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Federal Communications Agency Rossvyaz





+ Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz)

As of April, 2012 Rossvyaz is engaged in distribution of number capacity, establishment of rates for network interconnection of telecom operators, accreditation of certificate authorities of means of communication, coordination of the international mail exchange and also is authorized organization for construction of facilities of communication in Sochi.


For July, 2012:

The head of Rossvyaz is Dukhovnitsky Oleg Gennadyevich

Deputy managers of Rossvyaz:

  • Panyshev Dmitry Olegovich
  • Chursin Igor Nikolaevich
  • Shelikhov Vladimir Vasilyevich



Rossvyaz was created in 2004 for rendering public services in the field of telecommunications. Initially department had a big range of powers, but in 2007 lost most "interesting" of them: issue of radio-frequency permissions, carrying out tenders on rendering services were, etc. sent to Rossvyazyokhrankulture which successor was a Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) later.

In 2011 Valery Bugayenko heading Rossvyaz since 2007 died. After that Bugayenko's deputy Sergey Malyanov began to fulfill duties of the head of department, but he was not appointed the permanent head. Recently Malyanov resigned. The last month the acting head of Rossvyaz was Vladimir Shelikhov. At the same time market participants assumed that Rossvyaz will be abolished, and its functions — are told to Roskomnadzor.

In April, 2012 (Rossvyaz) Oleg Dukhovnitsky is appointed the Head of Federal Communications Agency. Before Dukhovnitsky was the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of Igor Shchegolev.

2017: Certificate authority and testing laboratory

The government charged to Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) in April, 2017 new powers. Now Rossvyaz is responsible for the organization of a certification process of the communication equipment used in infrastructure of transport security. The agency head Oleg Dukhovnitsky told about it on board of Rossvyaz[1].

Within execution of this order Rossvyaz already created certificate authority and testing laboratory based on subordinated to the Scientific Research Institute Radio agency and also it is ready to maintain a register of the certified equipment. The equipment list of transport security which will be subject to certification will have to approve Ministry of Transport.

Rossvyaz believes that certification the big range of the equipment will get. As from the devices which are directly used in vehicles - for example, for control of driving and rest of the driver, and the equipment of transport hubs: framework of metal detectors, video cameras, etc. Let's remind that Rossvyaz is the department responsible for accreditation of the certified centers of telecommunication equipment

2015: Rossvyaz spent 76 million for the unclaimed IT project

On June 29, 2015 outputs of Accounts Chamber concerning expenses of Rossvyaz on completion of an information system of control of contributions of telecom operators to the Reserve of universal service[2] gained fame [2].

The agency spent 76 million rubles for completion of an information system, however, according to the conclusion of Accounts Chamber, the basic purpose of software is not performed. Besides, auditors noted low demand of universal services.

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) is responsible for functioning of universal communication services, it collects from all telecommunication companies 1.2% of their revenue in the corresponding Reserve. In 2010 and 2011 Rossvyaz carried out upgrade of the information system for process automation of collecting, storage, search and issue of necessary information on accomplishment of the state functions of the agency. Project cost was 76.5 million rubles.

"However at the time of check process of collection of information, including introduction of data on base of calculation of allocations to reserve of universal service, was carried out in the manual mode, - the auditor of Accounts Chamber Sergey Shtorgin told. - Also the problem of automation of function of search and issue of correct information for control of operators of a public communication network was not solved. Thus, the basic purpose of an information system is fully not executed: with its help it is impossible to carry out monitoring of implementation by telecom operators of obligatory allocations to reserve of universal service for the reporting period".

In Rossvyaz in the address did not agree with criticism.

"In a system there is a personal account which allows telecom operators to send data on the payments made by them to the Reserve of universal service, - the representative of department Vladimir Kalinin said. - However not all operators use this opportunity in this connection in other cases we should enter data manually. Now we try to obtain from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of making changes in normative and legal base which would oblige operators to work with our system to make process completely automatic for all".

The Accounts Chamber paid attention to a debt problem of the state before operators of universal service. For the end of 2013 in Russia 21 operators acted, they requested from Rossvyaz to pay them for 2013 18.1 billion rubles Rossvyaz approved payments only on 16.2 billion rubles. For the first half of 2014 these operators made a request for payment of 8.4 billion rubles to them, the agency approved payments on 7.5 billion rubles.

Rossvyaz cannot automate charges from telecom operators in the Reserve of universal service However money was not paid to operators of universal service: it is connected with the fact that since June 1, 2014 Rostelecom to which money was redirected became uniform operator of universal service. Before it within universal service serviced only payphones, at the same time in a number of regions alternative operators were engaged in it. The majority of service contracts of other type of universal service – public Internet access points (PKD) – Russian Post had.

As a result at Rossvyaz debt to operators of universal service for the amount of 10.9 billion rubles was formed. In compliance with the decision which is earlier made by the government, this debt will be repaid during 2015 - 2017. Including in 2015 it is necessary to repay the debt to all alternative operators for the total amount of 1.2 billion rubles, partially to Rostelecom and Russian Post for the amount of 2.8 billion rubles.

But, in addition to debts under "old" contracts for universal service, the state can have a debt and on the new contract with Rostelecom. Within this contract Rostelecom annually should receive one billion i16.3. At the same time Rossvyaz predicts that in 2015 the volume of the Reserve of universal service will be one billion i14.5, in the future - not enough means will be one billion i14.2, i.e.

The Accounts Chamber paid attention and to low demand of universal services, connected, including, with not market prices of the relevant services: in Central federal district the cost of a call by the payphone - from 3.82 rub to 10.04 rub in a minute whereas mobile operators have a price of one minute from 0.13 rub to 0.81 rub in a minute. As a result in 2012 - 2014 the volume of rendering services using universal payphones decreased by 27.9%, and income from them dropped by 42.8%. Volume using PKD also dropped by 66.8%, and income from them for 67.3%.

Auditors of the joint venture in this regard called into question the ambitious project on liquidation of "digital inequality": according to the above-mentioned contract with Rostelecom, it is supposed to carry out trunk fiber-optical communication channels at access rate not less than 10 Mbps to all localities with number of inhabitants from 250 to 500. The Accounts Chamber is afraid that these services will also not be demanded.

Rossvyaz expressed confidence in compliance of rates for use of universal payphones at the level of market. And rates for work with PKD did not change several years and became higher, than at other telecom operators. But in compliance with the recent government decree the maximum level of rates for work with PKD was reduced with from 0.04 rub/MB in the European territory of Russia of the territory to 0.66 rub/MB in the territory of Chukotka, and within the coming several months Rostelecom will have to bring the rates into accord with these limits.