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Deja vu Security — the research and consulting company founded in 2011 which helps clients to project, create and test products in the field of Internet of Things with the built-in mechanisms of security.


2019: Accenture purchased Deja vu Security

On June 19, 2019 Accenture announced acquisition of Deja vu Security. It is going to close the transaction until the end of the same month. Financial and other terms of agreement remained confidential.

Deja vu Security will join the division of Accenture Security Cyber Defense specializing in solutions for information security. This purchase became a part of strategy of Accenture on "investment and development of innovations" in the field of cyber security of the next generation, the head Accenture Communications, Media, Technology & Aerospace Cybersecurity Practice Steve Curtis reported the CRN edition.

Accenture purchased the IoT-company for creation of the protected devices
Accenture purchased the IoT-company for creation of the protected devices

According to him, Accenture is going to save all personnel of Deja vu Security. This startup will expand possibilities of Accenture for service of more wide range of clients, he noted.

The headquarters of Deja vu Security is in Seattle — the city which Curtis called "an enviable geographical location" which will allow the company to render services to the clients creating IoT-devices.

If you want to use safely Internet of Things, you should not only manage safely it, unroll it, but also independently develop IoT-devices. The purpose of this acquisition — to help our clients to create IoT and the equipment connected to network to guarantee security at the time of production.

The CEO of Deja vu Security Adam Cecchetti called the transaction with Accenture "fascinating new chapter" for his company. Deja vu Security and Accenture is integrated by culture focused on people and also the innovation thinking, he emphasized.[1]