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Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Rosmolodezh



For anybody is not a secret that on space of the CIS the wave of orange revolutions swept and leaders came to the power not as a result of democratic procedures, and under pressure of crowd. "Ours" were created not to allow an opportunity technology to organize disorders. It is an insurance in case suddenly will decide to impose us the non-democratic procedure of the choice of the president "— the founder of the pro-Kremlin youth movement "Nashi" Vasily Yakemenko told the American students.


Financing of projects of the agency

Vedomosti decided to consider how many spends for "ours" the state. For this purpose we analyzed data of the register of government contracts and operators of presidential grants. It turned out that in 2007-2010 according to government contracts and in the form of grants "ours" received 26 million rubles, and the organizations created with the assistance of their current and former leaders — 441 million rubles. We will be lower for economy of the place to write just "ours", meaning the movement and these organizations.

In total there are 467 million rubles. It is a lot of if to compare to other youth movements — for example, "The Young Guard of the United Russia" and Local for the same period from the same sources got only 8 million rubles.

Who is given

It is interesting that — 347 million rubles — "ours" got the most part of money according to the government contracts concluded with Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) which during its creation in 2008 was headed by Yakemenko. In 2009 there were 116 million from 588 million rubles all government contracts of Rosmolodezh, and in 2010 — 231 million from 430 million rubles.

Among payees three organizations are in the lead: Youth Policy of 2020 fund, non-profit organizations "National Institute "The higher school of management" and Healthy generation.

The Youth Policy of 2020 fund created in 2008 for 2009-2010 received from Rosmolodezh nine government contracts on 185.6 million rubles. The cofounder of fund is Artur Omarov, the chief of staff of "ours". He stood at the origins of the movement "Stal" which became famous for the fact that it organized an exhibition of the doll heads of oppositional politicians, journalists and public figures put on stakes in the Seliger-2010 camp.

"I was never connected with "ours", and saw Vasily Yakemenko only two times — Alexander Gagiyev, the head and the cofounder of "Youth policy of 2020" assures. — When began to work with Omarov, I did not know at all that he is related to "ours", he was always represented by the organizer of the Steel project.

According to Gagiyev, in staff of fund six people, and up to 150 specialists employ under terminal employment contracts. "These people are professionals in the organization of tourist programs and scout camps, they have an improbable experience". According to Gagiyev, government contracts — not sugar, happen delays with payments. "And we have, let us assume, across Seliger 15 contractors. How to explain to them that toilets should be cleaned, and money will be later? It is necessary to be credited, and secured loans of the government contract do not give" — Gagiyev complains.

National Institute "Higher school of management" in 2007-2010 received 113.5 million rubles. The cofounder and the commissioner of "ours" Maria Kislitsyna and the former commissioner of "ours", and now the deputy of the State Duma from United Russia Sergey Belokonev were founders of this non-profit organization. Neither Kislitsyna, nor Belokonev began to answer questions of Vedomosti.

The Healthy Generation non-profit organization from Lyubertsy created by the former chairman of the board "Going together" and the head of one of "our" departments Roman Shvyrev, in 2010 received from Rosmolodezh three government contracts on 60.2 million rubles Software to the address of Healthy Generation in Lyubertsy Shvyrev and partners register one more non-profit organization — Step Towards which in 2010 received a presidential grant on 2 million rubles. It was not succeeded to contact Shvyrev.

Why the organizations created by members of "ours" received more than a half of government contracts of Rosmolodezh headed by the ex-leading of "ours" in 2010? All government contracts go through the law on state procurements, any attempt to influence the solution on the government contract would be violation of the law — the press secretary of "ours" and Yakemenko Christina Potupchik so answers this question. But "unique competences" of "our" commissioners and "the maximum experience" of the organizations created by them, it continues, allow them to offer the state the bottom prices — here they and win. Plays the role and "uniqueness of the events held by Rosmolodezh" — competitors are "not much". But nobody limits the competition, "there was scheduled inspection of Federal Antimonopoly Service, there are no notes", Potupchik concludes.

The commissioner of "ours" and in combination the chairman of the board of one more "our" fund — Russian Style (15 million rubles in 2009-2010) Ivan Kosov suggests not to look for "background" too: everyone can participate in tender, and "claim that Yakemenko promoted someone — absurdity". "The Russian style" and "ours" not same, is drawn by Kosov: "We separate a certain ideology — and all. Here anything else it is not necessary to look for".

On what give

Most of all money goes on the All-Russian international educational forum "Seliger" which "ours" hold since 2005. Budget expenses, judging by the register of government contracts, from 2007 to 2010 grew by the organization and providing the camp more than by 60 times: from 1.5 million rubles to more than 100 million rubles (the truth, and number of a forum grew from 3000 to 20,000 people).

In 2009. "The youth policy of 2020" received according to government contracts from Rosmolodezh on arrangement of the camp and the equipment of 40 million rubles, in 2010 — 76 million. "The higher school of management" according to government contracts on trainings, sports and tourist and leisure programs of Seliger-2010 — 20.9 million rubles, and in 2009 — 3.5 million rubles from the president. "Ours" received on Seliger-2010 a presidential grant on 5.5 million rubles too. Well and on a trifle: the fund of Ayr founded by the activist of "ours" and the being Yakemenko's adviser Marina Zademidkovoy won the contract of Rosmolodezh for 1.9 million rubles for carrying out on Seliger-2010 of change Leadership (Zademidkova says that she is not engaged in affairs of fund any more).

