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Forrester Research


The Forrester Research company is research firm which provides data on the market of new technologies, and also performing profile consultations.
Financial results
2009 year
Revenue: 233.4 millions
Net Profit: No data

The Forrester Research is the international analytical agency which researches the market of information technologies. In Russia there is a representation through the partner of in4media.

The company provides information on what impact of technology is had on business and on consumers, is known for the report to The Forrester Wave estimating the product provider and services in 100 criteria depending on area of a research within 3 main sections: "The current offer" (Current offering), Strategy and "Presence in the market" (Market Presence) reflecting circles of the different sizes the absolute sales volume (Full vendor participation). Suppliers are placed between segments of the chart Leaders, "Strong players" (Strong Performers), Contenders and "Risky rates" (Risk Bets).


2017: Theft of credentials of clients and paid researches Forrester

At the beginning of October, 2017 Forrester Research, one of the leading research and analytical firms, fell a victim of hackers. The company was recognized that one or several cybermalefactors illegally got on its website via which clients can load the researches ordered by them. The company provides statistical data, information on market trends and conducts other marketing researches which her clients use before making decisions on release of new products or entry into the new market.

Hackers stole credentials of clients and paid researches from Forrester analytical company
Hackers stole the operating credentials of users and with their help stole researches of our clients — Steven Peltzman, the director of Forrester of business technologies whose words are cited by Bleeping Computer said.[1]

The top manager added that confidential data of clients, financial information and the information about the staff of the company as a result of an incident did not suffer.

However, even if hackers could not steal important data of users, marketing researches in itself are of great value. Having used them, the criminals trading in economic espionage will be able to learn on what technologies clients of Forrester or what products they are going to release work.

These data can be sold to competitors or other hackers who using information will be able to select the purposes for future attacks — the companies preparing new products for an exit.

It should be noted that Forrester is already the fourth large organization which for the last month announced computer cracking. Earlier in to date leak clients because of the attacks of hackers bureaus of credit histories Equifax, Securities and Exchange Commission USA (US Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) and the leading consulting firm were recognized Deloitte.

Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NASDAQ: FORR