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+ Free float
+ Skoch Vladimir
+ Moshire Farkhad is Internet movie theater of Russia, video service with legal professional content.

History and performance indicators


The Russian Direct Investment Fund will invest money in ivi online movie theater

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) will make investments in online movie theater ivi, reports in June, 2019 RBC with reference to the statement of the head of RDIF Kirill Dmitriyev at a meeting of investors with the president Russia Vladimir Putin[1].

According to Dmitriyev, the consortium which includes RDIF and along with it and other investors among whom there is Baring Vostok will invest about $40 million in ivi online movie theater. The transaction will be closed until the end of July. Dmitriyev specified that now ivi occupies 42% of the market of online movie theaters in Russia. According to a source of RBC, RDIF purchased a minority share in service. Which of shareholders acted as the seller, is not specified.

1 billion rubles on production of own series

The ivi online movie theater intends to invest in production of own series. In the next year video service is ready to invest 1 billion rubles in such projects. The division of ivi Originals created in May will be engaged in production, the CEO of online movie theater Oleg Tumanov said. ivi is going to work with different formats, the director of production ivi Vadim Levin told in May RBC. It and mini-series for young audience with timings of one episode of 5-10 minutes, and big series with participation of stars.

Until the end of 2019 ivi will start in work about ten mini-series, five bonus series, ten full-length films, two of which – in partnership with foreign studios, Vadim Levin claims.

According to him, to shootings of own projects it is going to involve the leading producers. In particular, arrangements with the CEO of "The world Russian studios" Yury Sapronov are in the final stage (series "Purgatory", "Dzhuna", "Personal Record of the Captain Ryumin") now, also negotiations with the founder of the Sreda production company Alexander Tsekalo are conducted (series "Trotsky, Gogol, of "Sparta"). With "The world Russian studios" ivi is going to shoot series about an ethnic drug mafia in Moscow – "Southwest". The joint project with Sreda is not defined yet.

The situation in the market of video services pushes to investments into own production of ivi. Its volume increases every year, but also the competition increases, Oleg Tumanov explains. According to him to attract new and it is possible to hold the existing audience releasing own unique content: as the international experience testifies, on this way there are leading companies, in particular Netflix now.

The rate on original programming allows service to strengthen a brand and also to attract the new audience and to hold already developed audience, specified in the report for 2018 Netflix. The company warned investors about possible risks: in a case with self-produced projects the end result can not meet expectations.

Availability of the partner directory of online movie theater in a packet of Beeline TV

On April 23, 2019 there was information on what the operator Beeline Uzbekistan started in Uzbekistan multiplatform OTT-Beeline TV service. The partner of the project became online movie theater ivi. In more detail here.

MTS conducts negotiations on purchase of ivi online movie theater

According to a source of RBC, the mobile operator wants to purchase 100% of video service and is ready to pay for it about 20 billion rubles the Representative of MTS Alexey Merkutov reported that he "does not know of negotiations with ivi". The representative of ivi Ekaterina Godunova refused comments. One of shareholders of ivi confirmed to RBC that such negotiations are conducted and added that "not all shareholders are ready to sale to the company at such price".

2018: Growth of revenue according to IFRS for 62% to 3.94 billion rubles

On February 12, 2019 the online movie theater reported that revenue according to IFRS at the end of 2018 grew by 62% and made 3.94 billion rubles.

The average monthly general audience of service grew by 22% and made 43 million users in December, 2018. The general duration of video watching for 2018 was 918 million hours (growth by last year for 33%).

The average monthly paying audience of service grew twice and made 1.2 million users in December, 2018.

Revenue of paid model in 2018 grew by 87% and made 2.75 billion rubles, occupying 70% in total sales of service in 2018 (60% in 2017). The subscription generated 66% of revenue of paid model.

