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Federal fund of space data



The Federal Service for State Registration, Cartography and Cadastre (Rosreestr) announced at the beginning of 2017 creation of federal fund of space data which included the materials received as a result of the geodetic and cartographic works organized by department. The fund contains geodetic, cartographic, topographical, hydrographic, aerokosmosjemochny, gravimetric materials about the territory of the Russian Federation – in total more than 86 million units of materials and data.

Materials of fund are provided on requests of federal authorities, local government authorities, legal entities and physical persons. Providing with relevant cartographic data increases quality of the made management decisions on development of territories.

Materials of fund of space data can be applied in the field of ensuring state security, in the construction and oil and gas industry, at design and production in power industry, fuel and energy complex, the transport industry. More than a half of requests of fund is the share of federal authorities. On a share of legal entities which are engaged in geodetic and cartographic activities, – more than 45% of requests.

Cartographic materials of different scales in analog and digital forms both geodetic materials and data are most demanded.

The fund contains the materials carried to the unified electronic cartographic basis (UECB), created by the uniform rules for all territory of the Russian Federation providing their general availability and providing in a digital format. Digital maps and plans of open use in vector and raster formats and also orthophotographic materials belong to EEKO.