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Delta Electronics


Electrical equipment and microelectronics
Since 1971
North America
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Top managers:
Fayrushin Marat
Delta Electronics is the Taiwan concern developing a range of solutions in the field of power electronics.

Delta Group

Revenue and profit of the company, NT$

2017214 400 000 00019 300 000 000
2018237 018 000 00018 193 000 000
80000 employees in 2011



+ Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics works in segments of production of the supply systems and renewable energy sources, the equipment for industrial automation completing for IT and telecommunication equipment. The activity range also covers development and production of the projective systems, svetodioidny solutions, automobile electronics, network equipment.


For 2011 the company owns 41 plants on Taiwan and in China, the USA, Europe, Thailand, Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil. The number of employees — 80 thousand human.

Organization structure

In April, 2017 Delta Electronics announced carrying out organizational changes in the company. According to the solution of Board of Directors and corporate strategy of business development on brands and solutions, power electronics, automation and infrastructure will become the main directions of development Delta. Changes will become effective since May 2, 2017. At the same time within a new management structure nine divisions will be engaged in development of solutions, target markets and the existing product lines in business.

Power electronics

  • Solutions for electric vehicles (Electric Vehicle Solutions BG, EVSBG)
  • Built-in solutions by force (Embedded Power Solutions BG, EPSBG)
  • Commercial solutions by force (Merchant Power Solutions BG, MPBG)
  • Components (Components BG, CPBG)
  • Fans and solutions for thermal regulation (Fans & Thermal Management BG, FMBG)


  • Industrial automation (Industrial Automation BG, IABG)
  • Automation of buildings (Building Automation BG, BABG)


  • Solutions on the basis of information and communication technologies (Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure Solutions BG, ICTBG)
  • Solutions for power infrastructure (Energy Infrastructure Solutions BG, EISBG)

Performance Indicators

2018: Record revenue in 237.02 billion Taiwan dollars (growth by 6%)

In 2018 revenue of Delta Electronics made 237.02 billion Taiwan dollars (about $7.66 billion at the rate of for March 14 of the 2019th) that is 6% more in comparison with previous year. Sales were record, but the company does not intend to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and expects further rise in 2019.

Nearly a half (49.45%) of turnover of Delta Electronics fell on deliveries of the electrotechnical equipment and matching components. The share of the devices used in information and communication environments and power infrastructure made 35.51%, and the share of the equipment for industrial automation and automation of buildings appeared equal 14.39%.

Financial performance of Delta Electronics
Financial performance of Delta Electronics

The chairman of the board of directors of Delta Electronics Yancey Hai, commenting on financial results of the company, noted the growing demand for the electrofeeding solutions, cooling systems and uninterruptible power supply units for data centers and also on component parts and devices for electric vehicles, the systems of industrial automation and floating floating wind turbines.

According to Yancy Huy, the market of data centers remains growing thanks to the fact that the largest Internet companies build more and more DPCs to cope with the growing traffic.

Delta Electronics which delivers solutions for Tesla Motors and the leading Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles expects growth of revenue in this market up to $500 million in 2022.

As for the components and devices used in industrial automation, Delta Electronics focused on the market of China, but also carries out expansion in Southeast Asia, the USA, South Africa, Japan and some other countries.

At the end of 2018 Delta Electronics got net profit in the amount of 18.2 billion Taiwan dollars ($588.4 million) that is 1% less than profit for previous year.[1]

Business in Russia (Delta Energy Sistems of Ltd company)

The Russian affiliated enterprise of Delta Electronics concern specializes in sale of uninterruptible power supply units of direct and alternating current (with a power range from 600 BA to 4 MVA, a single-phase and three-phase configuration). The geography of the implemented Delta Electronics projects covers the territory of all Russia, including the most remote regions.

Delta Electronics Affiliate program

Main article Delta Electronics Affiliate program

2018: Start of the affiliate program of the "UPS and Solutions for DPC" direction

The Delta Electronics company announced start since October 1, 2018 of the affiliate program of the direction "UPS and solutions for DPC". A main objective of the program — mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with a wide pool of the leading players of the market. In more detail here.

2015: Opening a training center in Russia

On August 27, 2015 Delta Electronics announced opening of the first a training center of the company in Russia. Its opening of the center is dated for the 10 anniversary of activity of Delta Electronics in Russia.

Russia is the fifth country where the center of training Delta Electronics is created that emphasizes importance for the company of the Russian region.

Opening ceremony of the center of a training, 2015

The broad spectrum of uninterruptible power supply units of Delta Electronics (models from the Amplon, Ultron and Modulon families), the model of the Delta Infrasuite system within data center, the systems of precision cooling RowCool is provided to a training center. Here Delta Electronics is going to provide training of specialists, both the theory, and practical activities in use of solutions of the company.

