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Fujitsu Semiconductor


Fujitsu Semiconductor is separate company within the Fujitsu group

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Businesses related to system memories, wafer foundry, and sales.

President's Message 曲渕 景昌 Kagemasa Magaribuchi

50 years ago, in 1966, what is said to be Japan's first clean room was built for making prototype ICs at the Fujitsu Kawasaki plant. Fujitsu's semiconductors, which began from such a small clean room, went on to experience great growth as a business, and the current Fujitsu Semiconductor Group has inherited that DNA. In the era of technologies such as PCs, smartphones, and even IoT, our attitude of striving toward high quality manufacturing and the realization of value that matches customer needs will not change.

Our spirit of taking on manufacturing challenges is rooted in Mie fab and Aizu fab, which are developing wafer foundry business. In a world first, Mie fab has developed a production technology based on DDC (Deeply Depleted Channel) transistor to realize ultra-low power consumption, which is optimal for IoT devices, and has succeeded at mass production. In 2014, our Aizu fab led the world in beginning the mass production of gallium nitride (GaN) power devices, which are expected to be key devices in energy saving.

In addition, we provide FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) to our customers who demand innovation. FRAM is a non-volatile and random access memory (RAM) which retains stored data even when power is turned off. As compared with conventional types of non-volatile memory, such as EEPROM and Flash memory, FRAM exhibits superior performance through faster write speeds, greater read/write cycle endurance and lower power consumption. FRAM is employed for a wide variety of uses, being contained in items such as IC cards, RFID tags, electric meters, and FA devices, and it is also optimal for technologies such as wearable devices and sensor networks, whose markets continue to grow.

In terms of sales, through our global network of Fujitsu Electronics and overseas sales subsidiaries, we provide solutions to customers not only in Japan, but also in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia region. Focusing on our system memory business, our wafer foundry business, and our electronic device sales business, Fujitsu Semiconductor group, as a specialist in development, manufacturing, and sales, delivers high quality products and services to customers - steadily and surely.


2018: Kaga Electronics buys Fujitsu Electronics

On September 10, 2018 the producer of Kaga Electronics electronics  announced acquisition of the producer of Fujitsu Electronics chips at Fujitsu Semiconductor company. Read more here.