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Owners: Group - 49%
Modern Pick - 51%

Revenue and profit of the company, $




+ ESforce
+ Modern Pick

ESforce is the cybersports organization.

The company owns more than 14 popular websites and 209 groups on social networks with cumulative audience in 12 million subscribers and 116 million users a year which provide a scope of 90% of the audience of cybersports broadcastings in Russia and the CIS and also a covering of a considerable part of profile international audience.

ESforce companies belong:

  • Two cyberteams of world level — and SK Gaming.
  • Epic Esports Events, specializes in the organization of the international competitions and is the organizer of the EPICENTER tournaments on Dota 2 and CS: GO.
  • Studio of commenting, analytics and videoproduction of RuHub, online broadcast of projects of holding annually attract more than 82 million unique users.
  • Resources about cybersport of and where the CyberBase database containing information on the majority of tournaments, clubs, commands and cyberathletes enters.
  • Yota Arena in Moscow is the platform for holding cybersports tournaments over 5000 sq.m calculated more than per thousand places.
  • Service portals for exchange of the in-game objects CS: GO Lounge and Dota 2 Lounge.
  • Fragstore is the producer and the distributor of clothes and cybersport accessories with presence in 20 countries (12 of them — in Europe).



Mail.Ru Group announced partnership with Modern Pick company

According to conditions, the Russian holding will transfer Modern Pick as the deposit to 51% a share in ESforce (a cybersports business asset of Mail.Ru Group). Implied assessment of this share makes $56 million. The united company at the time of closing of the transaction will be estimated at $350 million, according to Mail.Ru Group will receive 16% a share in Modern Pick in addition to already available for it 3% of the company. As declare in Mail.Ru Group, partnership will allow both of its parties to build diversified cybersports business with presence in Russia, the CIS countries and in Europe.

As told in the press service of Mail.Ru Group, meant by the partnership agreement which was approved by Board of Directors of Mail.Ru Group, assessment of ESforce makes $110 million. At the same time overall assessment of assets of ESforce purchased by Mail.Ru Group taking into account SK Gaming and businesses of a catering and cybersports attributes which were sold earlier more than for $10 million makes over $120 million. "It is predicted that closing of the transaction within the agreement will be complete in the coming months, and ESforce will be excluded from consolidated financial statements of Mail.Ru Group and results of the II quarter will be provided on a proforma. In 2018 financial year revenue of ESforce made 2.7 billion rubles, EBITDA - 0.7 billion rubles", - specified in the press service of Mail.Ru Group, having noted that it after closing of the transaction of Mail.Ru Group will work with ESforce in which it will possess 49%, on market conditions, including in the field of targeted advertizing using Mail.Ru Group services.

The press service of Mail.Ru Group also specified that in the long term the company can change the size belonging to it in ESforce of a share in the greater or lower side depending on a number of operating rooms of KPI of the united company for 2022. "The share of Mail.Ru Group will be overpriced on the basis of financial performance for 2022. If consolidated revenues for 2022 are below the set minimum threshold, Mail.ruGroup can leave the united company and back receive 51% of ESforce. Mail.Ru Group can also cancel the transaction if Modern Pick will not satisfy the conditions of attraction of financial resources and consolidation of assets approved within the agreement", - said in Mail.Ru Group.

Agreement with Daimler and F.C. Köln on sale of 67% of the stocks SK Gaming

On January 15, 2019 Esforce signed the sales agreement of 67% of the stocks SK Gaming to Daimler automobile concern (a brand of Mercedes-Benz) and football club "Cologne". The transaction completed more than 20-year stage of the relations of Cherepennikov with the cybersports industry.

2018: Acquisition by Mail.Ru Group company Group announced on January 22, 2018 purchase of 100% of a share in cybersports holding ESforce. The transaction, the agreement on which was signed on January 19 years, should be closed in the first quarter 2018 and still requires approval of the third parties. Mail.Ru Group will purchase 100% of ESforce for money. Purchase cost when closing the transaction will be $100 million that includes repayment of all debts. Also at the end of 2018 payment which amount will depend on the reached KPI on the specific financial and operational purposes will be made. It is supposed that the amount of payment will be about $20 million.

Mail.Ru Group purchases business at Anton Cherepennikov and Highland Falls Investment. The board member of Mail.Ru Group Vladimir Streshinsky refrained from vote in order to avoid emergence of a conflict of interest. For observation of the course of acquisition the independent committee of Board of Directors which also advised uninterested board members was created. The committee received independent assessment of Deloitte and Morgan Stanley. The transaction was approved by all uninterested and independent directors.

Mail.Ru Group completely consolidates ESforce and will open its financial results on a comparable basis. At the same time in the joint structure ESforce will remain independent holding, and this solution will not affect the status and an operational company performance.

As noted, ESforce is one of the largest cybersports organizations in the world and the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe. In 2017 the audience of holding made 116 million users, the number of sessions reached 440 million; users of streamingovy platforms browsed more than 120 million hours of online broadcastings. It is expected that revenue for 2017 will make about $19 million, having shown growth approximately for 150% in comparison with last year.

The world market of cybersport continues to grow at incredibly high rates: according to some forecasts, for the next decade it will overtake the traditional sports market. ESForce – one of world leaders. We are glad that the talented command which built this business in full strength will remain in the company. This purchase completely fits into our strategy and contains a number of synergies with the existing business — Boris Dobrodeyev, the CEO (Russia) of Mail.Ru Group commented on purchase.

I see in this transaction the next stage of development of ESforce and its strengthening in the world market. The cybersport was always my passion, and I am glad that in prospects of business which we constructed in two years, the largest Russian Internet holding believes — Anton Cherepennikov, the director and the co-owner of ESforce holding said.

The market of cybersport shows stable growth: by Superdata estimates in 2018 the volume of the world market will be about $1.6 billion, and the size of audience will reach 300 million users.

After the transaction Anton Cherepennikov saved a position of the head and board member of holding.

2017: Purchase of 66% of the stocks SK Gaming

In 2017 the holding acquired 66% of shares of the largest cybersports organization SK Gaming.

2015: Creation of holding

In 2015 USM Holdingsalishera of Usmanov invested 100 million dollars in club. After the transaction with USM Holdings the founder of cybersports club Natus Vincere Alexander Kokhanovsky and Anton Cherepennikov merged the cybersports assets, having created cybersports holding ESforce based on club.