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Otkritie bank


Since August, 2017 the Bank of Russia acts as the main investor of FC Otkritie Bank.

Central Bank of Russian Federation


Net Profit millions Thousand rub



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The bank works under two brands: in regions where brand recognition Khanty-Mansi bank is historically high, first of all, in the territory of KhMAO - this brand continues to be used, the Otkrytiye Bank brand acts on other territory of Russia.

Performance Indicators

2019: The loan portfolio of bank was 589 billion rubles

For January 1, 2019 the loan portfolio of the Otkrytiye bank integrated with B&N Bank was 589 billion rubles from which 400 billion are means of legal entities, and 189 billion are means of individuals. As of February, 2019 the Bank services 190 thousand entrepreneurs.

Otkrytiye bank


Growth of the mortgage portfolio by 37%

On March 29, 2019 there was information that the volume of the mortgage portfolio of Otkrytiye bank at the end of 2018 was 67.6 billion rubles that for 37% exceeded indicators of 2017.[1]

About 1 million payroll cards are issued

On February 7, 2019 there was information that in 2018 the Otkritie bank issued about 1 million payroll cards. According to the president — the chairman of the board Otkrytiya of Mikhail Zadornov, it is one of the key directions thanks to which the bank is going to attract new clients.

As he told, within retail business the Otkritie bank made complete restart of a cycle of consumer crediting. Credit politicians, pricing, a product line, the CRM system were reviewed. The quantity of the credits issued to individuals grew by 5 times. And the volume of the issued credits in December, 2018 is comparable to sales level of all 2017.

On the volume of the issued mortgage loans the Otkritie bank for the first time entered in top-5. At the end of year the volume of the issued cash loans was 53.6 billion rubles, and a mortgage — 33.8 billion.

Penetration of Internet and mobile banking in a year grew by 1.8 times. All systems of remote banking are transferred to modern platforms.

Speaking about plans for 2019, Mikhail Zadornov told that the network of bank departments will grow from 745 to 759, and the ATM network will increase from 5,710 to 6,195 ATM.[2]

Net profit — 90 billion rubles according to IFRS

On February 7, 2019 it became known that the net profit of Otkrytiye bank in 2018 was 90 billion rubles according to IFRS. The chairman of the board of bank Mikhail Zadornov explained similar profit with three factors.

The first — we recovered reserves when the bank of non-core assets Trust was selected from group and became independent bank. This interbank credit was reserved, i.e. it was release of reserves. The second factor consisted that only on balance of Otkrytiye bank of non-core and problem debt for 2018 about 70 billion rubles were extinguished... The third is operating activities of the bank, somewhere since the end of the third - the fourth quarter it made profit, despite rather serious investment volume both into network, and into process of preparation of integration of Otkrytiye and B&N Bank.
Mikhail Zadornov, Chairman of the board of Otkrytiye bank

At the end of 2018 the portfolio of the credits to small and medium business exceeded 74 billion rubles[3].

Growth of volume of the issued cash loans by 5 times

On February 13, 2019 it became known that the Otkrytiye Bank multiply increased sales of the retail credits in 2018. So, the volume of the issued cash loans since the beginning of year increased by 5 times – from 4.4 billion rubles according to the results of 1 quarter to 26.62 billion rubles for December 31, 2018. Similarly sales of mortgage loans – from 6.43 billion rubles grew to 23.84 billion rubles.

In 2018 we performed global restart of retail lending in bank. Earned the credit pipeline, the risk policy and the principles of pricing were reviewed, other product line is created, processes of formation of address offers and personal communications to clients of bank are smoothly running. It allowed us to make really competitive proposal and to provide increase in demand for our products.
Veniamin Polyantsev, board member, head of the retail block of Otkrytiye bank

The retail portfolio of Otkrytiye bank in 2018 grew more than by 43% to 190.31 billion rubles. In plans of Otkrytiye - almost double growth of the loan portfolio to 351.6 billion rubles, updating of a product line and further digitalization of services which will allow to make service of borrowers faster and comfortable[4].