"We very long went opening the training center in Russia. For us it was very important to build the verified single system of training of our partners. Therefore in the course of preparation we actively communicated with the European colleagues, adopted their experience and developed programs of the training seminars and rates. Including we regularly provided exit trainings, – Mikhail Sazonov, the head of customer service of Delta Electronics Russia and CIS noted. – We are sure that now it will become much simpler to our partners to attend the training sessions and to undergo certification which not only confirms high competence, but also allows to make independently maintenance of our products, commissioning and to give full technical support".
"Opening a training center is an event, important and long-awaited for us. The fact that in Russia the world's fifth Delta Electronics center is open once again proves focus of the company on the Russian market and its plans for development in this region, despite a difficult economic situation, – Mikhail Grebennikov, the area director of the UPS and solutions for DPC of Delta Electronics said. – We hope that training of specialists in a training center will allow them not only to have an idea of solutions of the company, but also to perform the most high-quality service of products of Delta Electronics".

2013-2014: Business of the Delta Electronics UPS in Russia grew against the background of a market collapse

At the end of 2013 business of the Delta Electronics UPS in Russia grew approximately by 30%, TAdviser in October, 2014 the area director of the UPS and DPC of the company Charles Tsai told.

He noted that, despite the general recession in the Russian market of the UPS after several years of its active growth and the difficult political and economic situation which developed in the country, the company expects the comparable level of growth of the business and at the end of 2014. Earlier, under more favorable conditions, business grew at rates at least by one and a half times a year as the company was rather new player in the market, he added.

Business of the Delta Electronics UPS in Russia of dews against the background of the general significant falling of the market: so, according to IDC, in 2013 it "sank" approximately for 24% in piece and for 13% in terms of money, and according to the estimates of ITResearch, falling was 17% and 9% respectively.

Main growth drivers of business of the UPS in Russia Charles Tsai calls how the control of the partner channel is built (level of partners, transparent price policy, support of partners). Today the company in Russia has three distributors: monovendor Tempesto,Landata and Range of RS which is based in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. The number of partners who buy the UPS from these companies is calculated by hundreds, speak in Delta Electronics.

Area director of the UPS and DPC of Delta Electronics Charles Tsai
Area director of the UPS and DPC of Delta Electronics Charles Tsai

The second driver of growth in Delta Electronics call new products which the company constantly brings to the market, and one more — an output to the market of new, complete engineering solutions for DPCs which in addition to directly UPSes including also power distribution cabinets, modules PDU, cooling, monitoring, etc. Often customers buy all these elements from different suppliers, and in this case all can purchase at one, Charles Tsai explains.

Speaking about structure of business of the UPS in Russia, bring data into the companies that on a segment of the "heavy" systems (with power from 160 kVA) about 30% of sales, about the same — are the share of a segment of the UPS of small power, and about 40% — of the UPS of average power.

Sales of the UPS of average power, both modular, and free-standing, at the same time show the highest growth rates. Steady growth is observed also in a segment of "heavy" UPSes. Charles Tsai notes that if earlier in Russia UPSes of small power prevailed, then now, by analogy with a universal trend, sees a trend of "weighting" of the devices supplied to the Russian market.

Concerning the strategy of the company in the UPS direction in Russia, Charles Tsai selects several highlights: investments into highly skilled personnel and a rate on displacing positioning of the company from the supplier of the UPS to the supplier of a complex of solutions for data centers. According to him, at present the staff of the Russian representative office of Delta Electronics makes about 20 people, and the company is going to broaden the state.

The top manager of Delta Electronics selects with the third point regarding strategy product availability and their supports and also high quality of products, and — to provide the fourth the maximum presence of the company in the main vertical markets due to expansion of a partner network.

Speaking about features of demand for the UPS in Russia, the area director of the UPS and DPC of Delta Electronics notes that, unlike the western countries, the Russian clients give a priority of reliability of technology, and for the importance the product price is on the second place. At the same time in Europe, first of all, efficiency is important, and then - total cost of ownership.

Besides, on average in the world the UPS online technology prevails over offline while in Russia — 55-60% are the share of the last. However, as well as in a case with "heavy" UPSes, the Russian market moves towards a universal trend, note in Delta Electronics.

2012: Deliveries to RIA Novosti, the Russian Railway, Lukoil, VTB 24

In 2012 UPSes with a power about 1 MW were installed in RIA Novosti. The equipment Delta Electronics works at objects of the Russian Railway, in DPC of Lukoil, in VTB 24, Gazprom space systems company.