It is a lot of money including from Federal Agency for Education and the Ministry of Education and Science, it was selected for training with the emphasis on a technique. So, "The higher school of management" in 2007 received 14 million rubles on "implementation of the credit modular circuit of preparation when using remote technologies of training (on the example of specialty "public relations)", "development and approbation of model of independent work of students when using remote technologies of training (on the example of humanitarian disciplines)" and "development and approbation of model of training in the field of management on the basis of network interaction of educational institutions using remote technologies of training". In the same 2007 17 million rubles left on "development and approbation of methodical providing and advanced training of employees of departments of humanitarian and social and economic sciences on problems of development of civil society". In 2008. "The higher school of management" received on similar tasks 41 million rubles, in 2009 — 17 million rubles.

Be held in high esteem of an innovation. In 2010 Tekhnologii molodezhi LLC created by the head of Zvorykinsky project of "ours" Dmitry Koch and his partners received 38 million rubles.

Noticeable item of expenditure — transportation of youth. For example, "The Russian style" in 2010 received 14.4 million rubles for delivery of youth to the celebration of National Unity Day.

"Ours" — the only movement which notices talented young people — Yulia Zimova, the manager of projects of Bear (8.95 million rubles from Rosmolodezh in 2010) and "Our children" says (6.52 million rubles in 2009-2010). — When I started moving "ours", I could not imagine that I will have such projects and I will be engaged in tenders, exhibitions and involvement of sponsors ". It is interesting that to Zimov's Bears was an activist of the movement "New Civilization" created on Mikhail Khodorkovsky's money. But also with "ours" Zimova feels quite comfortably, she participated in all large mass actions: "We have not a totalitarian regime in the country".

Not only state

"Our" actions have also private money. For example, the owner of the Onexim group Mikhail Prokhorov selected 45 million rubles for the innovation change of Seliger-2010.

"Mikhail Prokhorov does not politicize, but seriously is interested in the innovation projects, and when appealed to him to support the youth forum 'Seliger', we had an idea to organize and finance one change of a forum, having made it completely devoted to innovations and new technologies" — the representative of Oneksim explains. At first Yakemenko's colleagues suggested Prokhorov to undertake financing of all Seliger, tells a source, close to the businessman, Prokhorov is indifferent to all these youth movements, but the businessman was asked by the person to whom it could not refuse, and Prokhorov offered the idea with the innovation change.

Among partners and sponsors of the forum "Seliger-2010", as stated on its website, there were large western companies. Selected with Mercedes-Benz Rus three cars for shuttle runs, Tupperware carried out culinary demonstrations to the first two shifts of a forum and distributed in the camp of a box for a lunch and glasses. KPMG participated in a job fair. The representative of Siemens held the presentation about career opportunities in the company. And Intel provided a computer hardware for work of the change devoted to commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

After the Seliger story with dolls on stakes representatives of KPMG and Tupperware told the American International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Novaya Gazeta that they did not know about communication of an action with "ours", and the representative of Daimler assured them that if the company begins to support Seliger in the future, then will demand from organizers not to allow "excessive political actions".

Also the organizations connected with "ours" sponsor. So, Gagiyev from "Youth policy of 2020" is proud of the fact that he spent 1.2 million rubles profit of fund for 2009 including for the Train without Armor project approved personally by Putin. 60 young journalists sent began to look on "the updated Chechnya" at a visit from a meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov, and came to an end with a meeting with "participants of patriotic club "Ramzan".

Suspicions of corruption

In the summer of 2010. The Prosecutor General's Office found out that tenders of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy on placement of the state order take place with violations. Having studied tender practice of Rosmolodezh, one of the most active structures subordinated to the ministry, found out that it distributes the contracts at the maximum price. It in itself is not illegal. But representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) detected violations in documentation of some tenders of the agency. These violations give the grounds for unscheduled inspection of Rosmolodezh by the staff of FAS.

The competition on tenders of Rosmolodezh is practically absent analyzed the tenders and auctions with the starting price of lot from 1 million rubles held by Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in 2010. From 39 tenders in 24 there was only one participant who received as a result the contract at the maximum price. In eight cases applications more than from one participant were submitted, but the winner recognized the participant who offered the greatest (in seven cases) the starting price.

In three cases more than one application were submitted, but as a result all the same there was one participant: other requests were rejected. The contract was also signed at the maximum price. "The situation when only one applicant participated in the majority of tenders, says or that this sector anti-competitive in general, or that other potential participants lost faith in a possibility of a victory in these biddings taking into account the developed trend" (a stable victory of the same participants) is considered by the representative of Legal Department law company Dmitry Dmitriyev.

Transport services and a power supply were bought without auction

As reported Marker in management of control of placement of the state order of FAS, in 2010 complaints to tendering process by Rosmolodezh did not arrive. The fact that in the majority of tenders there was only one participant is not violation of the current legislation.

However technical specifications of a number of tenders contain the violations giving the grounds for conducting unscheduled inspection. So, among other conditions of contract performance the obligation for rendering transport services and also food services is set. In particular, such conditions are in technical specifications of tender on the organization and carrying out change Leadership of the forum "Seliger-2010". Meanwhile the listed services are included into the auction list and on their rendering the electronic auction should be held.


Rosmolodezh spent from the budget 5 million rubles for fitness

The Attorney-General Russia Yury Chaika accused in April, 2015 Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of inappropriate waste of 5 million rubles on subscriptions in the fitness centers. Reported about it "Interfax".

"Budget violations allow also executive authorities — for example, in Federal Agency for Youth Affairs even the fact of inappropriate use more than 5 million rubles for payment of subscriptions in the fitness centers is determined" — Chaika told, making the report in the Federation Council.

Materials of the internal investigation made upon wastes are directed to prosecutor's office. Meanwhile in the press service of Rosmolodezh explained that check of the State Office of Public Prosecutor took place at the beginning of 2014.