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Digital education


Owners: Group - 50%
Rostelecom - 50%



+ Free float
+ Skoch Vladimir
+ Moshire Farkhad


2019: Creation of the company

On June 13, 2019 Group and Rostelecom announced creation of joint venture for the purpose of development of digital technologies at schools. The new company received the name "Digital Education".

Development of the information products intended for upgrade of educational process at schools including diaries, communication services for schools, teachers, parents and pupils will become the main field of activity of the joint venture. The parties will integrate resources and examination for development within the joint venture of own technologies necessary for processes of digital education. Group and Rostelecom create the joint venture for digitalization of schools Group and Rostelecom create the joint venture for digitalization of schools
Support of education and sciences is among strategic directions of development of Group. More than 8 years we give to students the chance to gain practical knowledge in the field of IT, we help school students with career guidance and we hold conferences and the championships for professionals. We are glad that Rostelecom will become our partner in development of this direction. Having combined efforts, we hope that we will be able to make education at schools of the whole country more technological and modern — the head of Group Boris Dobrodeyev noted.

Investments into the project of the party do not open. According to the managing partner of Skyeng Alexander Laryanovsky, investments can make 100 million rubles in two years.[1]

The direction selected for the joint venture in the future can become profitable, he notes. But it in many respects depends on the one who will pay digitalization within a business model — the state or parents.

From that, how fast it will be possible to tsifrovizirovat education, depends including the number of the personnel which is capable to create competitive Russian IT products, the Russian President's special representative concerning digital and technology development Dmitry Peskov adds.