For 2012 Delta has two own warehouses, the service center and branched sales pattern in Russia. The company intends to expand regional presence and service support. Representatives of the Moscow office want to deliver case so that in each large city of Russia the company had an effective service partner.

2009: is the first large customer in Russia

The first large delivery of the AC UPS took place in 2009 in Mail.Ru. Practically all technology system of this Internet company is supported using the Delta UPS group with a total power of 4 MW.


2019: Purchase of the developer of LED solutions Amerlux for $90 million

In March, 2019 Delta Electronics announced acquisition of the developer of LED solutions Amerlux and is going to close the transaction in the second quarter. The cost of purchase is $90 million, but Delta Electronics will have to pay the additional amount if the profit of EBITDA and revenue of Amerlux in a year reach certain values. EBITDA is an important indicator of profitability for the companies with a heavy capital expenditure. Read more here.


Growth of revenue by 4% to 214.4 billion Taiwan dollars

In 2016 revenue of Delta Electronics grew by 4% while net profit decreased a little. The Taiwan producer of uninterruptible power supply units published the financial statement and announced reorganization.

In 2016 sales of Delta made 214.4 billion Taiwan dollars (about $6.6 billion) against 203.5 billion Taiwan dollars the previous year. Net profit reached 19.3 billion Taiwan dollars ($597.2 million).

In 2016 revenue of Delta Electronics grew by 4% while net profit decreased a little
In 2016 revenue of Delta Electronics grew by 4% while net profit decreased a little

Meanwhile, in April, 2017 Delta Electronics announced restructuring within which the Taiwanese company designated the main directions of business development and replaced the president.

The Board of Directors of Delta claimed that since May 2, 2017 the company will focus on the following segments: power electronics, automation and infrastructure. Within a new management structure nine divisions will be engaged in development of solutions, target markets and the existing product lines in business.

At the beginning of July, 2017 the president and the chief executive of Delta Johnson Lee will delegate the powers to Simon Chang, the senior vice president and the head of department of industrial automation.

Johnson Li is appointed the president of Delta in 2012. Since then he was responsible for development of the global purposes and strategy for business divisions and also development of regional sales. He leaves the company "according to a personal career plan", the chairman of the board of directors of the company Yancey Hai reported.

Delta Electronics follows from the report that in 2016 the company paid employees in total $3.45 million against $3.69 million the previous year. The total costs of personnel (taking into account, for example, payment of sick-lists and taxes) reached $37.4 million.

Slightly more than a half of revenue of Delta Electronics in 2016 was the share of the Chinese market. In the USA the company earned 39.6 billion Taiwan dollars ($1.2 billion). Data on Russia in the report are not provided.[2]

Overview of the directions of business

For 2016 Delta – solution provider in the field of uninterrupted power, voltage regulation and devices of protection for crucial objects in telecommunications, the oil and gas industry and other spheres and also infrastructure energy saving solutions for the data processing centers (DPC).

The range of activity of Delta Group concern covers development and production of the projective systems, LED solutions, automobile electronics, network equipment and also a segment of the renewable energy sources, the equipment for industrial automation completing for IT and telecommunication equipment.

Power electronics:

  • The built-in power sources;
  • Mobile power supplies;
  • Power sources for the industry and medicine;
  • Fans and systems of thermal regulation;
  • Electronic components for the ICT equipment.

Management of power supply:

  • Industrial automation;
  • Supply systems for a telecom;
  • UPS and solutions for DPC;
  • Automobile electronics and charging sets for electric vehicles;
  • Renewable energy.

Intelligent "green" solutions:

  • Network equipment;
  • Projective systems;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Medical equipment.


Revenue — 5.74 billion euros

In 2015 revenue of Delta Electronics made 5.74 billion euros, and net profit — 555 million euros.

Expansion on the market of Eastern Europe

On October 28, 2015 the Delta Electronics company announced opening of two objects equipped with the modern equipment. In the territory of the plant in Slovakia the showroom is created, and in Russia the division of Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) opened the first training center.

Opening in Slovakia of showroom of the company is caused by increase in sales market in this East European country. The showroom is located at the EMEA plant of 72 thousand sq.m, largest in the region, in the city of Dubnitsa-nad-Vagom, in the northwest of Slovakia.

On August 27, 2015 the company announced opening in Moscow a training center, the first in Russia. Delta Electronics actively expands product assortment in the field of technologies for data processing centers, telecommunications and industrial power supplies.

The company provided a broad spectrum of uninterruptible power supply units of Delta Electronics from families to a training center Amplon, Ultron and Modulon, a system Delta Infrasuite for DPC with precision cooling of RowCool.