It is possible to carry to key drivers of paid model:

  • Increase in loyalty of users to legal OTT VOD services, growth of culture of consumption of paid digital content
  • Growth of popularity and as a result, the continuing growth in sales of TVs with function of Smart TV
  • Growth of the paying audience on such platforms as Android, web desktop and web mobile which were considered as less paying platforms earlier
  • Content available only on ivi, including content created with the participation of ivi
  • Anti-counterfeiting initiatives (including the anti-counterfeiting memorandum with Yandex)

Net proceeds of advertizing model according to IFRS (less assignments to partners) grew by 25% and were 1.19 billion rubles. Smart TV became the most fast-growing segment of advertizing model, having shown annual growth by 37%.

The important driver for all business of online movie theater is the content offer: digital premieres, own production, transactions with TV channels and development of the catch-up and catch-forward models (demonstration of content right after air or to air).

For February, 2019 the ivi directory contains more than 80 thousand units of content. In 2018 bargains with large world studios – Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, MGM which allowed to expand significantly the content offer in a subscription with both exclusive, and library world hits were concluded.

In 2018 film premieres of the movies created with the participation of ivi took place: "Unpardoned" with Dmitry Nagiyev in a leading role, "Temporary difficulties" with Ivan Okhlobystin and Rinal Mukhametov, the movie "Happiness! Health!" and many others. All these movies in 4 weeks after a film premiere became available to viewing in a subscription. Also on the catch-up model digital premieres of such series as Major (the 3rd season), House of cards (the 5th season), "A steel star" (the 2nd season), "Vanity Fair" and many others were held.


The number of users of paid service ivi grew up more than twice

Revenue of ivi online movie theater in 2017 made 2.43 billion rubles that approximately for 55% or 0.86 billion rubles it is more, than in 2016. The average monthly audience of service grew by 45% and reached value of 40 million unique users in December of last year, says the company.

The general duration of watching for 2017 was 692 million hours, duration of paid watching grew by 2.5 times. The average monthly paying audience of service grew by 136% and made more than 500 thousand users in December. The vast majority of the paying users use a subscription.

Revenue of paid model in 2017 grew by 0.61 billion rubles and made 1.48 billion rubles. 61% in total sales - in comparison with 55% are the share of it the previous year). More than a half of revenue of paid model was brought by a subscription. Refers market development of Smart TV, anti-counterfeiting initiatives and growth of culture of consumption of paid content to key drivers of the paid ivi model. The gross income from advertizing model made 1.5 billion rubles.

The ivi directory contains more than 62 thousand units of content. In 2017 large deals with Channel One, STS and NTV were concluded, service submitted three movies sobstvenn

Gazprom-Media Digital will be engaged in sale of advertizing on ivi

Gazprom-Media Digital (GPMD), the player of the market of video advertizing, and ivi online movie theater at the end of October, 2017 agreed about strategic partnership. GPMD will include ivi in a pool of the Internet platforms and since January 1, 2018 will begin sale of desktop-and mobile-stock in an ivi player on an exclusive basis. All key formats of video advertizing, including interactive rollers and special projects on both platforms will be available to advertisers.

In 2018 GPMD will focus on monetization of license video content. It is expected that exclusive partnership with ivi will allow GPMD to increase the volume of license video stock on the network and to expand audience in the segment demanded among advertisers (users of an age group 25-44 and female audience of 18-44 years). GPMD will also continue to monetize on an exclusive basis license content in VKontake.

Thanks to connection of ivi the week scope of GPMD video network will increase by 12%, and a daily allowance — for 14% (on the basis of a scope of advertizing stock of GPMD and ivi network from 1:10 a.m. till 10/15/2017 according to Mediascope Russia 100+, audience 12-64). At the same time the gain of a week scope among female audience of 18-44 years will make 14% and a daily allowance — 19%. The week scope of all audience of 25-44 years will grow by 12%, a daily allowance — for 16%. These segments are most popular among the advertisers interested in active and solvent audience.