Information systems of bank

Main article: Otkritie bank (information systems)

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development, operation and reliability of information systems of Otkrytiye Bank.



The court exacted 289 billion rub from 4 bank ex-presidents

In September, 2020 the Arbitration court of Moscow in the claim of FC Otkritie bank on behalf of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation claimed more than 289.5 billion rubles of damages from four former heads and also from the former major shareholder of Otkrytiye bank - JSC Otkrytiye holding.

It is record in Russia by the size of requirements the action for damages from the controlling persons of credit institution satisfied with court.

Sergey Rusanov, Otkrytiye Bank: Transition to an udalenka – "is not military operations, but the situation which is brought closer to fighting"

In May, 2020 the board member, the head of the IT block of Otkrytiye Bank Sergey Rusanov in an online interview of TAdviser answered questions of transfer of 14 thousand employees to remote work. Read more here.

Ex-managers of Opening returned to bank 1.7 billion rub of awards

On April 20, 2020 it became known that ex-managers of Opening returned to bank 1.7 billion rubles. The former heads got these awards shortly before sanitation of credit institution.

As the chairman of the board of Opening Mikhail Zadornov explained The Bell, the bank considers that top management paid awards to itself, to board and Board of Directors "actually in bankrupt bank".

FC Otkritie" exacted 1.7 billion rubles of awards from the former heads
It is that damage which received the Central Bank, having substituted the capital of the former owners. Yes, it is the claim to key owners, including to Vadim Belyaev. There are  seizures of property  in Russia. Further the property will be looked for also on the world — Mikhail Zadornov told.

According to him, by April 20, 2020 insolvency proceeding of Opening of Holding (the former owner of bank) within which financial investigation continues is carried out. The procedure will be used for search of those assets, "which we do not see yet", he noted.

Zadornov also reminded that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from a bank name Opening submitted to the former owners a claim for 290 billion rubles.

When say that damage — for 290 billion rubles, the ordinary person thinks that people stole 290 billion rubles. It's not true.  Unfortunately, till some moment for some bankers it was typical behavior: feel that not to save bank, and instead of normal insolvency proceeding withdraw some money from its balance, ship them outward and then run away. It was such role model — Zadornov explained.

Earlier Mikhail Zadornov told journalists that the former top managers of Otkrytiye bank voluntarily returned 840 million rubles of bonuses from 1.4 billion rubles. He also hoped that eventually the overwhelming quantity of these means will return by negotiations — this way of the chairman of the board called optimal. Also he said that in case of a failure of negotiations claims will be submitted.[5]

Remote design of a mortgage

In Otkrytiye bank in the middle of April, 2020 told that the remote mortgage is also already available to clients, and the credit institution intends to develop this technology and to scale on a wide range of borrowers. Read more here.

Interview of TAdviser with the head of the IT block Sergey Rusanov

In January, 2020 in an interview of TAdviser the board member, the head of the IT block of Otkrytiye bank Sergey Rusanov told about what way the company in the field of digitalization goes and as it affects its business. Read more here.

Increase in a share in Rosgosstrakh up to 99.6%

In January, 2020 bank it became known that FC Otkritie brought the share in Rosgosstrakh to 99.6%. The credit institution redeemed shares of the insurer from sister organizations — the bank of non-core assets has Trust and the child pension fund (NPF) Otkrytiye. The volume of transactions is estimated at 11.8 billion rubles Read more here.


FAS found Otkrytiye bank guilty in spam sending on corporate mail

At the end of December, 2019 the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) found Otkrytiye bank guilty in spam sending on corporate mail. The decision was made after the complaint of consulting company "STI Solution".

She addressed to Management of FAS across St. Petersburg after received from Opening the letter in which the bank offered the company cooperation and banking services. In "STI Solutions" did not agree financial institution to receiving mailing.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) found Otkrytiye bank guilty in spam sending on corporate mail

According to the CEO of STI Solution company Veronika Shaduro, as a rule, spam comes from representatives of small business and in such letters it is almost impossible to define the person sender.

But when letters come from the large organizations which have the whole staff of lawyers, you understand that they approved advertizing mailing, having been sure of the impunity. In the letter there are all data, the link to the license — she said in a conversation with RBC.

