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The company is engaged in production and sale of airplanes of military and civil appointment, an after-sale service of the equipment, Research and Development, conducts foreign economic activity.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) - 100%

26000 employees in 2016



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JSC Sukhoi Company is the largest Russian aircraft holding with number of workers more than 26 thousand human. The Sukhoi company is included into the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). As a part of Sukhoi holding the leading Russian design offices and the serial aircraft constructing plants.

Products of holding — warplanes of the SU brand - form a basis of front aircraft of Russia and tactical aircraft of many countries of the world. The company — the largest Russian supplier of the aircraft equipment for export, takes the 3rd place in the world on production volumes of modern fighters.


2015: New approach to motivation and personnel development in the Novosibirsk branch of Sukhoi Company

In the second half of 2014 at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Factory (NAF) of V.P. Chkalov the group of quality which became a new method of the solution of production questions was created. It was created based on one of production workshops. The initiative staff of workshop of different specialties entered it. Also specialists of other workshops and departments were invited. For work on this technique participants were trained.

Within the implemented project the working group was faced by the following tasks: advanced training of employees, development of an initiative and interest in improvement of working conditions and performance measures and also creation of the favorable atmosphere in collective. For the period works of group in 2014 one of current production problems – reduction of preparatory and final time underwent a research (to time before carrying out the main works). The developed solutions underwent protection at technical, economic and production services of the enterprise. It is expected that after implementation these solutions will give 10-20% of reduction of time.

At the plant consider that creation of group of quality yields essential result regarding motivation of workers on development of production systems, on self-development, creates personal and group liability of workers for results. In addition to direct effect creation in division of a competent command which can be a support in solving of tasks, facing workshop became an important project deliverable. Based on successful work of the first group of quality the decision on development of the project and creation at the plant in 2015 of three more groups was made.

In particular, for one of them which is already acting development of an automated system of control and accounting of parts, templates, programs of "profile" and "sheet" section of workshop will become the main objective. The group of quality is the Japanese methodology which cornerstone personal interest of groups of people in development of jobs and divisions is.