The market dictates high quality requirements of the video advertizing placed in online video. Therefore we are aimed at cooperation with the partners having legal content which provides maximum efficiency of advertizing campaigns in terms of visibility of advertizing and examinations. These problems are ideally solved by online movie theaters — the CEO of Gazprom-Media Digital Natalya Dmitriyeva commented on an event. — ivi \the largest platform of Runet. We are glad to see it among our partners and we expect high demand from advertisers due to growth of an advertizing scope and qualitative stock. I hope that this cooperation will be long and fruitful for each of the parties.

ivi is available to MTS TV

Since June, 2017 online – the ivi movie theater became available to users of the application of MTS TV. Now users of mobile TV will be able to watch movies, animation and the most popular series within a premium subscription to ivi in the application of MTS TV and not to pay for Internet traffic when viewing content.

2016: The number of the paying subscribers of ivi reached 350 thousand a month

The gross income of ivi online movie theater made 2.1 billion rubles, and net proceeds — 1.569 billion rubles (at the end of 2015 it was 1.05 billion rubles). For the reporting period the volume of monthly audience of online movie theater grew to 33 million, and the volume of the browsed hours — up to 57 million (in comparison with 44.2 million in 2015)[2].

The volume of the monthly paying audience of online movie theater increased twice in comparison with 2015 and was 350 thousand. About 250 thousand users are those who subscribed, and 200 thousand more people use transaction products (here it is necessary to consider that audiences are crossed among themselves).


Revenue of online movie theater in 2015 exceeded 1 billion rubles — after payment of taxes and assignments to partners which made 550 more million rubles, told journalists[3] the founder and the CEO of Tumanov Oleg. Growth of revenue year-on-year was 46%.

The audience of movie theater in December, 2015 made 26.8 million users, the total number of viewings in 2015 was 2.3 billion earns both from advertizing, and from paid options for users (for example, watching the separate movie costs from 99 rub, and a monthly subscription to all library — 399 rub). The number of the users paying for a subscription in 2015 averaged about 82 thousand a month. In general about 165 thousand users paid every month for movies on In total from the moment of introduction of paid services to Ivi about 820 thousand used them human.

The head of Ivi Oleg Tumanov at a meeting with journalists also told that in separate months 2015 revenue of online movie theater from paid content exceeded advertizing revenues. On its expectations, by the end of 2016 income from paid services can finally bypass advertizing sales

According to TMT-Consulting, in the 2015th year ivi became the market leader on income (also advertizing revenues, and the user payments are included here) — the share in 29% is the share of it, follow okko (a share of 18%), Megogo (12%), Gazprom Media (11%, are included in this digit income from all online video platforms of holding, i.e., RuTube and Zoomby, TNT, etc.), Videomore (10%) and Tvigle (9%) received $3.5 million investments

The Buran Venture Capital (BVC) fund invested in the fall of 2015 in the Russian online video service of $3.5 million, the Vedomosti newspaper with reference to the managing partner of fund Alexander Konoplyasty reports.

The size of the received BVC of a packet does not reveal, as well as whether the fund purchased additional issue of shares of the company or was redeemed by a packet someone from the existing shareholders. According to sources of the edition, BVC redeemed an insignificant part of a packet in from one of shareholders of online movie theater, at the same time the company does not need investments.

Konoplyasty also assures that affairs at movie theater go well – the company showed significant growth of revenue and profitability due to transaction business (lease or purchase of video content) and a paid subscription.

Last time received investments in 2012, they made $40 million. Then investments in development of online movie theater were made by funds Baring Vostok ru-Net Tiger Global, Frontier Ventures and holding "ProfMedia" (after its share passed to"To Interros").


In 2014 the cumulative number of watchings video on platforms of access was nearly 2.2 billion or 390 million hours, the cumulative audience of paid service ivi + approached half a million viewers, and business at the end of 2014 reached a point of operational profitability.

As a result consolidated revenues of the company in 2014 were nearly 728 million rubles (+54% relatively 2013) (according to SPARK-Interfax base, in 2014 service still remained unprofitable — 332.7 million rubles) and allowed all business to show operating profit in the end of the year, in full accordance with originally announced business plan.

Advertizing - audience in several tens of millions of people remains the main source of income for and also the growing demand for video formats from advertisers provided growth of income from this direction. Last year demand for the interactive formats expanding possibilities of dialog with the audience and giving a feedback to the advertiser and also the special projects allowing to build difficult communication campaigns grew.

