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Fund of assistance to innovations




+ Fund of assistance to innovations

Fund of assistance to innovations – the state non-profit organization in the form of federal state budgetary institution formed according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 3, 1994 No. 65. The main objectives of Fund are carrying out state policy of development and support in the scientific and technical sphere, creation and development of infrastructure of support, assistance to creation of new jobs for effective use of scientific and technical capacity of the Russian Federation, financial, information and other aid, involvement of youth in the innovation activity and also attraction of the off-budget investments to the sphere of a small innovation entrepreneurship.

The fund of assistance to innovations implements the programs of the innovative development directed to creation new and development of the operating hi-tech Russian companies. These programs are directed to support of the companies which already have experience of development and sales of own knowledge-intensive products and planning development and mastering of new types of products. The scientific and productive companies in such directions as medicine, new production technologies, new materials, socially oriented projects participated in tender.



the Fund of assistance to innovations distributed 117 million rubles between IT projects

On March 20, 2020 the Fund of assistance to innovations summed up the results of tenders of the Start program. 44 projects became winners of selections. They will receive 166 million rubles from fund. Among winners there are 31 projects from the IT area. They will get 117 million rubles.

The Start program began the work in 2004. It is directed to creation new and support of the existing small innovation enterprises aiming to develop and develop production of new goods, a product, technology or service using results of own scientific and technical and technology researches which are on initial stage of development and having the considerable potential of commercialization. Within the program the fund at first selects projects for providing single financing within a year, but then gives them the chance to receive means in the next two years.

In March, 2020 the fund made selections for the second and third year of investment. A fund can be spent by projects for expenses which are required by Research and Development, in particular - salary payment, purchase of materials, raw materials, component parts, payment for work of collaborators.

Among 44 winners of tenders of the Start program there are 31 projects from the IT area. They will get 117 million rubles. (the photo is

From 26 projects 19 selected for the second year of financing - from the IT area. Other 7 winners - the projects connected with bio nano - and chemical technologies. All winners will receive 3 million rubles.

Among the IT projects selected for the second year of the Start program, the following:

  • "Видеосистемс". "Development of a complex of software tools for intellectual cloud and local network management of media screens" (3 million rubles);
  • "Gamma detector". "Development of methods and work benches of intraoperative use of the medical device of instant radio nuclide diagnostics for a biopsy of sentry lymph nodes" (3 million rubles);
  • Laboratory of Computing Systems (LCS). "Development and production of a prototype for virtual simulation of surgery of maxillofacial area with a tactile feedback" (3 million rubles);
  • Integrated Systems of Management (ISM). "Intelligent system of monitoring of influence of harmful and dangerous factors on employees of industrial enterprises" (3 million rubles);
  • NPP Avrora. "Development of the broadband scanning radio receiver with the built-in generator of signals and the block of digital data processing" (3 million rubles);
  • "Intellectual robotics". "Robotic manipulator for warehouse works" (3 million rubles);
  • "Communication special protection". "The complex of passive detection of low-flying commercial BAS including the system of active counteraction" (3 million rubles);
  • "Фармпринт". "Development of the device and technology of creation of individual dosages of biological active agents on the carrier" (3 million rubles);
  • ARC-engineering. "System of additive manufacturing of the metal products ArcFusion" (3 million rubles);
  • "Bug Catcher". "BugCatcher. The software product of automatic formation of the protocol of software testing at the time of its carrying out" (3 million rubles);
  • NPP MIR. "Development of a line of regulated ventilno-inductor electric drives of low power of the integrated execution with a class of energy efficiency of IE3 engines" (3 million rubles);
  • "Inventor". "Automated control system (ACS) for process of creation and implementation of inventions" (3 million rubles);
  • "Intellidzhent Колор Вижн Sistems". "A hardware-software complex for automation of attendant workstation on sorting, classification and assessment of gemstones" (3 million rubles);
  • "Neyroit". "Development of the mobile headset of the neurointerface on the basis of a hybrid technology of registration of bioelectric activity and noninvasive stimulation of structures of a brain for people with violations of motor functions" (3 million rubles);
  • "Loco". "Development of the mobile analyzer of quality of cereals and their derivative products" (3 million rubles);
  • "Миолимб". "Development of a prosthesis of a brush with the block of a tactile feedback" (3 million rubles);
  • Intekhgormash. "Development of the robotic walking module for effective mineral extraction by an underground method" (3 million rubles);
  • Mireir. "The module of intellectual control of supercondensers for increase in their energy efficiency in applications of the distributed power" (3 million rubles);
  • Modern Radio of Technology (MRT). "Development of technology and creation of production of the high-frequency cable assemblies steady against influence of special factors" (3 million rubles).

