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Federal Agency for Special Construction





+ Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy)

The Federal Agency for Special Construction is the organization of a military and construction complex of Russia. Takes active part in implementation of accomplishment of the presidential, government and regional programs aimed at the development of economy of the state. Except other, solves problems of construction, operation and development of objects of space and cellular communication, builds federal highways and lays main gas pipelines.

The branched structure of Federal Agency for Special Construction includes 19 managements, 8 of which are in the territory of Moscow and area, and the others 11 are located in different regions of the country (from Novorossiysk to Khabarovsk).


Abolition of Federal Agency for Special Construction

At the end of 20156 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin disposed about abolition of Federal Agency for Special Construction and transfer of its functions to the Ministry of Defence, reported on the Kremlin website.

In the text of the resolution it is noted that this solution was taken for the purpose of improvement of functioning of the system of public administration. In the decree also makes a reservation that the organizational and regular actions connected with implementation of this solution should be ended by July 1, 2017.

Abolition reasons

The Federal Agency for Special Construction is liquidated because of corruption, interlocutors of RBC say in December, 2016. The source in the Ministry of Defence claims that all staff of Spetsstroy will be employed The Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) which liquidation declared on Thursday, December 22, the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, was involved in a number of corruption scandals, as led to abolition of the organization, the experts polled by RBC consider. Also the aspiration to optimize work[1] affected[2].

Instead of Spetsstroy eight federal state unitary enterprises which will be a part of armed forces will be created and will be engaged in construction of military facilities. The agency performed all range of construction works for the benefit of the Ministry of Defence and executive authorities concerning ensuring defense capability of the country. Besides, Spetsstroy was engaged in housing and infrastructure construction for armed forces.

Spetsstroy was accompanied by series of the corruption scandals including connected with construction of Vostochny Cosmodrome. So, in March, 2016 it became known that Gazprombank and Roskosmos tried to exact 5.1 billion rubles from Dalspetsstroy, kotory enters into structure of the federal agency. Then Basmanny Court arrested founders of the Rusalyans System company acting as subcontractor at construction of military facilities on the cape of Shmidta in the Polar region. In the same month on suspicion of taking of a bribe of St. Petersburg three employees of Head department of special construction (GUSST) No. 3 at Federal Agency for Special Construction were delayed. Together with them also one former employee of this enterprise was delayed. At the end of April it became known of arrest of the ex-chief of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Spetsstroytekhnologii at Spetsstroy Vladimir Shamailov and the entrepreneur Renat Syamiullin. Both were suspected of commercial bribery. According to the investigation, Syamiullin mediated in commercial bribery and received from subcontractor of Pipe Metallurgic Company Ltd for Shamailov several million rubles. The contractor under the agreement had to build housing, communication, social objects for Vostochny Cosmodrome and to be engaged in improvement.

The Deputy Minister of Defence Timur Ivanov stated basic reasons of abolition of Federal Agency for Special Construction. One of main - in the excessive number of the intermediaries working at buildings of the agency. The Defense Ministry wanted to interact with final contractors directly.

The Ministry of Defence took the initiative to liquidate Federal Agency for Special Construction because of a large number of the intermediaries working according to government contracts of the agency. The Deputy head of department Sergey Shoygu Timur Ivanov told about it. Its interview publishes Kommersant.

"A system which was built in Spetsstroy meant a large number of intermediary and contract organizations: Spetsstroyinzhiniring signed contracts with Head department of special construction No. 3 there, and that, in turn, signed the contract with Head department of engineering works No. 2 and so on. And such chain reached three-four enterprises. It is inadmissible today", - Ivanov explained. As a result of reform the number of administrative personnel in the former structures of Spetsstroy will manage to be reduced twice, added the deputy minister.

The second reason Ivanov called "creation of a uniform military and construction complex". In other words, the decision to reassign the enterprises of Spetsstroy which are engaged in army buildings, to directly Defense Ministry is made. It will concern, in particular, control of financial and economic activity and appointment of directors. Let's remind, such enterprises at the liquidated agency was eight. All of them will pass into structure of the Ministry of Defence till July 1 of this year.

Reform is especially relevant in connection with the huge volume of buildings of the Defense Ministry. As Ivanov explained, they are comparable to a similar indicator in the USSR after war. "At the same time more than 2 thousand subjects to both special, and social appointment are under construction. These are radar stations, hydraulic engineering constructions, airfields, medical objects, apartment houses, schools and kindergartens, cadet schools, military camps, polygons, moorings. Work is conducted from Kaliningrad to Kuriles. Only in 2016 over 2.5 thousand buildings and constructions with a total area of 2.7 million sq.m are built", - Sergey Shoygu's deputy told.


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