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Edging, Scientific Production Enterprise


300 employees in 2015


JSC NPP Kant is scientific-industrial complex. It is organized in 2010.

The main direction - development, production and commissioning:

  • stationary and mobile complexes of radio and radio engineering monitoring;
  • automated control systems for objects;
  • receptions and the transferring communication hubs;
  • data processing facilities of radio engineering control;
  • subsystems of monitoring of technical means and complexes;
  • systems and complexes of means of cryptographic information protection, communication channels and data transmission of different function;
  • information and telecommunication means of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • wireless equipment for the systems of automatic accounting of the movement of loads and rolling stock;
  • automated systems of safety of railway moving;
  • systems of video image identification of objects;
  • personnel positioning systems in underground excavations, the systems of search of people under blockages;
  • broadband wireless networks of data transmission;
  • the equipment for ensuring accounting and management of energy saving and also optimization of infrastructure of housing and public utilities regarding accounting and saving of energy resources:
    • electrical energy,
    • it is warm,
    • gas
    • waters.