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Expeditor.Pro is service for automation of cargo transportation. The platform  directly connects customers and cargo carriers. For example, service automatically chooses for customers suitable carriers and optimal routes, and after the order helps to keep track of location of carrier. Expeditor.Pro allows to cut down expenses on cargo transportation due to reduction of number of "manual" transactions.

2017: Investments from IIDF

On August 23, 2017 the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) announced investment of 25.8 million rubles into Expeditor.Pro together with the entrepreneur Lev Gorilovsky.

The share in the company received by fund and the co-investor is not called. The involved investments into Expeditor.Pro intend to direct to development of add-on functional modules, marketing and development of customer service.

The IIDF invested in service of cargo transportation Expeditor.Pro
The IIDF invested in service of cargo transportation Expeditor.Pro

According to IIDF, in 2016 the size of the market of forwarding services in Russia was 90 billion rubles, and by 2021 the indicator can reach 115 billion rubles taking into account annual average growth rate in 5%.

The organization of each transportation is usually performed in "manual mode" using a huge number of phone calls and e-mails between cargo owners, forwarding agents and carriers. By our estimates, the share of modern logistic IT services in the organization of freight transportation does not exceed 4% of a total quantity of runs and the most part of these services is limited to work in the B2C-sector which is not requiring deep examination and understanding of specifics of cargo logistics of large cargo owners. Founders of Expeditor.Pro have wide and successful experience of logistics management in a B2B-segment and created service for B2B-customers with the most difficult logistic models — the CEO of Igor Prokhin reported.