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Endgame — the American software developer founded in 2008 in the field of cyber security. The company offers the platform for protection of end devices (endpoint security platform) which, according to developers, considerably reduces time and expenses connected with response to cybersecurity incidents and assessment of security of IT systems. The solution "with all the might provides protection" from viruses racketeers, the phishing and target attacks. The hybrid technology which provides cloud administration and localization of data is the cornerstone of the platform. The U.S. Department of Defense used Endgame technologies.


2019: Elastic purchased Endgame for $234 million

On June 6, 2019 the Elastic company known on the search Elasticsearch engine  (it is used, in particular, in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation), announced acquisition of Endgame for $234 million. The buyer will pay the transaction which is going to be closed in the third quarter 2019, by means of own actions and a covering of debts of the absorbed cybersecurity developer of technologies.

The program writer of Elasticsearch used by RPF buys cybersecurity company Endgame
The program writer of Elasticsearch used by RPF buys cybersecurity company Endgame

Follows from the press release that thanks to Endgame purchase the Elastic company will be able to attach the complete cybersecurity solution focused on security of end devices within the SEIM systems (information security tools and event managements).[1]

We work on expansion of our products to have more and more functions in SIEM and to work according to Elastic Common Schema (ECS). Protection of the end devices Endgame will be integrated with all existing and future projects of Elastic in the field of security — the CEO of Elastic Shay Banon says. — For users and clients of Elastic, in addition to today's use of Elastic Stack as the SIEM tool, you will see considerable additional value at Endgame deployment.