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The MAYKOR group in April, 2013 announced an exit in a segment of providing and support of cloud services. The "cloud" direction in MAYKOR will be developed by new subsidiary company – ENSPACE.

Maykor (Service Holding Company) - 51%
SafeData - the Data storage center - 49%


ENSPACE integrates the SAFEDATA resources, locating one of the most modern data centers in Moscow, and the qualified maintenance of MAYKOR provided with forces of the service network of federal scale, largest in Russia. Own data center of SAFEDATA meets the requirements of international standards TIA-942 and belongs to the category of DPC with network infrastructure, independent of telecom operators. The DPC is intended for customer service with high requirements to reliability of functioning of IT systems, communication channels and data protection. As for service network MAYKOR – it is the resource allowing to support cloud services at the highest technology level in all territory of the Russian Federation.[1]

ENSPACE offers customers a full range of services in providing and support of IT infrastructure, virtual and physical computing resources and memory, reserve storage and plans of disaster recovery of information resources, to a hosting and support of program resources the and also other cloud services necessary for the specific customer taking into account its specifics. Services are on sale and supported in the mode of "one window", 24/7/365. ENSPACE provides virtual DPC, office, virtual work places, the software as a service, support of databases; provides data migration, delivery services and protection of information resources, technical support of IT infrastructure and applications of the client, etc.

Cloud infrastructure of ENSPACE is constructed on the VMware platform using the modern reliable server hardware and the latest storage system that allows to provide to clients cloud and hybrid computing systems and storage systems of any degree of complexity.

Customer needs from the different industries differ, but technically the ENSPACE company is ready to provide the services meeting the requirements practically of any companies. ENSPACE adapts services for customer requirements. Also the agreement on the level of service (SLA), and structure of service change, etc. Besides, we are ready to develop and provide the unique service considering individual needs of the customer.


The joint initiative of MAYKOR group and SafeData company - the Data storage center, by engaged construction and operation of data centers, development of IT infrastructure and cloud computing is the basis for creation of ENSPACE. 51% of stocks of ENSPACE possess MAYKOR, the rest – SAFEDATA. Actually it is the business created "from scratch", the new company which will offer the complex services created based on best practices of both owners in the market.