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Fujitsu in Russia and the CIS countries of Fujitsu Technology Solutions


Fujitsu in Russia and the CIS countries – the supplier of infrastructure solutions in the markets of the CIS countries. Is a part of global company Fujitsu Group.





2014: 1600 partners, 100 employees

As of the middle of 2014 the number of staff of office Fujitsu in Russia and the CIS is about 100 people. The considerable number of specialists at the same time is also involved from outside, the CEO of Fujitsu in Russia Vitaly Friedland told TAdviser.

The total quantity of local partners at Fujitsu makes more than 1600, of them 57 certified according to the Select Partner program and 13 certified according to the Select Expert program.

Among plans for business development of the company in Russia Vitaly Friedland calls new interaction with the international partners among whom –SAP,Microsoft,Intel,NetApp,Symantec, etc. and also expansion to new data domains: integration service, application development under platform solutions.

Within the last it is planned together with partner system integrators and software developers to create content-applications under the Fujitsu platforms and to jointly advance and sell them to customers as complete solutions.

Plans also include regional expansion. Regional representatives of Fujitsu are present at St. Petersburg, Rostov, Samara, Kazan and a number of the republics of the CIS. According to Vitaly Friedland, the company is going to develop business in a segment of "the reviving industry in regions": for example, in mechanical engineering, an oil and gas segment, the service industry of power industry and housing and public utilities, trade.

2013: Work results in Russia and plans

The vice president, the CEO of Fujitsu in Russia and the CIS Vitaly Friedland in September, 2014 told TAdviser as local business of the company develops. According to him, in 2013 financial year which came to the end for the company on March 31, 2014 Fujitsu showed in Russia good sales growth in the direction of servers with architecture of x86 – about 25-30%. Sales of DWH for the same period grew approximately by 8%, and the direction of notebooks, on the contrary, showed recession at the level of the general falling of the market approximately for 45%.

Vitaly Friedland notes the significant growth calculated by two-digit indicators in the direction of services. Integration service, the managed service and services of support became an essential part of business of Fujitsu company in Russia. About 12-15% of turnover, in particular, are the share of services. The share of infrastructure solutions also increased lately, and now on them about 60-70% of revenue, and the rest – are the share of notebooks and desktops. In an industry section the main part of delivering solutions of Fujitsu are the share of public sector, an oil and gas sector, the banking/financial sector and a telecom.

For the current financial year in the company approach the forecast for growth of business with care, explaining it with the fact that since that moment as the annual budget was planned, the political and economic situation in Russia strongly changed.

Vice president, CEO of Fujitsu in Russia and CIS Vitaly Friedland
Vice president, CEO of Fujitsu in Russia and CIS Vitaly Friedland

"Expectations which were at the time of planning and waiting in reality of the accelerating inflation, emergence of conservatism in customers of rather infrastructure solutions is a trend of all companies and waiting of all IT companies, – Vitaly Friedland says. – It is good if we continue growth in the direction of servers that now and occurs, however not such intensive as the previous year. On my expectations, the direction of DWH will also grow, and on notebooks it is possible to expect recession again. Regarding services it is possible to expect the indicators similar to last year".

Among the most sign projects for 2013 in Russia in Fujitsu give creation of the supercomputer for DPC of the Northern (Arctic) federal university and also creation of the server room for the Russian division of Saargummi company – one of the world's largest producers of the sealing systems for passenger and trucks.

2012: Fujitsu announced record investments into Russia

The Japanese Fujitsu adopted a large-scale investment program for development of the business in Russia in 2012-2015, CNews[1] told [2] the CEO of Fujitsu in Russia and the CIS Friedland Vitaly. The amount of the planned investments from global office into the companies is not opened, however note that she will grow up "many times" in comparison with what invested in development in Russia earlier.

According to Vitaly Friedland, before the Russian division of Fujitsu developed, mainly, at the expense of own resources. The global management made the decision on additional financing in connection with significant growth in local business lately, he says. According to the company, its revenue in Russia in 2011 increased by 50%. Revenue indicators in terms of money in Fujitsu are not opened.

Sales of Fujitsu grow in Russia against the background of universal decrease in its revenue. According to the financial statement of the company, in 2011 its revenue made about $54 billion, having reduced by 1.3% in relation to 2010. Net profit was reduced by 22.5%. Not the best situation was observed also according to the results of 1 quarter 2012: sales dropped by 2.9% in relation to the same period of 2011.

"The Russian business of Fujitsu, perhaps, now is the most fast-growing for the company", - Vitaly Friedland notes, adding that the similar investment program till 2015 was also adopted for India.

The investments involved to Russia are going to be directed to marketing activity and development of sales and also to expansion of the state necessary for this purpose. According to the head of the Russian representative office of Fujitsu, only in 2013 the company is going to increase the staff in Russia for 75% at the expense of sales and marketing specialists and also technical specialists.

For development of sales Fujitsu is going to create in Russia several competence centers with a demo equipment where customers will be able to approve the projects and to get necessary advice and also the center of telesales which will be engaged far off in sales - to look for new clients, to study new projects with already existing customers, etc. The last is going to be opened in January, 2013. According to Friedland, all the company has no more than 10 similar centers worldwide.

According to the company, about 50% of its revenue in Russia are generated by deliveries of the computer equipment intended for the end user - the PC, notebooks, servers, DWH. Other 50% of revenue it is the share of the equipment for data centers and high-performance computing and also of different services: for example, lease of IT infrastructure, including - from a cloud, service of IT infrastructure, etc. The company renders services as itself, and through partners.

About 80% of sales of Fujitsu in Russia are the share of the corporate sector, Friedland says. About 20% of sales are brought by a public sector. In retail the company is provided a little.

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