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Dalur (The plant on extraction of uranium by method of borehole underground lixiviation) is the Russia's first enterprise for extraction of uranium ores by method of underground lixiviation. The enterprise is located in the Dalmatovsky District of (Kurgan region) - the Dalmatovsky field, in the Zverinogolovsky District of (Kurgan region) - the field Voluntary and in the city Hype (Kurgan region) - the Hokhlovskoye field.

ARMZ (Atomredmetzoloto) - 97,85%%


In 2008 as a result of completion of restructuring of nuclear sector under control of ARMZ all uranium mining enterprises of Russia and also a number of the joint venture in the territory of the CIS countries and foreign countries were consolidated.

JSC Atomredmetzoloto completed consolidation of stocks of the Russian uranium mining enterprises: 78.61% of stocks of JSC PPGHO (Krasnokamensk, Zabaykalsky Krai), 99.999% of stocks of JSC Hiagda (The Republic of Buryatia, Bauntovsky district, the item Bagdarin) and 97.85% of stocks of Dalur Ltd (The Kurgan Region, the village of Uksyanskoye) are entered to authorized capital of JSC Atomredmetzoloto as payment of its additional actions.