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Domilend – the system intended for UK, TSN, SNT and other forms of government, suppliers of service and household services and clients: owners, family members, tenants and other authorized representatives. A system is included in the register of the Smart City project within the program Digital economy of Russia Ministry of Construction and Rostelecom.


2019: Achievement of the arrangement on acquisition of VTB of a control share in Domilenda

Within development of a housing ecosystem of VTB reached the agreement on acquisition of a control share in Domilend company – one of systems for real estate administration in Russia. Announced this VTB on November 14, 2019 and specified that the transaction will be finally closed until the end of November.

The signed agreement became for VTB one more stage on formation of a housing ecosystem. The Domilend service is used by inhabitants of apartment houses, complexes of apartments and settlements for vendor interaction of services – management, resource supplying and any service organizations. For November, 2019 more than 100 management companies are connected to a system and 200 thousand personal accounts are registered. The monthly turnover of payments for housing and communal services through the application makes more than 140 million rubles.

The main functionality of service for inhabitants assumes work with several directions: abnormal requests (a call of the plumber, repair of the elevator, etc.), appeals to UK (the order of references or the admission for the territory), participation in general meetings of owners, viewing charges for housing and communal services and their payment, sending indications of metering devices of resource consumption. Besides, in September, 2019 ujlf was started a marketplace of the household goods and services relevant for each specific house and the user: water delivery, service of cleaning, repair of equipment, storage with delivery and other household services. A system helps management companies to optimize the processes and increases profitability of their business, and for inhabitants increases the level of their comfort

Under control of VTB the company will continue to develop a management system for houses for builders, the management and resource supplying companies, a system for management of services for suppliers of service and household services and service for residents of houses. On all three blocks of a system interfaces on mobile and web technologies will be supported. In service of the inhabitant the community with a possibility of holding polls, a bulletin board including on lease, groups of neighbors, council of MCD and other opportunities will develop.

Within formation of completely digital client experience we intend to create a single platform which will increase the level of comfort of inhabitants and will change image of the sphere of management of housing. In the long term we will create full-fledged virtual community of inhabitants in which they will be able personally to resolve all issues arising in the house. We intend to integrate a product with a housing ecosystem of bank and in the long term several years to occupy thanks to it not less than 25% in the market of all questions connected with accommodation
noted the deputy president-chairman of the board of VTB Anatoly Pechatnikov