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"ExoAtlet" is the Russian producer of medical exoskeletons for rehabilitation. Since 2014 the company the resident Skolkovo. In it the collective having experience of research and developmental activity in scientific research institute of mechanics of MSU is brought together.

The medical exoskeleton of ExoAtlet I is intended for the help to physically disabled people and can be used both for medical, and for social rehabilitation of people with violations of musculoskeletal functions. Since June 28, 2016 products of ExoAtlet company are the medical product (the registration number RZN 2016/4360) registered in Roszdrava.

The ExoAtlet is an exoskeleton for verticalization and walking of the patient with locomotory violations of the lower extremities. Patients have an opportunity to go, rise and down on ladders, to sit down and rise without assistance. At patients arterial blood pressure is normalized, ventilation of lungs improves. Price: 3 million rubles


Demonstration of upgraded version of a rehabilitation exoskeleton

On April 24, 2018 in Technopark Skolkovo upgraded version of a rehabilitation medical exoskeleton "ExoAtlet", development of the resident Skolkovo was for the first time shown.

Demonstration of the updated ExoAtlet exoskeleton in Technopark Skolkovo
Demonstration of the updated ExoAtlet exoskeleton in Technopark Skolkovo

In the provided version the miostimulyation — a method of recovery treatment which makes impact on a spinal cord for activation of locomotory neurons and stimulation of muscles in the course of walking is added. At the same time, there was a possibility of adjustment of width of a basin, setting of legs, shins, told in Skolkovo Foundation.

Upgraded version of an exoskeleton of ExoAtlet is equipped with mechanisms of adjustment of width of a basin, setting of legs, shins
Upgraded version of an exoskeleton of ExoAtlet is equipped with mechanisms of adjustment of width of a basin, setting of legs, shins

In turn, the expanded management system allows to limit the power of drives of an exoskeleton that the patient could involve own muscles when walking.

The updated ExoAtlet gives the chance to involve own muscles when walking
The updated ExoAtlet gives the chance to involve own muscles when walking

According to Skolkovo Foundation, the ExoAtlet company is going to supply the development to the European markets.

This year we are going to begin certification of rehabilitation medical exoskeletons on the European standards. For us the European certification is an opportunity to open for itself at once a large number of the different markets, including Latin America — Ekaterina Berezy, the CEO of ExoAtlet company said.

Investments of 5 million dollars on creation in Europe ExoAtlet Global

"ExoAtlet" attracted 5 million dollars on development of the project in the mezhdunarony market. The Korean company Cosmo and Company Co., Ltd acted as the investor. Under the terms of the agreement signed on April 2, in Europe the ExoAtlet Global company for commercialization of developments of "ExoAtlet" in the world market is created. In 2018 the company will open representations in Japan, the USA and China. In 2019 — in India. The ceremony of agreement signature took place in the presence of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation of mister At Jun Gyna.

ExoAtlet Global will finance R&D-центр "ExoAtlet" in Moscow. Production of exoskeletons will remain in Russia from where they will be exported to Europe.

2017: "ExoAtlet" enters the market of Japan

In Technopark Skolkovo in November, 2017 documents on creation of joint venture which will prormote production of the Skolkovo company "ExoAtlet" in the Japanese market are signed.

Businessmen from South Korea became the partner of "ExoAtlet". The Cosmo & Company has a number of assets in Japan, and it will allow to register until the end of the year in Tokyo new joint venture. At the beginning of 2018 the certification process in Japan of products of "ExoAtlet" will be initiated. Process can borrow from eight months to one year.

Dennis Ahn, CEO of Cosmo & Company: "Russian "ExoAtlet" is technically very perfect, advanced product. Japan became the first country in which we act as partnea on creation of the joint company because there technologies, in particular robotics very quickly develop. For this reason we take in Japan the first step on globalization of products of our enterprise, joint with "ExoAtlet"".

Japan – one of four countries (along with the USA, Israel and Russia) where make exoskeletons. The Japanese company Cyberdyne with capitalization in one and a half billion dollars makes an exoskeleton of HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb). The Russian product uses other algorithm, than Asian, but costs three times cheaper than the competitor. It, to opinion of the Japanese doctors with whom already held consultations – indisputable advantage.

Koreans invested in "ExoAtlet" 1.2 million dollars on development of the Asian markets, including China - the following country where they intend to promote the Russian product. The government of South Korea selected 800 thousand more dollars as a grant for development of the company at home. Partners do not disclose financial conditions of the new agreement. It is known that the Korean colleagues are engaged in management, marketing and certification. The Skolkovo company, in turn, provides a product, service maintenance and training programs.


"ExoAtlet" will help patients with the diagnosis "multiple sclerosis"

The Russia's first clinical trials on application of a medical exoskeleton "ExoAtlet" in rehabilitation of patients with the diagnosis "multiple sclerosis" began fall of 2016.

Researches take place based on GBUZ MO "Moscow regional research clinical institute of M.F. Vladimirsky" under the leadership of the head of the department Sergey Kotov. 20 in advance selected patients will participate in researches which will last 2 months.

Berezy Ekaterina, founder and CEO "ExoAtlet": "In Russia more than 150 thousand people with the diagnosis multiple sclerosis and this disease promptly looks younger. We hope that during these clinical trials new approach to rehabilitation and preserving of motive functions at patients with such diagnosis will be revealed".

Beginning of sales of exoskeletons

At the end of June, 2016 "ExoAtlet" received the registration certificate in Roszdrava and, as a result, the right to sell the exoskeletons across all Russia.

At the same time clinical trials of the Russian exoskeletons in NMHTs of N.I. Pirogov began. 24 volunteers with an injury of chest and lumbar department of a backbone with walking malfunction, but with not complete paralysis will take part in the project.

The resident Skolkovo begins sales of medical exoskeletons
The resident Skolkovo begins sales of medical exoskeletons

Within the research it is going to carry out contrastive analysis of exoskeletons with the classical methods of robotic mechanotherapy which are already used in rehabilitation process. Similar robotic complexes of foreign production are present at some Russian clinics, however they are extremely expensive and inaccessible for the population. 

As reported TASS the founder of "ExoAtlet" Ekaterina Berezy, total investments into the company made 130 million rubles. Here money of investors and means from the state budget enter.

By words Berezy, "ExoAtlet" allows an exit to foreign market, however receiving approval of the American Food and Drug Administration requires $2 million and 2 years on obtaining the registration certificate.[1]

Ahead of us wait for sale across all Russia and participation in clinical trials for formation of new medical standards of rehabilitation of patients with an injury of a head and spinal cord, multiple sclerosis. Therefore in Russia rates for treatment of such patients using exoskeletons as instruments of robotic mechanotherapy will be accepted — chapter of "ExoAtlet" noted.

Clinical trials in the Arkhangelsk region

In 2016 the Corporation of development of the Arkhangelsk region started clinical trials of an exoskeleton with participation of patients pilots from Arkhangelsk and districts of the area, and one of the first pilots became Sergej Rubenstein who the first in the history of Russia made a wedding sacrament in an exoskeleton.

2011: The Ministry of Emergency Situations and MSU began work on the ExoAtlet project

In 2011 Emercom of Russia and a scientific command of MSU began work on the ExoAtlet project. Two years later the Russia's first working prototype of an exoskeleton was provided.