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FSLogix — the American developer of technology of a provisioning  (automatic control) founded in 2012 for the virtualized jobs. The platform which is offered by the company allows to reduce hardware resources, time and labor costs by virtualization support. A system expands client opportunities and performance and also reduces requirements regarding support by IT departments. On the website FSLogix it is noted that the solution of the company is implemented in projects as with a small amount of users (to 1 thousand), and with large base (from 50 thousand). FSLogix is a Microsoft partner, Amazon, VMware, Citrix and Red Hat.


2018: Microsoft purchased FSLogix

On November 19, 2018 Microsoft announced FSLogix acquisition, but the cost and other terms of agreement did not publish.

It is known only that Microsoft is going to use FSLogix technologies for improvement of virtualization of Office 365. Developments of FSLogix will help to provide fast loading of the user profiles in Outlook and OneDrive and also will make work of Office 365 ProPlus of more effective for multi-user virtual environments, including the Windows Virtual Desktop service announced in September, 2018.

Microsoft purchased FSLogix company for improvement of virtualization of Office 365
Microsoft purchased FSLogix company for improvement of virtualization of Office 365

The founder and the technical director of FSLogix Randy Cook says that the company will continue work as before after the transaction with Microsoft. At this FSLogix it will be integrated with Microsoft, having provided to software giant the strong corporate solutions and a global scope.[1]

Both FSLogix, and Microsoft are focused on providing absolutely the best opportunities to the companies giving preference to deployment of virtual desktops. Microsoft resolutely supported this purpose by the recent announcement Windows Virtual Desktop which gives the best opportunities for work with Windows and Office on Microsoft Azure. We know that our command is capable to play a key role in it — Cook noted.