  • According to results of the first research of the Russian market of online movie theaters from IKS-Consulting strengthened positions of the leader both on audience volume, and on revenue and other key indicators of business.
  • In 2014 the directory of online movie theater was strongly updated through film theatrical premieres in short and supershort rolling windows (of 1.5 weeks after the premiere in Russia) and also extended at the expense of contracts with new Russian and foreign owners.
  • In 2014 the audience of alternative screens of access to the directory (smartphones, tablets, Smart TV) doubled in relation to indicators of 2013.
  • In September, 2014 announced implementation of Full HD, 3D and 4K of formats and became the first Russian service which free of charge showed the feature film in 4K.
  • In November the first of online movie theaters opened the directory of the movies never getting to the Russian rolling.
  • During the whole year all applications of online movie theater for mobile devices, Smart TV and video game consoles underwent considerable improvements and updates.


Revenue of online movie theater grew by 95%.

The audience of the website in December, 2013 totals 9.8 million people, audience of — 8.5 million people, — 4.2 million people.

The market share of ivi on an indicator of advertizing revenues reached 18% against 16% in the first half of the year 2012. For complete 2013 of it was succeeded to increase revenue for 95%, besides that, according to players of the market of online video, all market in 2013 grew by 67%.

The directory contains more than 65,000 units of content (for March, 2013) - art and documentaries, series, telecasts, animated films and music videos, including directories of all Hollywood film studios and musical majors and also the leading European and Russian manufacturers of movies and TV-content. The monthly audience of the project makes more than 16 million users who watch more than 100 million videos on the website and through mobile and TV-applications.

The number of unique users of ivi services reached in the summer of 2013 of 19 million a month. For comparison, according to the results of the first half of the year 2012 this indicator was 10.7 million. The number of watchings video on all platforms of rolling of ivi reached 150 million a month against 44.3 million the previous year.

For 2013 doubled the audience: it made 30 million users, besides that in 2012 this indicator equaled 14 million.

Since launch of online movie theater in February, 2010 till September, 2013 the ivi, music.ivi and deti.ivi web projects registered more than 1 billion visits. The forecast for the end of 2013 makes 1.25 billion visits.

For last period users of mobile devices installed more than 7.5 million ivi, music.ivi and deti.ivi applications. Such popularity allowed iOS to the ivi application to enter local TOP-3 free applications of all times for iPad and to get to "Recommended" in Google Play. Smart TV the application of online movie theater was recognized by the best application for Connected TV according to the award "Big Digit" in 2013.

For 3 years of existence of mobile applications more than 550 million times used them. 69% of runs were the share of the application of online movie theater, 21% of visits registered music.ivi counters and 10% - deti.ivi. At the same time iOS and Android almost equal shares in structure of mobile platforms by the number of the downloaded applications have (44 and 43% respectively); 13% of applications are installed on devices with other operating systems.

Totally in nearly 4 years on all platforms users of ivi watched video more than 2 billion times. 61% of video viewings are registered on the websites of services, 20% - through mobile applications and 19% - through applications for Smart TV. Dynamics of growth of number of video viewings says that users of ivi become more and more active audience who begin to watch more video over time.

The number of the registered users increased from 416 thousand in the first half of the year of last year to 3.7 million in reporting period.

Content total volume in 2013 reached 70,000 units (movies, series, telecasts, animated films and music videos). In 2013 most noticeable the directory of video clips grew – about 5 thousand more videos became available to music lovers.

  • The company doubles business volumes (revenue, audience, watching duration). The audience reached 30 million unique users, in a month more than 200 million viewings are made.
  • The quantity of installed applications for mobile exceeded 7 million.
  • The application is recognized by the best application for Smart TV in Russia according to the national award "Big Digit".
  • The application entered in top-5 the most demanded programs on TVs of Samsung Smart TV, top-3 on LG Smart TV and became the most popular in Europe on TVs of Philips Smart TV.
  • Mobile application of for iOS entered in top-3 applications for iPad of all times and in top-10 the most downloaded applications on all platforms in Russia.
  • is recognized by the best online movie theater according to the national award "Gold Beam". for 2012-2013 fell in price almost by 1.5 billion rubles

The cost of online movie theater since the beginning of 2012 fell approximately by 1.5 billion rubles and by the end of 2013 was 3.34 billion rubles,[1]the Kommersant newspaper draws such conclusion from the reporting of ProfMedia company which had 10% of stocks at online movie theater.