In total on tender 66 requests from which 8 not were arrived it is allowed before tender for the formal reasons. The fund did not recommend 32 requests for support based on the correspondence examination and internal expert juries.

From 18 projects 12 selected for the third year of financing belong to the IT field. Other winners - the projects connected with bio, nano and chemical technologies. All projects except two will receive 5 million rubles. Two projects will receive 4 million rubles.

Among the IT projects which won tender the following:

  • "MES-Tekhnologii". "System of adaptive intra shop production planning in real time" (5 million rubles);
  • Novatech. "Development of the hardware-software solution - the multi-purpose intellectual modular platform of a kopter using technology 3D - printings" (5 million rubles);
  • "NPP Softavtomatik. "Development of the automated control system for a hydraulic press for the purpose of production of procurements from high-strength aluminum alloys for the subsequent isothermal stamping" (5 million rubles);
  • "AGR Software". "Development of an end-to-end industry information system for management of mineral resources of the mining enterprise" (5 million rubles);
  • Vinov. "Development and production of a prototype of a hardware and software system for support and optimal adjustment of hydroabrasive machines" (5 million rubles);
  • "The nuclear heating plant is Smart Solutions". "Development of the Automated module of long-term, large-capacity, anaerobic storage of fruit and vegetable products" (5 million rubles);
  • "Epigraph". "Development of a portable highly sensitive gas analyzer on the basis of the sensor of gaseous toxic substances manufactured using decanter films on silicon carbide substrates" (5 million rubles);
  • Direkchual. "Platform for the stream analysis of Big Data of DIRECTUAL" (5 million rubles);
  • Sensis. "3DSensor - vysoskorostny multitouch technology of measurement, control and 3D - the analysis of objects of irregular shape in conditions of production" (5 million rubles);
  • "Veb2print". " the Intellectualized management system for the polygraphic enterprise with functionality web that - a print" (5 million rubles);
  • Fritreyn. "Development of the stand brake power roller for technical diagnosing of brake systems of wheel vehicles regarding their compliance to mandatory requirements of security for the purpose of admission to participation in traffic" (5 million rubles);
  • "Smart Solutions". "Online service "Healthy back 2.0" (5 million rubles).

In total on tender 53 requests arrived. Three of them were not allowed before tender for the formal reasons, 32 - not recommended for support based on the correspondence examination and internal expert juries.

Providing Modum Lab of financing on development of the educational platform for school students

On January 17, 2020 it became known that the Modum Lab company benefited 20 million rubles from Fund of assistance to innovations on development of the educational platform for school students. Read more here.

2019: Providing financing on support line of the Digital Economy national program

The fund of assistance to innovations until the end of 2019 will provide financing on support line of the Digital Economy national program to winners of competition "Development - Digital technologies". "Start - digital technologies" partially the fund will provide to winners of competition financing until the end of 2019, partially – at the beginning of 2020.

