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eero is the startup developing "smart" routers. The eero systems are created to provide a reliable and qualitative covering of Wi-fi network in house conditions. Instead of installation of the only Wi-Fi-router in eero numerous access points which provide a uniform covering of premises on the basis of mesh topology of a computer network are used. Thus, eero devices connect with each other, and each of them is capable to assume a switch role.


2019: Amazon was purchased by eero

On February 11, 2019 it was officially announced sale of eero to Internet giant Amazon. Conditions of the arrangement do not reveal. In 2016 investors estimated a startup at $251 million.

To this transaction of eero attracted in total $90 million investments according to the results of several rounds of financing. The Grishin Robotics fund of the co-founder of Groupdmitriya Grishin took part in one of them (for $50 million). As a result of purchase of eero by Amazon company the Grishin Robotics fund left the producer of routers.

Eero router
Eero router

It is not the first case when Amazon buys the producer of devices for the "smart" house in whom Grishin Robotics invested. So, in February, 2018 the online retailer purchased  the developer of hi-tech home locks and the cameras Ring.

The eero routers will add a "house" ecosystem of Amazon which the columns Echo with the virtual assistant Alexa, "smart" sockets, mediaplayers of a line  FireTV  and the microwave managed by voice commands also enter.

By February, 2019 the cost of a ruter of eero is  $199. Besides, for $149 it is possible to purchase an additional point, sets of several devices cost from $299. One router is expected the organization of wireless communication on the area about 139 square meters.

In addition to sale of network equipment, eero earns from a subscription for safe connection  of Plus which costs $99 a year and VPN from, Malwarebytes antivirus, password management through 1Password includes, blocking of advertizing and content filtering for children.

We have the general vision regarding the fact that possibilities of the "smart" house can become even simpler. We are complete of determination to continue development of innovations for the good of clients —  the senior vice president for devices and services of Amazon Dave Limp  (Dave Limp) said, commenting on acquisition of eero.[1]