In view of a wide number of the switch mode power supplies and solutions on the guaranteed power supply (UPS) released by the company, Delta Electronics is going to use the Moscow training center for training of specialists, increasing the level of knowledge of the equipment and features of its application. In a training center it is also going to train partners of the company to whom visit of rates and obtaining the certificates confirming high competence in sales and support of the solutions Delta Electronics in the territory of Russia became available now.

"Today about 20% of turnover of Delta Electronics in the region of EMEA are provided with our division in Russia and in the CIS countries, – Mikhail Grebennikov, the area director of the UPS and solutions for DPC of Delta Electronics said. - Besides, strong position in the market is taken by Slovakia. Before opening a training center in Moscow our specialists went to this country for trainings and confirmation of qualification. And now the company invests the resources and in Russia as demand for solutions for the telecom industry and the industry grows in the country, and to Slovakia where there is the largest plant in the territory of the region and production capacities are especially big".

2011: Turnover of 7 billion euros

In 2011 turnover of Delta Electronics company made more than 7 billion euros at staff of 70,000 people in 87 countries of the world. Delta Electronics invests considerable means in development of the innovation potential – at the moment in the world the 55th function research laboratories, providing leadership of the company in the field of effective use of the electric power.

  • Power electronics - the main part of income (60%) is the share of power electronics. This product group includes power sources, solutions on thermal regulation and other power components.

  • Sales of management systems for power supply give 27% of the budget of Delta Electronics. The equipment for industrial automation enters into this product group, automobile electronics, sources of renewable energy are wind generators and photo-electric inverters.

  • "Green" technologies: displays and projective systems, network equipment, solutions for LED lighting, medical devices. 13% of income of the company are the share of this product category.

As of 2011 Delta Electronics develops the widest range of solutions in the world in the field of power electronics – from telecommunication stations to the 10,000 large-scale power units And; The Company provides a full stroke of production and service of products: Research and Development, development, design and production, installation and balancing and commissioning, training and technical support.

New ideology of Delta Electronics – SolutionE - allow to provide complex increase in energy efficiency at the different enterprise levels, at the same time providing regular power supply and environmental safety of production; The Energy efficiency, reliability, high efficiency and long term of a time between failures of the equipment Delta Electronics allow to optimize considerably total finance costs on support of a power generating system of the enterprise.

The modern level of development of economy and technologies is characterized by the permanent consumption growth of thermal and electrical energy and, as a result, toughening of requirements to energy efficiency and environmental safety of objects. The Delta Electronics company is one of world leaders in creation of complex, innovation, ecologically safe solutions for the telecommunication, industrial, power, medical, bank and automobile industries. The innovative solutions of Delta help clients to provide uninterrupted power and energy efficiency at the maximum decrease in emissions in the atmosphere and permanent increase in profitability of operation of power stations and IT infrastructures worldwide.

One of the most important activities of Delta Electronics are Researches and Development. Today the innovation capacity of the company is implemented by 44 research laboratories worldwide. Research and development of Delta company is directed to creation of complete energy efficient solutions and optimal satisfaction of customer needs in all parts of the world. The company holds more than 2,000 patents only in the field of uninterruptible power supply units.

Delta Electronics creates solutions among which - environmentally friendly uninterruptible power supply units of Modulon NH Plus - Series having energy efficiency of 94%; renewable energy sources for telecom industry of RenE; the revolutionary OutD cooling systems saving up to 80% of energy, etc. An intelligent solution for DPC - InfraSuite - includes a management system for the environment that allows to create ecologically safe centers of storage and data processing.

Delta manufacturing enterprises are certified according to the recognized international quality standard of ISO 9001 and designed with the purpose to create a safe and comfortable working environment, minimizing waste, emissions, energy consumption and waters. In particular, what office in Taiwan and the most modern plant of Delta company in Rudrapur (India) use ecological methods of energy saving and a management system for waste, saving biological diversity of the environment.

2010: Turnover of 6 billion euros and 60 thousand employees

In 2010 turnover of Delta Electronics company made more than 6.6 billion euros at staff of 60,000 people in 87 countries of the world. The production base of the company is presented by 36 plants at all main markets of Asia, Europe and America. Delta Electronics invests considerable means in development of the innovation potential – at the moment in the world 44 research laboratories providing leadership of the company in the field of effective use of the electric power function.

The 1970th: Production of television coils

Everything began with production of planimetric television coils and frequency converters. In the 1980th years of sale of the company reached 100 million dollars a year, and Delta began approach to the markets of the USA, Europe, Japan and other states.

In the history of development of Delta Electronics there are many unique achievements:

  • creation of the environmentally friendly electric motor for the automotive industry industry;
  • construction of the largest electric power supply systems in the world on alternative energy sources for stadiums,
  • construction of what buildings worldwide, etc.