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FGC UES Federal Grid Company of the Power pool system



Revenue and profit of the company

200985 100 000---
21500 employees in 2009



+ FGC UES - Federal Grid Company of the Power pool system

The "Federal grid company of the unified power system" open joint stock company (Federal Grid Company, FGC) is formed on June 25, 2002 according to the program of reforming of power industry as the exclusive operator on management of the Single national (all-Russian) electric network (ENES) for the purpose of its preserving and development.


2017: FOL

Extent of a basic technology communication network of FGC UES – fiber lines (fiber-optic communication line) – in 2017 increased to 73.6 thousand km. By 2025 about 105 thousand km are going to expand it that along with other modern telecommunication technologies (wavelength division multiplexing of channels (WDM), packet data transmission (Ethernet) will allow to cover about 90% of substations of the company inter-chip digital links. It will increase quality of infrastructure management, reliability of power supply of consumers, will promote optimization of operating costs.

Inter-chip digital links are necessary for transfer of key corporate and technology information, including inventory data, indicators of work of power infrastructure in real time and so forth. An opportunity for implementation of technologies of "intelligent network" and solutions of digital substation is created. Directly the fiber-optic communication line forms a basis for telecontrol development by objects in the remote mode – one of the key directions of digitalization of FGC UES.

Till 2021 telecontrol on 93 substations of FGC UES will be implemented. Also till 2025 it is going to execute 32 digital projects connected with complex implementation of digital solutions on power facilities.


Objects of power grid economy of FGC are in 73 regions of the Russian Federation with a total area more than 13.6 mln The company provides functioning of 121 thousand km of transmission lines and 797 substations with a total established transformer capacity more than 305 thousand MVA a class of voltage of 35-1150 kV.

The FGC has 51 branches, including 8 branches of the trunk power grids (TPG), 41 main power networks company (MPNC), 1 motor transportation enterprise and 1 specialized production base.

Main activities

  • Management of the Single national (all-Russian) electric network;
  • Provision of services to subjects of wholesale market of electrical energy on transfer of electrical energy and accession to the electric network;
  • Investment activities in the field of development of the Single national (all-Russian) electric network;
  • Maintenance in proper condition electric networks;
  • Technical supervision of a status of network objects.

Performance Indicators


The gross revenue of the Company under RAS for 2009 made 85.1 billion rubles. The net assets value of Federal Grid Company as of 12/31/2010 was 579.746 billion rubles. Loans and the credits were at the level of 13 billion rubles.

In 2009 supply of electricity in network of the distribution grid companies, direct participating consumers of OREM and independent was AO-energo of ENES 452,662 million kWh, supply of electricity to the adjacent states – 13,628 million kWh. At the same time total actual losses of the electric power for 2009 were at the level of 22,121 million kWh.

The number of employees is 21,500 people.

Structure of the company


Authorized capital of Federal Grid Company is 616,780,666,776 rub and is separated into 1,233,561,333,552 pieces of ordinary shares with a nominal value of 50 kopeks everyone. The largest shareholder of the Company is the state from shares of ownership of 79.11%. 20.89% of placed shares of the Company are owned by more than 470 thousand minority shareholders.

Trading in shares of FGC at the exchanges of MICEX Stock Exchange Ltd (MICEX) and JSC RTS Stock Exchange (RTS) began on July 16, 2008. Due to the legislative restrictions on the minimum share of ownership of the state in 75% plus 1 action, stocks of Federal Grid Company cannot be quoted in list "A" of both levels. Since December, 2008 actions of the main release (number of state registration 1-01-65018-D of 9/10/2002) are entered in the list of the securities allowed to the address in quoted list "B" of MICEX and RTS stock exchanges. The trade FEES code, number ISIN - RU000A0JPNN9 is assigned for them. Since August 27, 2009 in the stock market of RTS Standard trade in ordinary shares of Federal Grid Company began, the trade FEES code is assigned for them.

On June 24, 2008 the FGC got permission of FFMS of Russia to placement and the request for borders of Russia of issued securities of all issues of ordinary stocks of the Company registered for today in the amount of, not exceeding 287,269,492,431 pieces of ordinary shares of the Company.

Start of the program of the depositary receipts (GDR) which did not undergo a procedure of listing for Provision S and Rule 144A, certifying the rights concerning ordinary shares of the Company took place on June 30, 2008. One depositary receipt is submitted by 500 ordinary nominal uncertificated shares of FGC. Depositary bank of the program is Deutsche Bank.

As of June 30, 2010 the volume of the program of depositary receipts of FGC is about 0.2% of authorized capital of the Company. The total quantity of the ordinary registered shares of Federal Grid Company which are included in the GDR program makes 2,070,576,000 pieces that corresponds to 4,141,152 GDR.

Information technologies

About development of information systems of FGC UES read in the separate article.



In 2016-2017 FGC UES executed several large projects on implementation of the fiber-optic communication line: in the Far East – on power transmission line sections from substation Lower Kuranakh to Maya and Olekminsk (890 km), in the south – from the Rostov NPP to substation Tikhoretsk (340 km). Also the fiber-optic communication lines were implemented on the lines "Urengoy — Mangazey" (305 km) in Western Siberia, Kostroma-Kirov (350 km) in the Center and the Volga region, Nalchik-Vladikavkaz-2 (210 km) in the North Caucasus.