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Federal agency on management of federal property Rosimushchestvo





+ Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo)

Rosimushchestvo performs functions of the owner in the field of privatization and power in the field of property management of the Russian Federation (except as specified when the specified powers in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation perform other federal executive authorities).

Objects of federal property

The contribution of the state and state companies to GDP grew to 70% in 2015 from 35% in 2005, reported in 2016 to FAS. The quantity state and municipal unitary enterprises in three years trebled, the service refers to data of the USRLE: they are still created in the markets with the developed competition where use of an administrative resource and budget financing – serious threat. At the same time the number regional sharply grew and municipal unitary enterprises – they are the main enemies of the competition in the local markets.

The state leaves the property reluctantly. In 2012 the list of the largest companies, privatizeable was expanded, the state was going to reduce significantly the share in them and even to leave the capital. But plans changed, it was told in the report of FAS: as of 2016 the state was not going to leave corporate control and aimed to save an opportunity to influence management.

Data of 2016
Data of 2016

Information systems

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2008: Disbandment of the Russian Federal Property Fund

Since August 1, 2008 the Russian Fund of Federal Property (RFFP) was disbanded by the order of the Russian Prime Minister.

1992: Creation of the Russian Federal Property Fund

The Russian fund of federal property — the specialized public institution at the Government of the Russian Federation created in 1992 for management of transactions on sale of the privatized federal property, implementation of the property arrested by a court decision and also for the order and implementation confiscated personal of the ownerless, withdrawn and other estate turned into the property of the state.