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Easy Meal Family




The Easy Meal company offers a healthy and tasty power supply with delivery. Clients of the company can select the suitable program of a power supply, subscribe on its daily delivery or order a lunch which Easy Meal will bring to the client home or to office at any convenient time, to any point of Moscow.


2020: Easy Meal becomes Easy Meal Family

On March 27, 2020 the Performance Group company (brands of a healthy power supply Level Kitchen, Performance Food and My Food) announced change of positioning of the Easy Meal company purchased in November, 2019. Now service will be focused on providing consumers with ready diets with families. The product line of Easy Meal Family will significantly extend. In particular, clients will be able to order the different types of a power supply which are most reflecting needs of any family:

Easy Meal Family
  • A power supply for all family. The line represents the designer and is created for parents with children, there is a possibility of increase up to two and more children. A four times power supply (a breakfast, having a snack, a lunch, a dinner) represents dishes for the man on 2000 kcal a day, for the woman on 1500 kcal and also a breakfast and having a snack for the child. At the initial stage in the program there will be about 170 dishes, each cycle of a power supply lasts 28 days.
  • A power supply for those who plan children (Female health / Male health). A menu basis for women – fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood, vegetable oils and bean cultures. Diets of ready food do not contain some canned food, caffeine and chocolate, are made with restriction of dairy products. Meat is admissible only once a week. The program is expected 1500 kcal a day. In a men's diet the products raising testosterone (red pepper, dark chocolate, spinach, beet, cherry, etc.), with the day caloric content of 2000 kcal prevail.
  • A power supply for pregnant women. A power supply of a line reflects features of the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. In particular, ready dishes contain more products with vitamin A in the first trimester (pumpkin, carrots, broccoli), in the second trimester the iodine content (strawberry, prunes, a cranberry) increases. In addition, diets differ on daily caloric content - 1800 kcal in the first trimester and 2000 kcal in the second and third. In a line products which can cause increase in sugar in blood (potatoes, white sugar) are excluded, only natural sweeteners (maple syrup, honey and others), without sugar substitutes are used. Products with a large number of microelements are added to the menu.
  • A power supply for mothers when breastfeeding. In a line the products capable to cause an allergy in the kid (gas-forming products, tomatoes, citrus, exotic fruit, exotic fish, chocolate, any preserved foods and pastries) are excluded. Products with a large number of microelements are added to the program (for example, a spirulina, herbal teas, kefir). All soups only on vegetable broths, at diets depending on the selected caloric content there is a low-fat meat or fish. The program is intended for feeding of the child by age from 0 to 12 months
  • Balanced power supply 60+. At the heart of a line a four-five times power supply with the caloric content of 1400-1700 Kcal, taking into account admissible amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for people of a retirement age. The line consists of lungs for assimilation of products. All dishes soft, the majority of garnishes are executed in the form of puree.

Researches show huge demand for a ratsionny power supply for all family both for every day, and for certain cases, such as arrival of elderly relatives or the expected replenishment in family. It is possible to find a lot of things in Easy Meal Family from what so far is absent in the Russian market. Certainly, the line of the updated brand will be constantly replenished. We will use also the unique practices of technologists, nutritionists and other specialists of Easy Meal made in 8 years of work. We expect to expand audience and to considerably increase business volumes,

- Artur Zeleny, the founder of Performance Group notes

Since March 24, 2020, delivery of a power supply within the 50th kilometer zone around Moscow became free. It is possible to study the detailed list of the addresses to which a free delivery extends on the website Easy Meal Family.

The Performance Group company announced purchase of Easy Meal in November, 2019. Easy Meal is formed in 2012 and is the oldest company on production and delivery of a healthy power supply in Russia. Its purchase of Performance Group became the first similar transaction in the foodtech-market of the country.

2019: Performance Group became the new owner

The Easy Meal logo for December, 2017

On November 28, 2019 Performance Group announced purchase of Easy Meal company, one of the oldest companies of the Russian foodtech-market.

According to terms of transaction, Performance Group acquires exclusive rights on a brand and other intellectual property of the company and also on tangible and intangible assets.

Easy Meal is the company with seven-year history, a recognizable brand and good reputation. After purchase, we are aimed to modify Easy Meal positioning. In addition to the existing lines, in the menu there will be additional diets, many of which were never started in Russia. For November, 2019 Performance Group is the company delivering ready diets in the capital region. After completion of the transaction our leadership will significantly amplify,
speaks Artur Zeleny, the founder of Performance Group

In Easy Meal service area - in Moscow and the next Moscow area. From the moment of the basis more than 5 thousand inhabitants of the capital region used services of Easy Meal. Annually the company delivers more than 10 thousand diets with the average check of 3000 - 3500 rubles. The menu basis for Easy Meal was developed by the Italian chief of Fabrizzio Fatuchchi and the British nutritionist Sue Baik. Easy Meal is the only delivery service of a dietary power supply in the Russian market where planning of diets, in addition to normal proteins, fats and carbohydrates, is also made by 10 additional parameters, including vitamins, calcium, cellulose, etc. The system of filters allows "configure" diets under individual requirements, for example, taking into account food allergy or the glycemic index of dishes.

I am glad that the history Easy Meal will be continued as a part of Performance Group. The company will remain in the market and it has serious plans for the next years. I remain in Easy Meal as the consultant to help to implement as soon as possible everything conceived,
speaks Yury Samokhin, the founder of Easy Meal

Change of the owner will not affect current transactions of the company in any way: orders will be taken and executed in the normal mode, the personnel team's line-up and technologies remains.

Performance Group is one of the delivery companies of ready food allowances, largest in Russia, for every taste. For November, 2019 the company works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar and manages three brands of a healthy power supply: Performance Food, Level Kitchen and My Food.