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The DocsVision company is a creator of a document management system and business processes - Docsvision. Tasks of the company include production and development of a product, implementation methodology and also support of partners and end users. Sales of the Docsvision system are performed through a partner network which includes more than 100 companies of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Estonia. The software platform of Docsvision is localized on the English, German, Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian and Kazakh languages.

The company works according to international standards in the field of quality ISO 9000 and the CMMI model of the 3rd level.


2019: An interview of TAdviser with the president of the company, Vladimir Andreyev

In December, 2019 Vladimir Andreyev gave an interview of TAdviser about the reasons of the growing revival in the market of EDMS. Read more here.


Updating of the corporate style

The DocsVision company announced on February 12, 2019 that it updated the corporate style. Not only updating of a visual component of a brand was the purpose of rebranding. As representatives of the company explained, changes in design represent all those large-scale changes which happened in Docsvision in 2018: a release of the version of Docsvision 5.5 with the updated architecture, emergence of edition Docsvision ECM with unlimited scalability of a segment, and corresponding change in positioning of a product.

All these changes found the reflection and on the website — elements of the updated style optimum added design of the version of the website provided in August, 2018.

The logo is provided in two equal options: corporate colors, "icon", writing of the name were updated.

Logos of DocsVision, 2019

Visual elements became more laconic, fresh, bright due to more rich colors. Modern and simple forms do not distract from the main content and provide it a worthy border — it was especially estimated by the staff of the company in a template of the corporate presentation.

The previous option of the Docsvision logo — with a paper clip — was with the company from its foundation in 2005, several times there took place "face lifting", purchasing more and more elegant and modern forms.

Logo of DocsVision from 2005 to 2018

However the image of a paper clip which perfectly suited a product and the company at the beginning of a way does not reflect realities of digital transformation and any more those opportunities which are given to users by the version of the Docsvision platform, relevant for February, 2019, emphasized in the company.

Works on change of a logo and style in materials of the company and information on Docsvision on all available resources are planned for the first quarter 2019.

Interview of the CEO Vladimir Andreyev

In November, 2018 Vladimir Andreyev, the president of DocsVision, in an interview told TAdviser about new needs of corporate customers, changes of electronic document management systems and also innovations which get into this sphere.

2017: Strategic cooperation with Konica Minolta

The Russian division of Konica Minolta – the supplier of IT solutions for business and printing, signed the agreement on strategic cooperation with DocsVision company – developer of the platform of the same name for management of documents and business processes. The purpose of partnership of Konica Minolta and Docsvision is an offer to clients of the joint complete solution which integrates the "iron" and "software" necessary at all stages of lifecycle of documents of the company. The feature of the solution is that it can be offered as service in which the companies vendors completely undertake service. The companies already start several joint projects.

The first joint solution of the companies represents a uniform hardware-software complex Electronic archive. Enter it: The Konica Minolta MFP for scanning of paper documents and their subsequent printing from electronic archive, the software of Konica Minolta for text recognition of the scanned documents, and the Docsvision system providing the protected storage, search and information management. Having received the status of the certified partner on implementation of EDMS Docsvision, the Konica Minolta company will perform implementation of the joint solution. In turn the Docsvision company is going to receive the status of the certified partner of Konica Minolta for rendering services in outsourcing of printing. The companies are going to continue development of joint products.

2016: Cooperation with Postgres Professional

On March 23, 2016 DocsVision announced the beginning of cooperation with the Postgres Professional company known on development of the system of management of databases (DBMS) of PostgreSQL.

The begun partnership within which support of PostgreSQL will appear in the system of electronic control by Docsvision document flow will become a part of the strategy of development for this platform and the beginning of its transition to work with the alternative open source (PostgreSQL, Linux).

EDMS \"DocsVision\" is adapted for PostgreSQL DBMS
EDMS "DocsVision" is adapted for PostgreSQL DBMS

It will give the chance of the choice of open free DBMS to customers, and its reliability and performance is necessary for scaling in large corporate implementations (50 thousand users on a node), says DocsVision.

It is supposed that implementation of support of PostgreSQL in Docsvision will help to give the answer to specific requirements of corporate users of this system to alternative platforms and the general trend of the industry – multi-platform architecture.

Target segment of customers of Docsvision — a public sector, large and medium-sized commercial enterprises – passes to practice of use of Open Source of platforms. Real import substitution — any more not a trend, and policy, we try to provide support of a national software platform "with advancing". Partnership with Postgress Professional will help us to provide needs of these customers timely — the director of strategic marketing of DocsVision company Sergey Kuryanov said.

2015: Docsvision enters the market of Belarus

On November 10, 2015 the DocsVision company announced the organization of regional representative office in Belarus and active business development in the republic. Tasks of the representative - expansion of a partner network Docsvision and interaction with key customers.

Output of a product of the company to the market of Belarus, according to management – the natural continuation of geographical expansion of a system supported with demand from the Belarusian companies.