Shaduro considers that on the example of such affairs "it is necessary to show to spammers that punishment is real and even the staff of lawyers will not help to avoid responsibility".

The OFAS found Otkrytiye bank guilty in violation of the law "About advertizing" and transferred materials for initiation of administrative proceedings and determination of punishment.

However in Opening do not agree with the decision of OFAS — according to bank representatives, mailing had single character, and e-mail was in open sources. The company is going to appeal against the decision of department, told RBC in the press service of financial institution.

The bank said that the letter of STI Solution company was "business custom". The address was posted in free access on the website, and any person had the right to send letters with the offer.[6]

The dress-code of color of burned sugar is entered

In September, 2019 in Otkritie bank in sent a new-old dress-code on all offices. Now all employees from the ordinary operator to the managing director should go in color, fashionable still in 2011, burned sugar. Old black-and-white suits asked to throw out and purchase at own expense a new uniform. For failure from purchase the matrix of penalties is entered.

Plan of collecting from the former top managers of bank of property for 289 billion rub

In July, 2019. The arbitration court of Moscow satisfied the petition of FC Otkritie for a seizure of property on 289 billion rubles of the former owners and top managers of bank - the former co-owner of bank Vadim Belyaev, the ex-president Ruben Aganbegyan, the byvshey chairman of the board Evgeny Dankevich, ex-board members: head of the "retail business" block Elena Budnik and head of the corporate block Gennady Zhuzhlev.

Prohibition on photography of screens of computers by employees

On June 24, 2019 it became known that large banks in Russia prohibited the employees to photograph screens of computers using personal mobile phones. According to RBC, restrictions are introduced in Sberbank, Unicredit, Otkrytiye bank and VTB. Read more here.

The Central Bank is going to sell Otkrytiye bank in 2021

This dv air of Russia-24 TV channel was announced June, 2019 by the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. According to her, the Central Bank would not like to sell Otkrytiye bank at greatly reduced prices, but everything will depend on an environment.

Also E. Nabyullina told that experience of sale of ATB (Asian-Pacific Bank) forced to review the regulator approaches that to apply different methods of sale to Otkritie bank. Because, according to her, it is unrealistic, for example, at an auction to sell to one strategic shareholder big bank.

Also E. Nabyullina told that she for the banks of the Central Bank offered for sale is going to create a track record to show to the investor a steady positive financial result.

Credit line for MegaFon for 15 billion rubles

On April 29, 2019 it became known that the Otkrytiye Bank provided to MegaFon operator financing for 15 billion rubles in the form of the three-year approved credit line. Read more here.

Consolidation of ATM network with Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank On April 8, 2019 announced consolidation of ATM network with Otkrytiye bank thanks to what clients bank will be able to remove cash without the commission in 21 thousand devices through the whole country. The service is available to holders of debit and credit cards payment systems Visa, MasterCard and "World". In more detail here.

Growth of a share in Customs card up to 96.79%

On March 13, 2019 it became known that the Otkrytiye Bank consolidated 96.79% of Customs card due to purchase of a packet in 28.93% at the biddings organized by Deposit Insurance Agency.

"The Otkrytiye bank became the winner of public biddings of DIA on lot "Implementation of 28.93% of shares of Tamozhennaya Karta LLC. Thus, the bank increased the share in the operator of the payment system of the same name to 96.79%. The price offered by the winner was 19.2 million rubles.

In May, 2018 it was announced transition to Opening of a controlling interest in Customs card payment system. Then the bank became the owner of 100% of Promfinance LLC owning a share in 67.81% of Customs card.

The auction took place within implementation of assets of JSB Financial and Industrial Bank (Finprombank) which is in process of liquidation. The National association of customs representatives remains the owner of the remained 3.21% of Customs card.

In the reference of Otkrytiye it is emphasized that "national significant payment system "Customs card" is an operator of customs payments in Russia, providing to the companies — participants of foreign economic activity an opportunity quickly and conveniently to perform calculations with the Federal Customs Service". The Otkrytiye bank is settlement center of Customs card since March, 2017[7].

