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Federation of the fire and applied soprt of the Ryazan region


Federation of fire and applied sport of Russia (engl. Russian Federation of Fire-Applied Sport) — the all-Russian public organization setting as the purpose development, promoting of fire and applied sport in Russia. The president is a Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Alexander Petrovich Chupriyan. Head of regional department Dmitry Valeriyevich Dorofeyev.

Emercom of Russia - the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief


  • Federation of fire and applied sport of Russia and Emercom of Russia are responsible for formation of Russian national team. Russian national team — a vospriyemnitsa since 1993 of USSR national team.
  • The federation of fire and applied sport of Russia is included into the International sports federation of firefighters and rescuers.
  • Rescue and fire fighting sport

History of the fire and applied sport (FAS) of Russia reckons since 1937 when the first competitions of fire protection of NKVD of the USSR were held. In emergence and development of this sport the big role was played by the GTO complex (is ready to work and defense) enjoying wide popularity in the USSR. Hitting qualifying standards of GTO was also some kind of premises for introduction in parts of fire protection of occupations physical culture with elements of special preparation.

Further based on these elements (putting on of fighting clothes and equipment, carrying of a column and sleeves, circulation on a log, etc.) there were types of fire and applied sport. The program of competitions included the same types, as today and also gymnastics, track and field athletics and firing. Besides, till 1948 exercise on overcoming a 100-meter band included carrying of a 60-kilogram dummy.

Over time unusual and spectacular fire applied sport competitions became very popular, and in 1963 the Fire and applied sport was included by the decision of Central Office of the Union of sports societies and organizations of the USSR in uniform all-Union sports classification. In 1964 the Federation of fire and applied sport of the USSR was formed. Main types of exercises were developed and approved. Them are:

  • rise on an assault ladder in a window of the fourth floor of an educational tower;
  • installation of a sliding three-knee ladder and rise on it in a window of the third floor of an educational tower;
  • overcoming a hundred-meter band with obstacles;
  • fighting deployment;
  • fire relay (4 x 100 meters)

One of the most spectacular types of PPS is rise on an assault ladder in a window 4 floors of an educational tower. After a signal "start" the athlete with an assault ladder (attack) in hands, should run 32 meters to an educational tower and climb up it, fixing a ladder for window openings of each of floors and to finish, having stepped on contact plates 4 floors. In this type of PPS decisive occasionally are 100-th fractions of a second.

Installation and rise on a sliding 3rd knee ladder is the most difficult type of fire and applied sport demanding from athletes not only considerable physical efforts, but also coordination of actions as here athletes start in pairs. It is necessary to remove 3rd a knee ladder weighing 48 kilograms from the fire truck, to overcome a distance to an educational tower then one athlete should put forward a ladder to level 3 floors, and the second - to climb it. The European colleagues unanimously recognized this type of exercises the most difficult and traumatic, and in the program of the International competitions was decided not to use it.

It is necessary for the athlete for overcoming a 100-meter band through 23 meters after start to get over a 2-meter fence, to pick up 2 fire hoses (weight of 5 kg), to run on a log then to attach one sleeve to a branching on the racetrack, and the second – to the trunk located behind the back and to finish.

All types of exercises comprise elements of different types of sport: volleyball, soccer, track and field athletics, gymnastics and others. The fire and applied sport is designed to develop vital qualities in work of firemen - force, endurance, speed of reaction, ability to maintain considerable physical activities and to work in smoke at high temperatures. Our athletes have these qualities in no small measure.

Russian national team on fire applied sport, by estimates of specialists, is the strongest in Europe today. In the International tournaments on PPS it keeps in top three steady.