristics for 30 percent exceed requirements to energy saving imposed by construction standards.

In recent years, participating in tenders on an equal basis with other construction organizations and winning them, Dalspetsstroy could prove that it is capable in time, with high economic and qualitative indexes to execute the stated amounts of works therefore Management builds practically all most significant objects financed from the edge budget.

By the beginning of the 21st century hands of "dalspetsstroyevets" constructed and reconstructed tens of schools, preschool institutions, hospitals and clinics; apartments within accomplishment of the Federal program of construction of housing for the military personnel are leased. Besides, dining rooms and shops, conduits and boiler houses, treatment facilities and residential quarters in the cities of Ulan-Ude and Zeya, Partizansk and Sovetskaya Gavan, the settlements of Elban and Vanino were built.

Scale of works of the organization in recent years only in Khabarovsk such objects as circus "Arena" and the edge center of hockey visually illustrate Amur, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God and Spaso-Transfiguration Cathedral, plant of baby food and the perinatal center, two houses of veterans, restoration of the former building of the Military meeting having almost 130-year age in which there are Far Eastern Art Museum and the concert hall of philharmonic hall now is performed; works on reconstruction of a city pond and an adjacent zone are carried out, Lenin Square and Komsomolskaya Square are reconstructed, Muravyev-Amursky St. is arranged well, several automobile outcomes are constructed, underground crosswalks and tens of kilometers of trunk heating mains, water supply and sewer systems are reconstructed. Within the Health care program in Khabarovsk are constructed and put into operation: an edge oncological clinic, the hospital body of edge clinical hospital No. 2, the consulting and diagnostic center of Vivey, to Komsomolsk-on-Amur: operational block of the surgical body of hospital No. 7, territorial consulting and diagnostic center, federal center of cardiovascular surgery.


Since 2004 at the request of the Supreme Commander Armed Forces of Russia, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in ZATO Vilyuchinsk, mdt. item. Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" builds fishing (peninsula of Kamchatka) in which families of officers-submariners of the Pacific fleet live and reconstructs objects of social infrastructure. The Officers' Club of the fleet, sailor's club, the Headquarters of a squadron of submarines, the sports Ocean complex, hospital, the hostel, 2 kindergartens, the covered ice skating rink Iceberg are already put in operation, it is reconstructed 4 and 10 apartment apartment houses are built.


In the city of Nevelsk of the Sakhalin region seriously affected by a destructive August earthquake of 2007, Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" during the period from 2008 to 2009 built more than ten modern, seismosteady objects of different function.

According to "The program of gasification of the Sakhalin region, the Khabarovsk and Seaside regions" which is intended for providing consumers with natural gas in Khabarovsk Krai and in the south of the Far East from oil-gas condensate fields of the shelf of Sakhalin Island in October, 2006 the main gas pipeline "Sakhalin — Komsomolsk — on — Amur — Khabarovsk" 445 km long is put into operation.


In 2008 Dalspetsstroy finished creation of reference gas transmission network of Khabarovsk Krai. This year was marked by the end of construction of several objects of big power in Khabarovsk Krai. It is about laying of the 232-kilometer trunk to Nikolaevsk - on - Cupid, construction of 47 kilometers of the gas pipeline in Khabarovsk to CHPP-2 and a 34-kilometer thread to the settlement of Bychikh of Khabarovsk Krai with transfer of heating plants of localities on natural gas. In total in 2008 Dalspetsstroy put in operation more than 300 km of gas pipelines.


In 2010 solemn commissioning of automobile route M-58 "Amur" Chita-Khabarovsk in which construction of 88 km the enterprise took part from 2005 to 2008 took place. In 2009-2010 on the highway of an edge value of Lidoga-Vanino Dalspetsstroy put more than 13 km in operation.


From 2000 to 2012 the organization constructs and hands over about operation in total more than 1,500,000 square meters of housing in Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Primorsk edges. Inhabitants of the Far East region received a large number of apartments within state programs on provision of housing for different categories of citizens: these are young families, workers of the budget sphere, the military personnel, veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Several years of in a row Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" are a winner of "Edge tender on the best construction organization of the construction industry". In 2012 at the enterprise certification of a quality management system on GOSTR ISO 9001-2000, MS of ISO 9001:2000 and AQNET is carried out. The enterprise participates in the annual exhibition "Architecture and Building Industry of the Far East Region" where it repeatedly is a winner of the tender "Gold Medal of the Khabarovsk International Fair" in the Industrial goods nomination. Also Dalspetsstroy takes part in the International and All-Russian tenders on the best construction and project organization, the enterprise of construction materials and building industry on which within the last five years "The elite of a construction complex" gains the diploma for achievement of high efficiency and competitiveness in construction and the industry of construction materials and the diploma.

These indicators show that Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" is never satisfied with what has already been achieved: production and qualitative indexes only increase from year to year. Today the organization implements new projects in the field of housing, social, power, road and special construction on Sakhalin, in Khabarovsk and Primorsk edges, on Kamchatka, in the Amur region.

In Khabarovsk in recent years the organization concentrated the efforts on construction of subjects to residential and social appointment. One of the most beautiful new buildings of the organization is located in the central region of the city of Khabarovsk. On Gamarnik St., in the beautifull place, near garden nursery of Shuranov, four apartment houses are put into operation.

Near Istomin-Kalinina St. the construction of three 17-storey apartment houses is completed. The good location and use of advanced technologies in construction and operation of buildings allow these houses to conform to greatest demands made on quality of housing.