2018: The Central Bank decided to integrate B&N Bank and Opening

The Bank of Russia made the decision  to integrate B&N Bank and FC Otkritie. In February, 2018 the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina reported about it. She explained that banks will integrate in one credit institution "except for some share, maybe, of bad assets". The new structure in 2018 should include offices of Opening, B&N Bank and NB "Trust", in the 2019th — offices Rosgosstrakh of Bank. The main objective of consolidation is transition to universal management model which crucial elements will be basic branches and regional operational offices.


Net loss made 426.8 billion rubles

Net loss of FC Otkritie bank at the end of 2017 made 426.8 billion rubles against 1.5 billion rubles of net profit the previous year. Data of the consolidated statements of credit institution on IFRS are like that.

Growth of reserves under impairment of the credits became a basic reason of losses of bank — to 359.89 billion rubles (with 34.3 billion rubles in 2016), expenses on other types of impairment and reserves increased to 94.48 billion rubles (with 2.25 billion rubles in the 2016th).

The loan portfolio of bank after a deduction of reserves in a year was reduced to 716.2 billion rubles. The corporate loans issued under agreements of a repo decreased to 74.3 billion rubles. Means of clients on bank accounts of FC Otkritie were reduced for the reporting period to 870.1 billion rubles.

Control over bank passes to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Since August 29, 2017 the Bank of Russia acts as the main investor of FC Otkritie Bank. In bank the temporary administration which part the staff of the Central Bank and UK "Fund of Consolidation of the Banking Sector" was was appointed.

"The specified actions are performed  within implementation of the plan of participation of the Bank of Russia in  implementation of the measures for  warning of bankruptcy  of PJSC Bank FC Otkritie providing acquisition of additional issue of ordinary stocks of Bank by the Bank of Russia for  the amount of 456.2 billion rubles", says the regulator in December, 2017.

2016: Opening - the largest private bank of Russia

In August, 2016 it became known that the Otkrytiye financial group completed the legal procedure of accession of the Khanty-Mansi Otkritie bank to FC Otkritie Bank.

Consolidation became the largest in the history of the Russian banking sector, its result — emergence of Opening Finance Corporation bank with assets in 3.1 trillion rubles. It is the biggest by the amount of assets the private credit institution in Russia.

The full integration (including unification of product lines, operational processes and information systems) will come to the end until the end of 2017.

Financial institution begins to work under a uniform brand — Otkrytiye bank. The operating brands under which the client and regional directions work are also saved.

In Western Siberia, in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets autonomous areas the brand of the Khanty-Mansi bank remains. Save the brands and the Point projects (remote service for small business) and Rocketbank (mobile banking for individuals).

"Creation of uniform bank — the final stage of integration strategy of our banking group. This step will promote increase in stability and efficiency of our business, growth of quality of capital management and, as a result, further strengthening of our positions in the Russian market of banking services" — the chairman of the board of Otkrytiye bank Evgeny Dankevich[8] said[8].

According to the Bank of Russia, the credit institution, largest in the country, is Sberbank. Its assets almost reached 23 trillion rubles. VTB owns assets of 9.7 trillion rubles, Gazprombank — 5.1 trillion (data for August, 2016).

At this time Opening is universal commercial bank which develops such key directions of business as: corporate, investment, retail, SME and Private Banking. Opening pays special attention to hi-tech services: within the project Rocketbank is offered completely remote service for individuals, within the Point project — completely remote service for entrepreneurs.


Owners of bank for 2013:


Priorities in activity of Bank for July, 2010 is acceleration of calculations between structures of corporation, clients and partners, decrease in transaction costs and operational risks.


At the end of 2008 assets of Bank grew more than twice and were more than 16.7 billion rubles. The gain of equity occurred the same rates (by 2.4 times) and, as of the end of the year, this indicator reached 2,461.1 million rubles.

2006: The Khanty-Mansi bank was included into FC Otkrytiye

In 2006 the Khanty-Mansi bank was included into structure of FC Otkrytiye.