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FTsVMT of the Russian Ministry of Health Federal center of high medical technologies


Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care
Medical centers
Since 2011
Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation
Kaliningrad region, Guryev district, settlement. Springs, Kaliningradskoye Highway, 4.


The federal state budgetary institution "Federal Center of High Medical Technologies" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (FTsVMT) renders all range of medical services — from consultations and acceptance of specialists till a full stroke of treatment in a hospital, from diagnostics before the most difficult and unique heart operations and vessels.

In the center any kinds of surgeries on heart and vessels at patients of any age are carried out, beginning from newborn children, finishing elderly patients, the newest technologies of accomplishment of surgeries using the modern medical equipment are applied.

Activities of FTsVMT:

  • Treatment of the coronary heart disease (CHD);
  • Treatment of arrhythmias of heart;
  • Treatment of congenital heart diseases at children and adults;
  • Treatment of the purchased defects;
  • Treatment of patients with the sharp coronary syndrome (SCS);
  • Treatment of patients with violations of the musculoskeletal device.