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Science and education
Since 2015
251 First Avenue North, Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Top managers:
Jim Leslie
Phil Soran



Flipgrid, Inc. — the developer of the platform of the same name for social training. The company was founded in 2015 by Charlie Miller (chief design officer), Jim Lesley (CEO) and Phil Soran (chairman of the board of directors).

The mission of Flipgrid — to help educational institutions to provide to pupils and students necessary support that they could formulate the ideas and share them, at the same time showing respect for the ideas of others.


2018: Acquisition by Microsoft corporation

The Microsoft corporation announced on June 19, 2018 purchase of Flipgrid Inc., developer company of the platform of the same name for social training. Having joined corporation, Flipgrid will save the brand, culture and a command.

Microsoft at the same time announced intention to make the Flipgrid platform as well as Office 365 Education free for educational institutions. Users who purchased Flipgrid subscription will be able to receive proportional return of means.

Expanding availability of the platform in the international educational community, the Flipgrid company will also maintain the architecture of confidentiality of Microsoft corresponding to GDPR, FERPA and COPPA that the educational platform continued to remain the safe platform for communication of pupils and teachers.

Microsoft considers Flipgrid as the best tool for teachers and pupils allowing to purchase in addition to traditional academic knowledge, skills of social interaction and expression of the emotions.

We with pleasure note what impact the Flipgrid platform had on social training until now and we look forward to an opportunity to help it and to develop further, having become a part of the Microsoft family — Eran Megiddo, the corporate vice president of Microsoft said. — We intend to provide further work of the platform and its products in Microsoft, Google and partner ecosystems for the benefit of pupils and teachers worldwide.

Having become a part of Microsoft, the platform had an opportunity to be scaled that we could support each educational institution in the world, helping pupils to express the ideas — Jim Lesley, the CEO of Flipgrid noted in return.