One of the most noticeable buildings in the capital of Khabarovsk Krai – the residential residential district Builder located on the bank of Amur channels. The project began to be implemented in 2009 and today it already represents a uniform architectural complex from panel, brick and monolithic built houses. Today here 16 houses are constructed and put in operation already. Now construction of 9 more apartment houses is conducted. Distinctive feature of this project is that here construction of all necessary infrastructure is initially put: educational and medical institutions, shops, sports grounds. One more residential district in Khabarovsk Volochayevsky town is built for the military personnel by request of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.


During the period from 2011 to 2013 in Khabarovsk four new kindergartens are constructed: Teremok, Dewdrop, Semitsvetik, Rainbow. These are the first preschool institutions constructed in Khabarovsk for the last 20 years. "The second houses" for little residents of Khabarovsk are under construction on the most modern projects and considerably exceed the similar objects built in former times, in all respects.

Besides in Khabarovsk Dalspetsstroy conducts construction of the Edge center of education. It is the unique project of a system of the general education with a continual loop of training on which children, having crossed a threshold of kindergarten, will leave walls of this center graduates of 11 classes. The center of education will represent a uniform architectural complex, the including kindergarten on 230 places, elementary school on 300 places, school for children of 5-11 classes on 700 places.

The indoor stadium for bandy on 10,000 seats which became one more sight of Khabarovsk is put into operation.

In the capital of Primorsky Krai Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" conducts construction of the residential residential district "Snow Pad" for the military personnel. The new residential area is conceived as the place for comfortable stay of people conforming to all modern requirements. For this reason here creation of necessary social infrastructure was provided. In the residential district three new kindergartens – Tiger cub, Glowworm and Katerok are put into operation. These are modern preschool institutions, each of which already accepted up to 240 kids in the walls. In 2011 at the children living in "Snow fall", there was an opportunity to study at new school. Without exaggeration, in Vladivostok it became the most modern and equipped, exceeding all existing municipal schools on the area. The educational institution is expected 825 pupils. For the purpose of improvement of children and motivation on a healthy lifestyle two pools are built here: small – for children of 7-10 years and big for school students of 10 years is also more senior. The new school is equipped with the spacious assembly hall expected 600 people. In only 10 months in "Snow fall" the children's clinic expected 400 visits a day was built. It is equipped with the modern equipment, there is all necessary for quality services for little patients. Today in the residential district construction of adult clinic on 600 visits per shift is finished. Besides, in 2013 in the new residential district one more school is handed over.

One more big project of sports appointment in Vladivostok constructed in 2013 is a concert and sports complex on 5.5 thousand seats. Here two ice arenas expected both holding sports meets and for holding cultural events are located.

In Vladivostok Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" implements the large investment project – construction of the residential area Patroclos. It is one of the most large-scale examples of complex development of territories in Russia. In plans of Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" – in the territory of 150 hectares to construct 600,000 sq.m of housing and to create really comfortable conditions for life.

Except housing, in the territory of the area all elements of infrastructure are planned: kindergartens and schools, sports complexes and stadiums, clinics, trade and public business centers, objects of culture and rest, it is sports - recreational and beach zones.

The residential area Patroclos is equipped with all types of engineering support, already in the course of construction of the house water disposals, power supply, gas supply and communication are attached to networks of the centralized water supply.

Since 2009 Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" acts as one of general contractors on construction of the main gas pipeline of Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. It is already constructed and prepared for acceptance of gas of 113.5 km of a pipe near the settlement of De Castries and 29.6 km to Sakhalin Island.

Also forces of the enterprise enter a number of the objects providing service and operation of the gas pipeline. These are gas pipeline branches in Vladivostok; linear production managements of the main gas pipeline in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Ussuriysk, the settlement of Ilyinka of Khabarovsk Krai; a strong point of LES CS2 "De Castries" and the abnormal and recovery train KC4 in Khabarovsk Krai; LES KS9 "Dalnerechensk" in Primorsky Krai.

Within the same project Dalspetsstroy completed a complex of the works on arrangement of the onshore section on preparation of gas of the Kirinsky gas-condensate field, construction its auxiliary industrial and rotational housing complexes.

In the field of road construction of Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" laid more than one hundred kilometers of the roads meeting the modern requirements. Construction of section of Khabarovsk-Lidoga-Vanino Highway with an entrance to Komsomolsk-on-Amur is at the moment conducted.

But, probably, the most significant project of Dalspetsstroy is a construction of the Vostochny spaceport in the Amur region today which undoubtedly is priority for Federal Agency for Special Construction in the Far East. The order of the Russian President of September 1, 2009 No. 562-rp the only contractor of contract works by creation of the Vostochny spaceport determines Federal Agency for Special Construction, functions of the general contractor on construction of the spaceport are assigned to Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction". In September, 2011 large-scale preparatory work began, in 2012 - Federal State Unitary Enterprise GUSS Dalspetsstroy at Federal Agency for Special Construction" started construction of numerous objects of the spaceport. In the project progress in a complex of East starting and technical complexes, industrial construction and operational base, the system of power supply, 125 kilometers of the railroad and 115 kilometers - automobile and also other buildings and constructions necessary for providing and functioning of the main objects of the spaceport will be constructed.

Today Dalspetsstroy, thanks to the rich history and numerous objects which became an integral part of the Far Eastern Federal District is one of the most popular and competent construction organizations of the region. "Saving traditions of the past, to aim at the worthy future". The enterprise is guided by this postulate in the this work, thereby trying to make a decent contribution to implementation of a main goal - creation of comfortable conditions of accommodation for residents of the Far East, strengthening of its economic potential.