According to the last reporting of Profmedia Ltd, the cost of 10% of ProfMedia in for the beginning of 2012 was 481 million rubles, and at the end of 2013 — already 334 million rubles. In the end of the year sold this share of the parent company for such amount of Profmedia Ltd - to Vladimir Potanin's Interros. Thus, for the end of 2013 the cost of all online movie theater could be 3.34 billion rubles.

The source in Interros confirmed that the company saves about 10% in In addition to Interros shareholders of online movie theater are investment funds Tiger Global Management, Baring Vostok and others. In the reporting of Profmedia Ltd calls the asset available to sale.

Let's note that at the end of 2013 the president of Rostelecom company Sergey Kalugin said that it would be profitable to company to purchase content aggregator with own library of the rights, and gave as an example.


  • The audience of online movie theater exceeded 16 million unique users.
  • Contracts with all 6 Hollywood majors are signed.
  • The first million mobile applications of is set.
  • In February Windows applications of Phone and Samsung Bada are started.
  • In March – Philips Smart TV.
  • In July – Windows 8.
  • In October – Toshiba.
  • In September attracted the next round of investments from the current and new investors.
  • In October the deti.ivi project started.

In 2012 the online movie theater, the first among similar services in Eastern Europe, signed contracts with all six Hollywood majors: Disney, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Sony Pictures. Service cooperates with more than 250 owners on different content types. The daily average number of watchings video on all resources reaches 3,700,000, and the largest growth is noticeable in a segment of watching video from devices: smartphones, tablets and TVs with function of Smart TV.

In addition to online movie theater, service develops some more separate projects:

  • is the free service for viewing music video clips started in October, 2011. For viewing well to more than 25,000 videos from the best Russian and foreign contractors. The company cooperates with the largest musical studios majors (Sony Music, Warner, EMA and others). The general attendance of the project makes more than 1,300,000 visitors a month. It is available in web and on mobile ustroystvakh*.
  • ivi + - the bonus paid directory of the best Hollywood movies which rolling ended at movie theaters quite recently and also the best cinema from directories of studios majors. All content is available or with payment for viewing (59 - 79 rubles), or on a subscription (29 rubles a day or 299 rubles a month).
  • is the project developed especially for the least audience of Service started in October, 2012 on several platforms at once: in web and on iPad. The directory contains 9,000 animated films and children's movies. The applications are available to devices running Android OS and also on TVs of Samsung Smart TV. The general attendance of the project exceeds 350,000 visitors a month.

The philosophy of - to give to each user the chance to watch film in any place where there is an Internet, on the screen of any device having connection to Network.


In August, 2011 the first mobile application of for devices running Android OS appeared, afterwards there was a version for iOS. Today video on can be watched from the mobile device working on any popular operating system. Except stated above it is Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, Windows 8 and Symbian ^3. Besides, the application is pre-installed for 95% of the TVs sold in Russia with function of Smart TV of all main producers: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony and Toshiba. In addition to the main film service on devices also the and projects are available.

  • In March received an award in the tender "Gold Website" in the "Television, Cinema and Radio" nomination.
  • In August of TOP 5 of video resources of Runet according to TNS Web Index entered.
  • In August there was application for the Android operating system (2.3 and above).
  • In November - the application for iOS.
  • In December – the application for Symbian^3 (Anna, Belle).


  • On February 26, in the opening day, the site was visited by more than 180 thousand human.
  • The annual number of viewings reached 230 million, and monthly audience – 4.5 million.
  • In September in the tender ROTOR the website received the Grand Prix in the Kinosayt Years nominations and 1 place in the Opening of Year nomination.
  • In November service became the winner of Runet Prize in the "Culture and Mass Communications" nomination.
  • The music.ivi project started.

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