The fund of assistance to innovations will provide financing to 118 projects winners of competition "Development — Digital Technologies" and 79 winners of competition "Start-digital technologies"

"Development - Digital technologies" the Fund of assistance to innovations defined winners of competition on November 29 and on December 9, 2019. 118 projects which total cost more than 2 billion rubles became them. In total on tender 403 requests with a total amount more than 7 billion rubles arrived. Among winners of competition there are, in particular, such projects and the companies as:

  • Rusinzhes, producer AR, VR, software and also advertizing structures and large-format printing; "Development of tools of augmented reality for visualization of difficult 3-dimensional objects as architectural elements of city streets" (20 million rubles);

  • Smartintekh, software developer, system IT integrator, producer of repair work of telecommunication equipment; "Development and production of a hardware-software complex of wireless data transmission about the prices and characteristics of goods of electronic price labels" (20 million rubles);

  • Tekhsapfir, producer of monocrystals of synthetic sapphire and the equipment for its cultivation, optical elements of a different form from monocrystals of sapphire (Al2O3) - sentries stekl, plates, domes, etc.; "Development of a hardware and software system of an intelligent system of production management of synthetic sapphire by the modified Kiropulosa method" (20 million rubles);

  • "A-honey", "Development of the stabilodinamometrichesky game rehabilitation exercise machine with a biological feedback in the environment of virtual reality" (15 million rubles);

  • ф1софт.ру Group, 1C integrator; "Development of intelligent expert system of support of adoption of clinical solutions for differential diagnostics of violations of urination at men of "UROQUEST" (20 million rubles);

  • NPP Mikrosad, specialization – researches in the field of crop production; "Automatic system of early diagnosis of diseases of apple-trees using algorithms of computer vision" (20 million rubles);

  • Teksel, software developer and producer professional 3D - scanners for receiving 3D models of people and large-size objects; "An intelligent system of assessment of parameters and the recommendation of clothes about 3D - to scanning images of consumers" (20 million rubles);

  • Polikod, software developer for the oilfield service industry; "PolyPlan is the simulator for development of oil and gas fields" (20 million rubles);

  • "Underwater robotics", developer and producer of underwater video cameras and long-distance submersibles; "Hardware-software platform of an intelligent system of automatic control of the remotely piloted uninhabited submersible" (18 million rubles);

  • "Game sistems", developer of VR attractions; "Development of a hardware-software diagnostic complex for assessment, trainings, and corrections of a psychoemotional status on the basis of the systems of virtual reality, neyrointeofeys, and the systems of tactile influence of a broad spectrum (20 million rubles);

  • "B152", specialization – processing and personal data protection, consultations and preparation of documents on personal data protection; "Implementation of expert system of conformity assessment and monitoring of accomplishment of the legislation on personal data on the basis of modern approaches to machine learning and natural languag processing" (20 million rubles);

  • "Modul-V", design center of electronics; "Development and production of a monitoring system of a status of cattle" (12.1 million rubles);

  • Antor, "Development of program system of planning of territories of responsibility and routes of the mobile employees servicing clients" (17 million rubles);

  • Ilian, developer of medical software; "Development of the information management system risks of health of personnel of industrial enterprises on the basis of early symptoms of occupational diseases (using tools of artificial intelligence" (20 million rubles).

The Fund of assistance to innovations also defined finalists of the tender "Start-digital Technologies" on November 29 and on December 9, 2019. 79 projects with a total cost of 234 million rubles became like those. In total on tender 419 requests for total amount more than 1 billion rubles arrived. Among finalists of tender, in particular, the following companies and projects:

  • Nfresh, developer of the websites; "Development of the system of the quality evaluation of fruit and vegetables based on technologies of computer vision using algorithms of neural networks" (3 million rubles);

  • "Shue a concept", software developer for production of footwear; "Development of the system of the automated modeling of a shoe block according to digital data of foot of the client and the system of recommendations about selection of footwear" (3 million rubles);

  • "Laboratory of cybersports records", "Creation of the IT service for the purpose of complex ensuring automation of effective medico-psychological training of cyberathletes" (3 million rubles);

  • "An eye sistems", the developer of highly intellectual control systems of fatigue of the drivers and operators of the equipment based on technologies of machine vision; "Completion of a hardware and software system of an ADAS control system of attention of drivers of OKO for work in the conditions of bright external lighting and existence of light-reflective elements in the driver's uniform" (3 million rubles).