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Elastifile — the American system developer of storage of corporate files which the companies can develop in a public cloud or on the local equipment in data center. According to developers, their technology simplifies daily transactions during the work with data, for example, when clients have to scale resources for storage of the growing information volumes.


2019: Google purchased Elastifile

On July 9, 2019 Google announced Elastifile acquisition, but the cost of the transaction did not begin to open. According to the Israeli business edition CTech, this purchase cost the American Internet giant $200 million.

By the time of the announcement of this transaction carried out three rounds of financing according to the results of which attracted in total $74 million to Elastifile. At different times invested in the company Dell Technologies Cisco , etc.

Google purchased the developer of a cloud for storage of client data in large volumes
Google purchased the developer of a cloud for storage of client data in large volumes

This acquisition should help Google to improve support the file - the focused processes which are executed on third-party services. For example, the producer of eSilicon chips uses Elastifile for storage of documentation on the products in Google Cloud. Film studios and other companies in the field of entertainments often have big archives which sometimes contain millions of files.

In the press release it is said that integration of Elastifile and Google Cloud will allow market participants to create quicker effective industry applications which storage requires more than one petabyte of a free space.

According to SiliconANGLE, finally Elastifile can succeed service for storage of the Google Cloud Filestore files. When in April, 2019 Google and Elastifile announced the cooperation providing with interaction of the products, the representative of Google Cloud Dominique Proys in a conversation with the edition noted that the Elastifile platform best of all is suitable for workflows during the work with huge amounts of data.[1]