"We expect to find in Belarus strong partners for project implementation of automation based on Docsvision and we see good perspective taking into account the high level of development of the IT industry in the Republic. We are glad to offer the Belarusian market the new flexible tool for increase in efficiency of the companies and we hope that representatives of business will fully estimate possibilities of the platform. Belarus differs in quite high economic stability, management traditions, similar to the Russian companies, a considerable share of the state in economy is the market in which solutions which we are ready to offer customers will find for themselves adequate application, we are sure of it. In turn, within cooperation are ready to share practical experience and developments to provide the solution of any task from a broad spectrum of circuits of automation", - Vladimir Andreyev, the president of DocsVision company said.

2014: Interview of the CEO Vladimir Andreyev

In September, 2014 the president of the company Vladimir Andreyev gave an interview to the TAdviser portal.

Financial plans of the company for 2014 include growth of revenue by 25%, development in an upper segment of medium business (UMM) and a corporate segment (ENT), focus on the significant industries and further development of a partner network.

2013: Growth of revenue by 23%, the largest transaction - 12 million rub

At the end of 2013 revenue of the company increased by 23%. The average size of the transaction grew by 33%, and the volume of the most large deal in a year was 12 million rubles 31% of sales 57% - for sale of updates and buy-in licenses by already existing clients and 12% of turnover - on services were the share of licenses of a product to new clients. Total number of the sold new licenses at DocsVision in 2013 was about 28,380 thousand.

In the fall of 2013 the president of the company Vladimir Andreyev gave the first interview to the TAdviser portal.

2011: Proceeds from sales of licenses of $4 million (+13%)

In 2011 DocsVision revenue from implementation of licenses made about $4 million (13% more, than the previous year, profitability at the same time grew by 2%).

2010: Growth of revenue by 47% and strategy of expansion

In relation to results of 2009 growth of DocsVision company for 2010 was 47% against 17% on IT – the industry in general (according to IDC, published in October, 2010). At this time solutions based on DocsVision are used in 14 companies from the list of 50 largest companies of Russia (according to the Finance magazine), and in 11 of 27 bodies of federal executive power of the Russian Federation. In comparison with 2008, in 2010 the average number of the licenses delivered within one project increased by 5 times.

The main strategic objective of development of the company in the period of 2011-2013 is expansion of geography of presence of the company in the market of EDMS, as in regions of Russia and the CIS countries not covered earlier, and in the developing world markets. In addition to new geographical markets, the DocsVision company is going to fix positions in busy earlier industry sectors with specialization on the public, financial, oil and medical sector. Implementation of this purpose is obviously possible at the expense of the following measures: technology development of the DocsVision system, including development of solutions using SaaS, implementation of joint actions with strategic partners of the company (similar to the Microsoft LAR program implemented together with Microsoft corporation), expansions of a partner network of DocsVision company, due to attraction to cooperation of system integrators from average and large segments and attraction of additional investment for strategy implementation into shorter terms.

2009: Decrease in turnover by 11%

The financial crisis which struck in 2009 IT market had an insignificant impact on DocsVision company: in comparison with financial performance for 2008, turnover in 2009 decreased only by 11%. It is connected with the fact that at that time the portrait of the client was enlarged and, therefore, the number of the licenses delivered within one project increased.

2005: Creation of the company

The DocsVision company began independent business in 2005.


2013: DocsVision carried out the first "serious cleaning" of a partner network

In 2013 DocsVision carried out "the first serious cleaning" of a partner network for all the history, the president of the company Vladimir Andreyev in February, 2014 [[Andreyev Vladimir|]] told TAdviser. According to representatives of DocsVision, the company reviewed and toughened requirements to partners then refused cooperation approximately with 20 of them.

The company explained TAdviser that were eliminated, generally low-active partners in regions which had about 1-2 DocsVision projects: "in terms of cost efficiency we decided to help to develop and invest in those companies which plan long-term business with DocsVision, than to try to support communications with the companies which are not going to be engaged seriously in this business", the CEO of DocsVision Yulia Fedorovich says.

Review of requirements to partners concerned, mainly, the level of their competences: now rather strict requirements regarding certification of specialists are imposed to partners. Requirements and to the initial level of knowledge of a team of the partner and also to the level of its activity on number of projects raised.

The business model of DocsVision assumes implementation of sales through partners. Need of review of requirements of Yuli Fedorovich to them explained TAdviser, including, the fact that DocsVision was necessary to waste many efforts to problem solving at customers with whom partners worked with the insufficient level of competences.

By words Fedorovich, often her companies was necessary to adjust architecture of the implemented solution and its functionality selected for the solution of specific objectives of the client.

Along with failure from cooperation with insufficiently competent and low-active partners, DocsVision set up cooperation with new. The company tells that in 2013 its partner network was replenished with 39 new partners in 11 cities of Russia. Total number of partners at DocsVision for the beginning of 2014 kept 102 companies. At the same time is the most developed a partner network in Moscow and Samara.

So considerable gain of partners in 2013 the CEO of DocsVision explained TAdviser with emergence in their company of the special employee who is engaged in recruiting of partners. In plans of DocsVision - in 2014 to continue expansion of a partner network, having increased its number by 20 companies.