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Information technologies
Since 1935
Shiodome City Center 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi Minato-ku

Japanese supplier of solutions ICT.

162000 employees in 2015


+ Fujitsu

History of the company

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Chronology of events up to now in the history of the main computer company Japan here.


As of May, 2019 the structure of business of Fujitsu includes three main divisions:

  • Technology Solutions (services of system integration and broad spectrum of IT products);
  • Ubiquitous Solutions (computers and phones);
  • Device Solutions (semiconductor products and services, accumulators and other electronic components).
  • Division of Internet of Things

Performance Indicators

Main article: Financial performance of Fujitsu

2018: Decline of revenue by 3.6% to 3.95 trillion yens

In 2018 financial year which end fell on March 31 of the 2019th calendar revenue of Fujitsu made 3.95 trillion yens (35.85 billion), having decreased by 3.6% of rather previous year. Recession is caused by expenses on the restructuring connected with sale of majority shares in computer and telephone divisions.

In structure of Fujitsu Technology Solutions which is engaged in services of system integration and sale of the IT equipment turnover in the amount of 3.12 trillion yens is recorded that for 2.3% exceeds an indicator of year prescription. Service revenue rose by 2.5%, having reached 2.66 trillion yens. In the direction of System Platforms (servers, storage systems, network equipment, etc.) sales in 459.9 billion yens took place (growth by 1.2% year on year). Sale of network devices sank for 9.3% to 186.4 billion yens.

Financial performance of Fujitsu
Financial performance of Fujitsu

The division of Ubiquitous Solutions in which sales of computers and mobile phones are considered showed decrease in revenue by 23.2% in 2018 to a fiscal year concerning the 2017th — to 509.9 billion yens. Recession happened owing to restructuring within which the consumer PC-business ceased Ubiquitous Solutions belongs, and telephone business was transformed after sale of a 70 percent share in it. Because of restructuring the company did not get 210 billion yens of annual incomes.

Revenue of semiconductor division (Device Solutions) was reduced by 13% in comparison year by year and made 487 billion yens.

In 2018 financial year of Fujitsu earned 104.5 billion yens of profit that is 38.3% more, than the previous year. Profit in Technology Solutions decreased by 0.8%, having been 187.9 billion yens. In Ubiquitous Solutions losses in the amount of 20.4 billion yens are registered. The profit of Device Solutions was equal to 4.5 billion yens, having reduced by 67% concerning 2017 reporting year.[1]

Business in Russia

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Affiliate program of Fujitsu

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Sign achievements

The Fujitsu company implemented a set of innovations in personal computer systems: it the first released the notebook with the touchpad (TouchPad), created the first modular notebook, the first notebook with support of the Bluetooth interface, the first tablet PC with the integrated support of wireless networks (WLAN) and mobile networks 3G, the first notebook with the built-in module UMTS providing smooth communication in the mobile mode when moving between networks of different operators. Today these chrezvyychayno convenient and useful functions are considered as an integral part of the modern personal systems.

Care of the environment

Being the leading developer of modern technologies, the Fujitsu corporation tries to reduce as much as possible the negative impact by the environment, practicing "green" approach to all product lifecycle: to development, production, use and processing. In 2003 the company completely stopped emission of harmful substances at 13 enterprises in Japan, and in 2006 the global system of ecological management ISO14001 was implemented. In the company the ecological Green Policy 2020 program directed to decrease in level of emission of carbon is adopted. Following this program, by 2020 only in Japan Fujitsu is going to reduce total amounts of emission of carbon by 30 million tons per year. Fujitsu is the only PC maker offering systems containing only 1 gram of lead. At this stage the company is engaged in development of new generation of IT products created according to intellectual energy-saving technologies which will have lower level, will be suitable for more effective processing and also will differ in the compact sizes and low weight.